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Kickballs for Schools is happy to be the best source for connecting customers with safe, affordable, high-quality commercial and residential playground equipment at great prices. Our play structures, themed playgrounds, and other equipment are sure to make your playground stand out from the pack. Whether you’re looking for game structures, kickballs, tetherballs, or other playground balls for schools, we’re sure to have something for you.

We stand behind the durability of our equipment, and you can rest assured that our systems are made from the best-quality materials designed to last a lifetime. All of our outdoor equipment is coated with UV inhibitors that will help your products withstand even the toughest weather. When you buy from us, we will work with you to help build the perfect playground for your needs.

Get the Best Playground Balls for Schools

Give a child a ball and the games are sure to follow! Playing ball has been shown to improve hand-eye coordination, keep kids fit, and encourage teamwork. It also appears to offer lifelong health benefits. Children who are active in team sports have higher self-esteem and lower stress levels than their less active peers. At, we offer kickballs, funnel balls, and dodgeballs for sale. All of our kickballs, dodgeball balls, and other balls for sale are manufactured for outdoor use on playgrounds or in gymnasiums. Browse through our online selection of balls made from rubber and synthetics to find the best options for your needs.

Why Shop With Us?

We are proud to be a trusted source for everything related to playground equipment. We offer multipurpose playground balls, bulk dodgeballs for sale, and other extra equipment needed to take your playground to the next level. We are dedicated to bringing you only the best customer service and making sure that every order is delivered safely and securely. So why should you choose us as your source for quality play equipment? We have many years of experience in the commercial playground equipment field and understand how to bring you the best service possible We are also a family-owned company with a passion for building a friendly and reliable business. If you have any questions or would like help putting together the perfect playground, please feel free to contact us anytime!


Rhino Skin Balls for Schools and Playgrounds

You will have a hard time finding a better ball to have in your activity center, day care, gym, or playground than Rhino balls. These Rhino Skin playground balls by Champion Sports are made to last, yet they are surprisingly soft. The six bright colors that they come in are easy to see on the field and easy to find in the tall grass when one gets kicked in the wrong direction, unlike some other playground balls. If you care about the planet, you will be thrilled to learn that Rhino balls are environmentally friendly, too! These Rhino Skin playground balls are high-quality, durable, and filled with foam, so they are appropriate for children of all ages to play with. And with a diameter of 8.5 inches, Rhino balls are practical to use for an array of activities.

Champion balls are perfect for playing dodgeball. They are durable enough to throw and soft enough to hit somebody without hurting them. Every playground should have a collection of Champion balls to help kids have fun while staying safe. Some schools have decided to ban some playground games and balls because they can cause injury, but why take the fun out of recess? Instead, use a softer alternative that won't hurt kids, like these Champion balls.

AAA State of Play makes it a top priority to provide excellent service to all of our customers, so if you're looking to buy Rhino Skin balls, you're in the right place. We offer the lowest prices and highest quality available for all of our playground equipment. In fact, we only carry safe and reliable equipment that will last. These playground balls, for instance, are some of the toughest and safest things you can buy for your play space! We also offer a wide selection of other commercial playground equipment for kids, from slides to swings to sandboxes to balance beams. We will be with you every step of the way when you buy Rhino Skin balls using our simple four-step online ordering process or by phone at 1-(877)-826-2776. Place your order with us today and let the playground games begin!

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Playground Balls

Encourage kicking, throwing, catching and shooting with FlagHouse's bright and colorful selection of Playground Balls. Available in cheerful sets that appeal to both children and teachers alike, our balls & accessories include equipment for a range of popular recess games. You'll find Super-Grip Playground Balls, rubber kickballs, and sporting sets like our Inflatable Bowling Ball Kit. We also carry Mikasa Waka kick balls - considered the official ball of the World Adult Kickball Association.


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  • Funny Face Balls

    Item # 80340

    Price $39.00

    These brightly colored Funny Face Balls are great for kicking, throwing, catching, and shooting....

  • Mikasa® Four-Square Ball

    Item # 80195

    Price $49.00

    Durable laminated rubber ball set works well on the playground. Stipple finish. Self-sealing valve....

  • Ultralite Ball

    Item # 80057

    WAS $5.75

    NOW $4.25

    YOU SAVE 26%

    These sting free balls are 50% lighter than regular playground balls., Underfill for a softer,...

  • Ultralite Ball Set of 12

    Item # 80060

    WAS $55.00

    NOW $48.00

    YOU SAVE 13%

    These sting free balls are 50% lighter than regular playground balls., Underfill for a softer,...

  • EverPlay 8 1/2" Playground Ball

    Item # 18336

    Price $8.25

    You’ll retire before this ball does! Add this super safe and strong ball to all your...

  • EverPlay 7" Playground Ball

    Item # 18337

    Price $7.25

    You’ll retire before this ball does! Add this super safe and strong ball to all your...

  • EverPlay 10" Playground Ball

    Item # 18335

    Price $11.50

    You’ll retire before this ball does! Add this super safe and strong ball to all your...


  • Mikasa® Waka™ Kick Ball

    Item # 15111

    Price $12.00

    Official ball of the World Adult Kickball Association! Kids and adults alike love to use the...

  • FlagHouse Playground Balls In Colors Set - 10''

    Item # 14382

    Price $47.25

    Bright and cheerful, our 2-ply 10''-dia. multicolored rubber balls appeal to children and teachers...

  • FlagHouse Playground Balls In Colors - 10"

    Item # 14374 BLU

    Price $7.75

    Bright and cheerful, our 2-ply 10"-dia. multicolored rubber balls appeal to children and teachers...

  • Inflatable Vinyl Ball Set - 8"- 10" dia

    Item # 14510

    Price $67.25

    These soft play balls are lighter in weight than regular playground balls, yet are sturdy, bouncy,...

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