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Just like vampire costumes and witch costumes, the hippie costume is an old Halloween standby that works every year. (That might have something to do with the fact that a hippie costume is instantly recognizable and usually very comfortable.) If you're a fan of The Mamas and The Papas — and tie-dyed clothing — let your inner hippie free this year.

We found totally affordable (and groovy) hippie Halloween costume ideas for men and women. We also rounded up some amazing individual fashion pieces that can add boho flair to your wardrobe before, during, and after October 31st. You can even use them to create your own homemade costume, which, to be honest, would be so 1960s of you! Scroll through to see the very best in dresses, bell bottoms, tie dye, peace signs and more.

Peace & Love Hippie Costume

Fun Worldamazon.com



This all-in-one this costume includes a dress with an attached vest, headband, and boot covers.

Tie-Dye Costume




For an even groovier option, go with this tie dye dress, which is perfect for dancing to Twist and Shout all night long. 

Mens Flower Power Costume

Forum Noveltiesamazon.com



The set includes pants, a shirt with an attached vest, and a headband, now all you need are some glasses and sandals. 

Men's Hippie Groovy Go Go Costume

Forum Noveltiesamazon.com


If you don't want to go all out, but still need to be a little festive, this shirt fits the bill perfectly. All you have to do is pair it with any pair of pants you already own. 

Hippie Costume Accessories Set


When it comes to Halloween, it's all about the little details. Grab any bohemian outfit you own and outfit it with this set that comes with a necklace, earrings, sunglasses, and headband.  

Flare Wide Leg Trousers




Halloween costumes tend to be uncomfortable, but you won't have a problem with these boho bell bottoms that have an elastic waist for all the comfy stretch in the world. 

Women's Vest


A faux suede vest with a fringed hem will look great with your costume, but also any music festivals you might be attending. Tip: remember to comb out the fringes with your fingers with each use. 

Printed Flare Jeans

We The Freefreepeople.com



These flare jeans come in 10 different prints so you can find the one that not only fits your costume, but also one that you'll wear again. 

Peace Sign Necklaces

U.S. Toyamazon.com



Because they are so inexpensive, you don't have to feel bad when your kids grab them the next day to play dress up. 

Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Joe's USAamazon.com



This t-shirt comes in several different color combinations so you can find the perfect one to match your look. 

Grateful Dead Men's Spiral Bears Tie Dye T-Shirt

Grateful Deadamazon.com


The Grateful Dead rose to fame in 1965 and this shirt is just about as iconic as a band t-shirt can get.

Sleeveless V Neck Tie Dye Tunic Top



Wear it as a dress or as a shirt, either way, you can't got wrong. If your partner wants to rock the Dead Head shirt, then this will match 'em perfectly. 

Mood Ring



This one-size-fits-all mood ring is not only a statement piece, but it will also tell you how your mood is holding up throughout the night 

Adult GoGo Shoes

Ellie Shoesamazon.com



Pick your poison, any color of these GoGo boots will add a funky, mod twist to your outfit — especially white.

Crossbody Bag




With a long sling design, this cross body bag will finish off the look for any hippie costume. 

Flare Jeans

Free Peoplefreepeople.com



If you're a fan of the bell bottom jeans look, try this stylish update. Save them for after Halloween, because they're cute enough to wear all year.

Tie Dye Long Dress




Amazon costumers LOVE this dress and it's easy to see why. The tie dye gives you the boho vibe you need for Halloween, while the stretch and length give you the comfort you want all year long. 

Round Hippie Glasses




Throw on your rose colored glasses — you'll look just like John Lennon in these shades.

Woodstock Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Liquid Blueamazon.com



It wouldn't have been the '60s without Woodstock. If you're going for a more low key costume, throw on this tee and everyone will be able to tell what your costume is this year.

Tie Dye Oversized Tee Shirt

Green Leaf Floral Crown




Simple and sweet, this flower crown is the perfect finishing touch to your hippie outfit.

Women's Denim Overalls


Comfort is key for any good Halloween costume. These floral overalls fit the theme perfectly.

Peace Sign Pendant


No hippie costume is complete without a peace sign! Spread peace and love with this simple silver chain necklace.

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Some Halloween costumes will always be a classic, go-to option. There's the purr-fect cat costume, the spooky witch, and of course, the laid-back hippie costume. You can always count on a cool hippie costume for some free-spirited Halloween fun and groovy vibes, especially if you're a fan of treats over scary tricks. Whether you want to dress up in the vintage-inspired clothes you already own and add some retro peace-sign jewelry, or go full-on flower child with bell bottoms and tie-dye, these outfits and accessories for men and women will have you totally ready for your haunted house (or Zoom) parties.

