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At some point, you've probably seen the infamous shrug emoticon: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Emoticons (not to be confused with emoji) are a series of characters put together to make a face, animal or some other funny character. Think of emoticons as the traditional smiley face -- with a lot more personality.

Crafting an emoticon like the shrug-face takes a lot more work than an emoji, though. Have you ever looked at some of the emoticons shared on Facebook or Twitter and wonder how much free time someone used in order to create a funny emoticon? Me too.

But there's good news! You no longer have to try and figure out the digital equivalent of a Rubik's cube. On Thursday Mashable uncovered a hidden emoticon keyboard on your iPhone.

Follow the process below to activate and use the hidden feature:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap on General, followed by Keyboard.
  • Select Keyboards, then Add New Keyboard.
  • Scroll down and select Japanese from the list of available keyboard languages.
  • Last, select Kana.

After exiting the settings app, launch Messages (or any other app where you can enter text). With the keyboard visible, tap on the globe icon to switch between keyboards.

A split-second after activating the Kana keyboard, an emoticon face will show up on the bottom row. Select it, followed by the up arrow (as pointed out in the screenshot above).

A list of emoticons will then be displayed, available for you to select with a tap. I'm not sure about the meaning of most of them, but I'd be lying if I didn't think they were fun.


I think that's a celebration emoticon. If not, it is now!


How to Insert the Apple Symbol on iPhone and iPad 

Want to add the Apple logo (from the back of your iPhone) into text you are typing on your iPhone? Find out here how make yourself an Apple logo symbol and to insert the Apple symbol () on iPhone and iPad and use it like regular text. (Includes copy and paste Apple logo emoji.)

First, 341 People Think about Bricks

219 of them have briefly seen the Apple logo, the rest IBM’s stripes. Their task now is to come up with as many uses for a brick as possible.

The IBM group found some 6 uses on average, those who had seen the Apple logo more than 7 — and those ideas were rated higher by two judges (experts, presumably, in brick use).

This experiment was conducted not long after Apple’s Think Different campaign, and the study’s authors alluded to a connection. Let’s test it and insert the Apple logo anywhere; prepare for creative use of slim and handy bricks of glass!

The Copy and Paste Apple Logo Emoji: How to Insert the Apple Symbol on iPhone and iPad

To enter the Apple symbol as text (or emoji) on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Tap into the input field in the following line, then tap and hold the Apple symbol to make sure it is highlighted.
  2. Select Copy from the new menu that has appeared.
    Alternative: Use the following Apple logo emoji Copy Apple Logo button:
  3. Position the text cursor in the document where you want the Apple symbol to appear.
    Important: If you add the Apple logo to text you send to others, do keep in mind that it will only appear ok for people who use Apple products to view it; Windows or Android users, for instance, will typically see a broken or placeholder character.
  4. Tap and hold that position.
  5. Select Paste from the menu that has come up.

If you enter the Apple symbol frequently, you can set up a shortcut for it.

Faster than Copy and Paste: How to Insert the Apple Symbol on iPhone and iPad with a Shortcut

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To insert the Apple logo from a shortcut you have set up in Text Replacements:

  1. Make sure you have created a text replacement shortcut for the Apple logo. (See below.)
  2. Position the text cursor where you want to insert the Apple symbol.
  3. Type your shortcut key you set up for the logo.
  4. Let iPhone autocorrect replace the shortcut with the Apple symbol (enter space, for example).

    Tip: You can also select the symbol in the predictive input bar above the keyboard, if you can see the bar.
    Let autocorrect replace the shortcut with the Apple symbol

How to Set Up a Text Replacement Shortcut for the Apple Symbol on iPhone and iPad

To create a shortcut that lets you enter the Apple symbol almost like regular text on an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Select and copy the Apple logo above.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Go to the General | Keyboard | Text Replacement category.
  4. Tap +.
  5. Tap under Phrase.
  6. Select Paste from the menu.
  7. Enter a shortcut that will be replaced with the Apple symbol under Shortcut.
    Enter a shortcut that will be replaced with the Apple symbol under "Shortcut"
    Note: This is necessary to access the logo.
    Tip: A shortcut like “aplle” might work.
  8. Tap Save.

