Bedwars tips for beginners

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Top 5 tips to play Bedwars in Minecraft

Bedwars is one of Minecraft's most fun PvP mini-games in which players need to protect their bed while fighting their opponents. If the player's bed is broken, they will not be able to spawn.

All of the bases have a Summoner that spawns iron, which is the main currency in Minecraft Bedwars. Using the iron, players can buy weapons and blocks from merchants present at each base.

Tips for Minecraft Bedwars players

5) Get the diamonds when possible

Diamonds in Bedwars (Image via Hypixel)

Diamonds are an essential resource in Bedwars, and without them, players will not be able to buy team upgrades. They should try to get them whenever possible, not only after completing their first rush. It doesn't matter when the player gets the diamonds, but they should get them before the end of the game.

4) Diamond usage

Proper usage of diamonds in Bedwars (Image via YouTube)

It comes down to the player's preference, but mining fatigue and protection are some of the best things to get using diamonds in Minecraft Bedwars. Players can save the other diamonds in ender chests to get Sharpness later.

3) Speed bridging

Being able to speed bridge will help the players a lot in getting around the bases. Learning this can be a bit challenging for some players. They should practice this in an offline world because, if players try to bridge faster than they can on the server, they will often fall into the void.

2) Have a hotkey

Having hotkeys for their items will save a lot of time for Minecraft players, and they will be able to react quickly in some situations as well. They should have at least one hotkey for their blocks to be able to select and use them quickly. Once they get used to building fast, they can easily get higher ground over their opponents.

1) Protect the bed using blocks

Players need to place blocks to protect their bed. Placing blocks will not protect the bed forever, but it will slow down the opponent. One of the best ways to do so is by covering the whole bed using blocks at hand, so that their opponent will have to break the block first to get to the bed.

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5 tips to win more at Bedwars in Minecraft

Minecraft Bedwars was invented and pioneered by Hypixel, which is currently the biggest Minecraft server in existence.

Every day hundreds of thousands of unique players line up to enjoy games of Bedwars, making the game mode the second most popular across the entire Hypixel network.

As a naturally competitive game mode, winning games consistently in bedwars is no walk in the park. With ranked bedwars play becoming more and more popular, now's a better time than ever to take a look at some of the best ways to easily improve performance while playing this game mode.

Best ways to win at Minecraft Bedwars

5) Use the butterfly defense method

The well-known butterfly defense technique is a proven way to ensure a quick and easy layer of defense on the home bed.

The design consists of a layer of wool followed by glass, and then a final layer of end stone. The fact that three unique materials are used is primarily why this design is so powerful.

Each layer of the design has been thoughtfully considered. The outside wool requires shears to break quickly, the glass protects from explosions, and the end stone requires enemies to have a pickaxe on hand to break.

4) Get better at PvP

It's no secret that PvP is a massive part of bedwars. Players who display an aptitude for PvP skills tend to perform much better on a regular basis to their less skilled counterparts.

PvP in Minecraft is tricky to master and simply requires a lot of practice. The best way to practice PvP is by practicing on Minecraft PvP servers on a frequent basis.

3) Install Lunar Client or another PvP client

Although many players reading this will likely already have a good PvP client installed, those that are currently playing on vanilla Minecraft may have room for some significant performance increases.

PvP clients include modifications and game optimizations that give players an edge over using the default vanilla Minecraft client. There are several good PvP clients, but some of the most popular include: Lunar, Badlion, and Labymod.

Players can check out this guide to install Lunar Client.

2) Play the Bedwars practice mode

Hypixel recently released a new mode perfect for practicing certain bedwars skills. This mode is called "practice mode" and can be accessed in the main bedwars lobby.

Although still a heavy work in development, players can currently practice bridging techniques, late-game strategies, and more.

1) Spend resources wisely

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Although Hypixel has spent a long time balancing bedwars such that most items serve at least some purpose, players should remain wise with their resources and only spend on things that can effectively be used.

In essence, this means that players should focus their resource management towards buying items that they can use effectively. For example, wasting diamonds on a dragon buff at the start of the game is a questionable decision and would probably be better spent elsewhere, perhaps on a trap.

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BedWars tips and tricks: a Minecraft servers guide to help you win

Breaking your first bed? Let us explore some of the top ways to win your first game on a bedwars server; including strategies, minecraft settings and more.

Breaking your first bed? Let us explore some of the top ways to win your first game on a minecraft bedwars server.

If you want to enjoy the feeling of winning a bedwars game, you'll need to get good with the game of course... below you'll find the newest tips for 2021 to succeed in BedWars.


As BedWars is seen by many as a spinoff the SkyWars gamemode, you'll need to become skilled and nimble to avoid being knocked into the void.


Players adopt of all kinds of strategies on bedwars and these are often an extension of your Minecraft play style. Those that prefer standard Minecraft PvP may choose a rush strategy; heading straight to the center at the start and looking for players to fend off. More of a defensive player? You may find yourself enjoying the role of protecting the bed. Without a strong bed defence your chance of winning is much lower. For the Medics out there, you can buy a wide range of potions which would be essential for protecting your team during tough battles.

Join The Minecraft BedWars Server
Server Address:


At the start of the game, you will spend most of your time in the item generator collecting resources. You may quickly gather a lot of items, as the more people in the generator, the more resources that will be spawn. Be sure to only buy essential items at the start of the game and save spare resources in your Ender Chest. This chest can only be accesssed by you and if you die the items will still be there.


When playing strategies such as the rush strategy, you may forget that you need to keep your bed safe too. Even when rushing, try to protect your bed with basic blocks. Simple resources such as wool could give you a vital few seconds to get back to your bed in time to protect it.

BedWars Minecraft Bridge


Being able to travel across the minecraft bedwars map is essential to securing your next victory. Practice your bridging and check out the how to speed bridge guide. It will explain how to rapidly bridge across the map.


Not everyone is aware of the glorious F5 key in Minecraft. Press it at any time to change your point of view and get a much better look at your surroundings. Cheeky players use it to look around corners and it can be especially helpful when judging how far away an enemy is!


Playing with a low field of view in Minecraft vs playing with a high field of view leads to completely different gameplay. The majority of bedwars players find it easier to play with a higher field of view, as you can aim your attacks much more accurately and get a better sense of your surroundings.

Minecraft sounds can be adjusted, so some of the more common sounds in BedWars can be lowered so they do not become tiring. There's plenty of different sound settings so you can get it just right.


When playing Minecraft BedWars Servers, you may find yourself catching on fire... a lot. As lava buckets and potions are all part of the bedwars fun, your screen can often be overrun when you catch fire. There's resource packs designed for PvP which lower the fire textures so they are much easier to deal with when playing games like BedWars. There's also different kinds of swords, blocks and more depending on your preference!


A beginner's guide to a bedwars servers | Minecraft BedWars Server


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