Ready to get radical? Check out our must-haves for creating the ultimate bohemian hippie costume to spread the love this Halloween.

1Tatuo 3-Piece Hippie Costume Set

2AWAYTR Hippie Flower Headband


If a traditional flower crown is too basic for you, opt for this cute headband that'll have daisies running all through your hair. It'll give you the perfect elevated flower child aesthetic this Halloween.

3Forum Novelties Hippie Love Child Adult Costume

Forum Noveltiesamazon.com



This “hippie love child” costume comes with everything you need for a full-on groovy look. The dress, vest, and headband are all included — so the only extra accessory you need is a flower in your hand!

More: The Top-Trending Halloween Costumes of 2021

4Hotouch Faux-Suede Vest with Fringe



For an instant hippie costume, simply pair this fringe vest with denim shorts or a boho-style sundress. Throw on a flower crown and some retro sunnies and you're done!

5Gracosy Flat Sandals for Women



Your shoes will of course make or break your costume, so finish off your cosmic ensemble with these mini gladiators. They're the perfect addition to your hippie-themed outfit and can be worn with anything else in your wardrobe post-Halloween — it's a true year-round staple.

6Smiffys Orion the Hippie Costume




This hippie costume does all the work for you. It includes a top, pants, headband, and peace-sign necklace! For a stress-free Halloween costume, this is a clear winner. 

7WILLBOND 4-Piece Women Hippie Costume Set




Already have your outfit planned out? Give it a little extra flower power with these must-have accessories! 

This set has everything you need to embody your true wanderlust spirit: round-frame glasses, peace sign earrings in a tortoiseshell finish, an ethereal headband, and of course, a fringed vest to top off the look.

8Leg Avenue Groovy Hippie Costume

Leg Avenuewalmart.com



This plus-size mini dress has trendy cold-shoulder cutouts, and it even features fringe trim around the waist as an extra flattering detail. Groovy, baby!

9Koloa Surf Co. Colorful Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Koloa Surf Co.amazon.com



Rock a classic hippie style with colorful tie-dye. Slip this T-shirt on with a pair of bell-bottom jeans for Halloween, and then keep the tee for wearing any other time, too!

10Fun World Women's Hippie Fringe Boot Covers

Fun Worldamazon.com



In case your costume doesn't come with footwear, these fringed boot covers will complete any retro outfit. They'll even slip on over flip-flops, so your feet won't be killing you at the end of the night. 

11Allaura '70s Wig and Mustache Costume




Really commit to the look with this epic wig-and-mustache set that'll make you look like you just stepped out of a That '70s Show episode. 

12WILLBOND 4-Piece Hippie Bohemian Costume




We’re obsessed with this boho-chic hippie costume that comes with a flowy crocheted vest, flower headband, dangly necklace, and round tassel earrings. The jewelry is super versatile, so you can definitely rock those long after Halloween. The cream color is ethereal and cute while the black option offers a little more edge to your Halloween vibe.

13Campsis Peacock Feather Headband


Nothing is more free-spirited than a feather headband, right? This handmade hair accessory is adjustable and lightweight, so fit is not an issue and you won’t be adjusting your look all night long. Talk about good vibes. 

14Liquid Blue Men's Woodstock Tie-Dye Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Liquid Blueamazon.com



This is a pretty rad T-shirt for any day of the year but especially if you're planning a hippie costume for Halloween. It is simple and to the point so no one will question your costume choice. The perfect look for a chill hippie vibe. Right on, man. 

15Zilo Novelties Hippie Costume Set

Zilo Noveltiesamazon.com



Channel your inner Jimi Hendrix this Halloween with a psychedelic headband, peace-sign necklace, and sunglasses. Pair this hippie costume set with a cute pair of bell-bottom jeans and a cool graphic tee and you’re ready to rock.

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Hippie Costumes and Cheap 1960s Fancy Dress for Men, Women & Children





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    Costumes \u0026 Halloween : How Do I Dress Like a '70s Hippie?