(How to insert the Apple symbol on iPhone and iPad tested with iOS 10–14; updated June 2021)

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What can you do here?

Emoji is a Standard

Emoji is a computer language created to send lots of information in a small amount of data. It is the equivelent of a list of predefined messages you can select that show up as pictures. But not all phones and computers can decode them yet! Not only that, each one can show up differently! allows you to create and view these messages on any device.

The many many iPhone emojis cover a huge variety of subjects. You can search iEmoji on Google easily by adding "" to the end of your search string. Just try the google search "funny" or view the most popular emojis by clicking the Popular Emoji link above.

Read about the history of emoji... iEmoji style!

This site allows you to see both iPhone emoji versions (pre and post unicode) without an iPhone. You can create the older Softbank codes here too!

Convert Emoji to Images

When you're not on a phone, Emoji can show up as squares or foreign text. This site will convert them to a viewable format just by pasting it in the box above then viewing it in the preview. This is how to decode the characters! Show characters in different representionations by clicking the "Character Readout" link after entering text.

Text to speech Emoji Groupchat 🍑🙃 Conversations TikTok Compilation #9

Use emoji on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

With a tap of your finger, you can bring words to life with emoji.

An iPhone screen showing a Messages conversation with a thinking face emoji in the text field. 

Add an emoji

Find the emoji keyboard in any app that uses the standard keyboard, like Mail or Messages. To add an emoji:

  1. Tap the text field, then tap the Emoji button  or the globe Next Keyboard button
  2. Use the gray icons at the bottom of the keyboard to switch emoji themes, or swipe left or right to view more. Tap the clock Frequently Used Category button to see emoji that you've recently used.
  3. To change the skin tone of certain emoji, tap and hold an emoji.
  4. Tap an emoji to add it to your text field.

An iPhone screen showing a Messages conversation with the emoji keyboard opened. 

Tap to replace words with emoji

The Messages app shows you words that you can replace with emoji.

  1. Open Messages and tap the Compose button  to start a new message or go to an existing conversation.
  2. Write your message, then tap the Emoji button  or the globe Next Keyboard button on your keyboard.
  3. Wait for the words to turn orange.
  4. Tap an orange word to replace it with an emoji. If there's more than one emoji you can use, the Quick Reply field shows you options to choose from.
  5. Tap the Send button send button to send.

If you want to replace the emoji with the original word, just tap the emoji.

An iPhone screen showing a Messages conversation with predictive emoji magnified at the top of the keyboard. 

Use Predictive emoji

With Predictive text, you can write and complete entire sentences with just a tap. As you type, you see choices for words and phrases you might type next, based on your past conversations and writing style. You also see suggestions for emoji you may want to use. To use a Predictive emoji, write your message and look for the suggested emoji in the predictive input field, then tap it to replace the word or add an emoji. 

To turn off Predictive text, touch and hold the Emoji button  or the globe Next Keyboard button, tap Keyboard Settings, then turn off Predictive.

Don't see the emoji keyboard?

If you don't see the emoji keyboard, make sure that it's turned on.

  1. Go to Settings > General and tap Keyboard.
  2. Tap Keyboards, then tap Add New Keyboard.
  3. Tap Emoji.

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Emoji apple text

Your devices let you type the Apple logo symbol, but it isn’t obvious.

This is what the special Apple logo character looks like typed out: 

Some people will find entering the logo symbol useful for referring to products such as Pay or Music like in Apple’s marketing copies. Others will be pleased to just save a few characters in social media apps like Twitter and Instagram.

As you’ve likely noticed by now, your Mac keyboard lacks a dedicated Apple symbol key despite this special character being actually available to type out on your devices.

Apple logo on foreign platforms

The Apple logo character renders properly across any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch. It can be typed using the iOS, macOS and tvOS software. In watchOS, Dictation and Scribble provide no way to enter the Apple logo whatsoever.

On foreign platforms and web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, the symbol may show as a simple square, a strange character or something entirely different.

