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since i been playin minetest alot and wanted to do this for a while and i finily dit it i made it in blender
but the issue was i wanted to make it to work with minecraft skin files and it finily works and i included the blendr file as well so i hope
you like it
simpe rules
edit all you want
only redistribute edits
for personal use only
you must credit me and the creator of the minecraft skin
if you use pleas link back i would love to see what you make with it
and feel free to use my sally skin in minecraff/minetest as long as you credit me for the skin
how to use for mmd
you need to have a minecraft skin with a 64 x64 dementions scale up 2 a 1024 x1024 dementions
here it the instructions on how to do it theres are instructions in the model folder as well
you will need a program called gimp i will have a link fot that as well

step 1 open up your minecraft skin in gimp and make shore your skin has a 64x64 dementions

step 2 click on image than click on scale image in the dropdown menu

step 3  set the imagesize to be 1024 for the hight and with than in the quality set the interpolation to none in the dropdown menu (change it from cubic to none)
than click scale

final step go to file and than click export and save it and your good to go
for blender  ues you can use the regular 64 x64 textures make shoe you have mipmaps turnd off in the user prefferances
and in the material you change it from liner to closets
and you can get minecraft skins fro a lot of websitse heres is one i use alot

rainbow girl skin…

© 2019 - 2021 skates99


MMD Dev Server

Welcome to the GitHub repo for the official Minecraft Mod Development Dev Server. This is a server dedicated to testing mods made by members of the community, while also providing a fun server to play on. While the server is whitelisted and locked down, anyone is allowed to submit a request to join the server, or to have their mod packs added. If you have any questions you can also reach out to any of the Dev Server Admins (DSA).

Make sure you are part of the Discord Server. Only members of the MMD Discord Community are allowed to play on this server!


Is this server public?
No, the server has a whitelist. Anyone may apply to be whitelisted, however you can apply by submitting a new issue here. Please keep in mind that we have a template which you can find here. If you don't use the template, you wont be accepted.

How do I get the modpack? The Official MMD Dev Server Modpack can be found at:here. Or you can get the link to download the modpack under the #mmd-dev-server-info channel under the >MMD-SERVERS Category on Discord.

Where do I report an issue?
Issues to be reported under the Modpack repository at: here.

How do I request my mod be added?
You can create a new request by opening an issue here. We have a template for mod requests which can be found here. If you don't use the template your request wont be accepted. If your mod is private or not released yet you can contact a DSA.

How do I get an updated version of my mod on the server?
You can create an update request by opening an issue here. Otherwise sending a discord message to Knoxhack will also surfice.

Do I have to be the author of a mod to submit it?
We prefer you be the Mod Pack Author or Apart of the team devaloping it and have permission to sumit the pack for testing.

Is recording allowed on the dev server?
Please refer to the Terms of Play for more information on this. If you are unsure you can ask an admin for clarification.

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[MMD] Minecraft Steve DL +

Minecraft Steve is now in MMD!

This isn't the full release and I do plan on doing more in the future with the

real model from smash, this is just a place holder for now though they kinda

wouldn't be much of a difference in the modeling seeing as they both have

straight limbs. anyway I do hope you enjoy this for now and updates will be

taking place in the future.

A lot of stuff has been going on in the background and a lot is on the back

burner awaiting completion, I do hope you all continue to be patient with me

as some people that I have been communicating with has suddenly went

silent and I'm worried about there health in these times of the virus. Keep

taking care of yourself in times like this, I hope everyone stays in good hands.

Again, sorry for the delay on models and communication. A lot has and still

is happening that I have no control over... spend time with your family, no

make time for your family and make the best of which time you have.

That is all I'd like to say for now. more news in the future. Take care...

The model has now been updated with more characters and items, Enjoy!

No word from my friend, still waiting to hear back from them.

© 2020 - 2021 ShadowlesWOLF

[MMD] iNSaNiTY Minecraft

There was nothing to do, I had to bend down and pick up the leaves, although it was very inconvenient to do this in heels. Sergei Gennadievich was clearly enjoying the unfolding picture. - Pull up your skirt. - What is not clear.

Minecraft mmd

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2 Phut Hon meme (Minecraft)

At this moment, I experienced a double feeling: on the one hand, this spectacle was terribly exciting, on the other hand. I was terribly jealous and envious of Seryoga, who at that moment was better than me. It seemed to me that the pleasure for Sergei and Lena was too long, and pushing it aside, I quickly went into the burning and oozing hole.

Sergei moved to a chair and began to jerk off, stroking at us. I kissed, caressed and fucked my beloved woman.

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Time passed and nothing changed on the couch, the same unhurried rhythm, the quiet creak of the couch, the moans of. His wife. No, I'm lying, my wife's moans were getting louder. The more this action went on, the louder Dasha moaned. I dont know, I got the impression again that time had stopped, just like when they were kissing.

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