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GMod Tower (also known as GMT or GMTower) is a Garry's Mod gamemode developed by PixelTail Games, and is the predecessor to Tower Unite.


GMod Tower is very similar to Tower Unite, as TU is meant to be it's successor.


As GMod Tower is its own gamemode in Garry's Mod rather than a standalone game, you have to enter the Lobby (now known as the Plaza in TU) and access all parts of the game from there. The Lobby serves as a place for players to hang out and talk to each other, as well as to play a couple of small activities.

The Lobby in GMT features a Theater, Arcade, Casino, and randomly occuring minigames.

The Arcade features:

  • Blockles (Tetris clone)
  • Trivia (Also in TU)
  • Tic-tac-toe
  • Flash game arcade machines

The Casino features:

The minigames are (note that these minigames no longer occur in GMT: Reunion):


GMod Tower features various different Gamemodes (now known as Game Worlds

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GMod Tower (CLOSED): Source Karts - Lifeless Raceway
  1. Bosch lithium batteries
  2. Letscom sleep tracker
  3. Storage bench chest
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A collection of all the Workshop items that are used/required to play GMTower.
Be sure to hit "Subscribe to All".
Visit us at

GMTower is the ultimate social experience to play with your friends in Garry's Mod.

Join GMTower today by subscribing to all and connecting to the server. You can just click and it'll automatically connect you to the server.

Server #1:
Server #2:

Note: Some of the content will require Counter Strike Source and TF2 mounted.


Those of you that are having crashing issues, this is not our fault! It's a bug with GMod and downloading Workshop addons. There's a couple solutions:

1. Stagger the addon subscribing. In other words download the base addons, wait for them to install, then get the rest.
2. Keep relaunching GMod and hope it downloads the workshop addons without crashing.
3. Unsubscribe all, then resubscribe all.
4. Try using SVN. There are instructions here:

We're sorry this happens but there is really not much we can do about it.
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GMod Tower Design Star Part 1 - Getting Supplies

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Gmod Tower Race Ball Sand Map OST (EXTENDED)

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