    How is it that one moment you're having drinks poolside in the thick of summer, and the next you're looking up pumpkin carving ideas, watching the best Halloween movies, and scrambling to figure out a last-minute Halloween costume for yourself or your little one? If you'd like to get ahead of the costume-choosing game for once, may we suggest throwing it back to the '70s and showing off your inner flower child in a DIY hippie costume? Not only is it a fun theme to rock, but it's also one you can pull off easily using items that are likely already in your closet. (Think: flared jeans, flowy tops, headbands, tinted sunglasses, tie-dye clothing, and boho-style dresses.) And if, despite the best of intentions, you do wait until the last minute? Well, that's okay too. Seriously! With minimal effort and materials, you can whip up a groovy DIY hippie costume for yourself (or your child!) in no time flat. Not so much a crafter? We threw in a few options you can buy and have delivered right to your door in just a few days. No matter which way you go, this is one of the most fun costumes you can choose, thanks to fun accessories and comfortable clothing. Happy crafting, and Hippie Halloween!

    1Hippie Costumes for the Whole Family

    2Paisley-and-Neon Hippie

    Your first thought for a hippie costume might be tie-dye, but don't overlook paisley and other bold floral prints. This one is paired with a neon vest for a far-out look.

    3Last-Minute Hippie Costume

    Hippie dippie these costumes aren't, because instead of imitating 70s attire they use it as inspiration. The result is a seriously groovy take on hippie style.

    Get the tutorial at The House that Lars Built.

    4Matching DIY Hippie Costume

    This DIY will work for kids and adults alike! If you have a boho-style white dress and a denim vest, you're pretty much halfway there. Just add some fringe boots and layer on some necklaces and a headband and you're ready for trick-or-treating.

    Get the tutorial at Mini Fashion Addicts.

    5Peace Sign DIY Hippie Costume

    Talk about a bright idea! This colorful costume was made using a plain T-shirt, neon Sharpie markers, and a stencil.

    Get the tutorial at A Little Craft In Your Day.

    6Flared Jeans Hippie Costume

    Oversize sunglasses, a daisy-adorned headband, and a choker necklace are all you need to take a white top and jeans from everyday wear to a hippie Halloween costume.

    Get the tutorial at Arin Solange At Home.

    7Tie-Dye Hippie Costume

    This adorable dress was made using an extra large T-shirt and a tie-dye kit. The vest is made from brown fleece material, but you could just as easily find a ready-made option at a thrift store.

    Get the tutorial at Eat Sleep Make.

    8Leather Vest Hippie Costume

    Put a vest on it! As evidenced here and in previous slides, adding a vest to a flowy ensemble is pretty much the key to a DIY hippie look. Round sunglasses and long, center-parted hairstyle drive it home.

    Get the tutorial at The Girls With Glasses.

    9Peace and Love Hippie Toddler Costume

    $29 AT AMAZON

    How cute is this heavy-on-the-fringe hippie look? Your little one can even rewear the dress after Halloween. 

    10Hippie Costume Set

    $26 AT AMAZON

    This simple set is everything you need for a hippie Halloween costume! Pair it with a tank top and bellbottom jeans, and you're ready for the big night.

    11Folk Singer DIY Hippie Costume

    Channel your inner folk singer with pieces you likely already have in your closet, like a flowy maxi dress, oversized shades, and turquoise jewelry. Grab your guitar to finish off the look.

    Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

    12Men's Hippie Wig and Mustache

    $17 AT AMAZON

    A men's wig and mustache set is all you need to turn a plain tie-dye T-shirt and jeans getup into a groovy costume.

    13Hippie Costume T-Shirt

    $18 AT AMAZON

    Keep things simple with this one-and-done "costume."

    14Embroidered Denim Overalls

    $50 AT AMAZON

    Pair these overalls with a simple t-shirt and sandals for an instant hippie look.

    15Fringe Top Hippie Costume

    Own a fringed shirt and a pair of patterned bell bottoms? Pair them together, pile on some jewelry, and you're all set.

    See more at BLDG 25.

    16Easy Hippie Costume DIY

    This is probably the easiest of all DIY hippie Halloween costumes. Don't have a brown vest? You can easily swap with a tie-dye T-shirt, since the flower crown and oversized sunglasses are what drive the look.

    Get the tutorial at Sunglass Spot.

    17Flower Crown

    $10 AT ETSY

    Top off any hippie costume with a colorful flower crown.

    18Tie Dye T-shirt

    $15 AT ETSY

    Tie dye is everywhere this year, making hippie costumes super easy! Just pair a T-shirt with some jeans and consider it done.

    Laurren WelchLaurren Welch is a freelance editor, writer, and creative who covers lifestyle, interiors, entertaining, fashion, and more.

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    Costumes \u0026 Halloween : How Do I Dress Like a '70s Hippie?

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