This isn’t Apple’s fault.

Both the Windows and Apple logos are in the private use area of the ASCII extended character set because the standard Unicode set lacks corporate logo characters. Due to different implementations, these special symbols don’t show as visible on other platforms.

Apple logo symbol codes

The Apple symbol is included in the ASCII extended character set with these values:

  • Decimal: 240
  • Hexadecimal: F0
  • Unicode: U+F8FF

TIP: Visit the website to find numeric values of special characters.

Follow along as we teach you how to properly type the Apple symbol on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or using non-Apple platforms such as Microsoft Windows.

How to type Apple logo

Here’s how to enter the Apple logo with your devices.


To type the Apple symbol on your Mac, use the following keystroke combo:

Option (⌥)-Shift (⇧)-K

The shortcut works with the standard US English keyboard layout.

To visualize character placement on the Mac keyboard, choose the option Show Keyboard Viewer from the Input Source popover in macOS’s menu bar.

Alternatively, venture into System Preferences → Keyboard → Input Sources.

The Apple logo symbol shortcut shown in macOS's Keyboard Viewer feature

This Mac keyboard shortcut produces the Apple logo symbol

Keyboard Viewer helps visualize key assignments for special symbols. To reveal additional hidden characters, press a modifier key like Control (⌃) or Command (⌘).

International users who rely on world keyboards with different layouts than the standard US QWERTY keyboard can add the US English layout via the Keyboard preference pane and switch to it in order to enter the Apple logo symbol.

As a more elegant solution, create a custom text replacement as outlined further below.

iPhone and iPad

macOS’s Option (⌥)-Shift (⇧)-K keyboard shortcut has no alternative on iOS.

There’s no Keyboard Viewer on iPhone, but iOS include a dedicated feature for entering phrases and special symbols, called Text Replacements. Also found in macOS, it automatically replaces a word or a phrase with custom text, like turning “(c)” into the copyright symbol.

You can leverage Text Replacements to type the Apple logo on iOS:

1) Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Tap General.

3) Tap Keyboard.

4) Tap Text Replacement.

5) Hit “+“ in the top-right corner to create a new text replacement.

6) Copy the Apple logo symbol  from this post on your iOS device. Tap and hold next to Phrase, then select Paste from the bubble menu to insert the symbol.

The Text Replacements feature lets you assign the Apple logo symbol to a custom phrase

7) Tap next to Shortcut and enter a custom snippet to be replaced with the Apple logo. I use “appl,” but you may choose another snippet (to avoid triggering the replacement by accident, use a unique letter combination which isn’t a part of any common word or phrase).

8) Tap Save in the top-right corner to finish making changes.

Your shortcut will automatically expand into the Apple logo symbol as you type.

TUTORIAL:How to create and use Text Replacements on iPhone and iPad

Now you can easily enter the Apple logo using your iOS device or Mac into your emails, texts, documents, notes and more—simply hit the Space bar after typing the “aapl” shortcut and the system will replace it with the Apple logo character.

Text replacements are kept in sync across iOS and macOS through iCloud so you can use the same shortcut to type on the Apple logo symbol on your Apple devices.

And if you pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone and iPad, you can enter the Apple logo symbol by pressing the same Option (⌥)-Shift (⇧)-K keystroke like on your Mac.

Apple Watch

As mentioned, there’s currently no way to type the Apple logo with your Apple Watch.

Dictation and Scribble, the two primary input methods in watchOS, won’t let you enter the Apple symbol using your voice like you can with punctuation and formatting.

The Apple logo symbol shows as visible on Apple Watch, but you cannot type it out using watchOS's Dictation or Scribble feature

Thankfully, the logo does show as visible on the watch in apps like Messages and Reminders because it’s included in the default fonts of the watchOS operating system.

Apple TV

To type the Apple logo on your Apple TV, do the following:

1) Go to Settings → Remotes and Devices → Bluetooth on your fourth-generation Apple TV or Apple TV 4K. For earlier models, venture into Settings → General → Bluetooth.

2) When Apple TV finds nearby Bluetooth devices, select your keyboard from the list.

3) If asked, enter the four-digit code and press Enter.

4) Navigate to the section of an Apple TV app that accepts text, like YouTube’s search feature.

5) Press Option (⌥)-Shift (⇧)-K on the wireless keyboard to enter the Apple symbol.

tvOS also supports entering the Apple symbol via an external keyboard or a remote keyboard on an iPhone or iPad

Pair a wireless keyboard with your Apple TV to type the Apple symbol faster

Just like that, the symbol is written out on your TV!

Apple TV Remote app

If you don’t have a wireless keyboard for your Apple TV, use your iPhone for typing:

1) On your iPhone or iPad with iOS 11+, open Settings → Control Center → Customize Controls and tap “+” next to Apple TV Remote.

2) Be sure to set up a shortcut on your iOS device that will replace “appl” with “”, as explained in the iPhone and iPad section dealing with Text Replacements.

3) With the Apple TV Remote widget added to your iOS Control Center, highlight any text input field on your Apple TV using your Siri Remote.

4) On your iPhone or iPad, open Control Center and tap the widget you just added, then choose your Apple TV from the list and enter the four-digit passcode that appears on the Apple TV screen, if necessary. Alternatively, press a notification that pops up on the Lock screen of your iPhone upon selecting a text field on your Apple TV.

Entering the Apple logo symbol using the Text Replacement feature in conjunction with the Apple TV Remote widget in Control Center on an iOS device

The Control Center widget works only with the fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K, and requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or later.

TUTORIAL:Stopping the Apple TV remote keyboard from showing up on iPhone or iPad

Owners of older Apple TV models are free to download the Apple TV Remote app or the iTunes Remote app from App Store and set it up to remotely control your set-top box. You’ll be able to type the Apple logo and access additional features, like Now Playing and Game mode.

You may want to type the Apple symbol when renaming your Apple TV, for instance

Renaming my Apple TV as TV

Entering the Apple symbol on Apple TV using the Dictation feature is unsupported.


As mentioned earlier, the Apple symbol is defined in the extended ASCII character set in one of a private-use character points intended for apps and devices that need to display glyphs unspecified by the Unicode standard.

Unicode, however, doesn’t contain any corporate logos as part of the standard character set. That’s why the Apple symbol in a PDF or Word document in most cases won’t show as visible on non-Apple platforms like Windows and Linux.

On Windows, there are many ways to enter special characters. We’ll focus on alt codes which require holding the Alt key while typing a 4-code decimal value.

You can find the full Unicode character code list at

1) Open a document where you’d like to insert the Apple logo symbol.

2) Be sure that the Num Lock key is on, the press and hold the left Alt key.

3) Press “0” on the numeric keypad.

4) Press “2” on the numeric keypad.

5) Press “4” on the numeric keypad.

6) Press “0” on the numeric keypad.

An image showing a numeric keypad of a typical Windows PC keyboard.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

NOTE: you must put in the leading zero even though the character’s decimal code is “240.”

If your laptop lacks a numeric keypad, do this:

1) Open a document where you’d like to see the Apple logo symbol.

2) Press F 8 F F on the keyboard (the Unicode value of the Apple logo symbol).

3) Press Alt-X.

The Apple symbol will be inserted at the current cursor position.

In certain Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, there are dedicated options for entering special characters. To see a graphical representation of special symbols in Windows, open the stock Character Map app (charmap.exe).

The alt-code trick won’t work if your chosen font lacks the Apple logo definition.

In that case, switch to the Baskerville Old Face font in Character Map, select the Apple logo, click Select and choose Copy to put the character on the system clipboard.

From there, you can paste it into other apps using the standard Ctrl-V shortcut.


The Apple logo or any other special character or symbol can be typed out in your blog posts or webpages by using the HTML entities hexadecimal notation followed by a character’s Unicode hexadecimal value (the Apple logo symbol has the Unicode value F8FF).

To use the Apple logo in your webpage, type the following in HTML code:


You should see the  character when the page is rendered in a browser.

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Submit your own how-to suggestions via [email protected].

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