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How to set a clear presentation objective

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Ask any presenter, and he or she will tell you that it is important to set a presentation objective. Ask them how these objectives are set, and they draw a blank.

The word objective is usually used quite casually by most presenters.Vague Presentation Objective

Most presentation objectives sound like this:

I want everyone to appreciate my unique ideas

I want to leave a strong impression on my audience

I want to make a great presentation.

These goals are too vague to help a presenter make a presentation with impact.

The objectives of presentation are not vague statements of presenter goals.

They follow a clearly defined structure.

You need to use that structure for setting your objectives because…

A clearly defined presentation objective is the first step to a remarkable presentation.

A clear and meaningful presentation objective determines…

In this article, we will show you Minimal® process for setting up clear objectives for presentation in a step-by-step way.

What is the process for setting the objective?

Setting an objective for your presentation involves answering 3 important questions. They are Who, What and Why.

  1. Who – Who is the last person?
  2. What – What is the action they should take?
  3. Why – Why will they take this action? What is in it for them?

Let’s explore these questions one by one.

WHO – Who is the last person in your audience?

The last person is the one who needs to take action based on your presentation. It could be the final decision maker or someone who influences the decision making process.

In case your presentation is purely informational in nature – Ex: A training presentation on products, the last person is the one with the least knowledge on the subject being discussed.

You create your presentation outline or story keeping the last person in mind.Define Last Person

Why do you need to determine the last person for your presentation?

It is to focus your message. The clearer you are about the last person, the more focused your message gets:

  • By understanding the knowledge and experience level of the last person, you can plan the extent to which you need to build the context and background.
  • By understanding the motivation factors, you can determine the nature of your offer.
  • By understanding the preferences, you can decide the extent to which you need to use data and emotions in your presentation.

If you don’t determine the last person, you end up with a vague and boring presentation. Remember, when you want to appeal to everyone, you convince no one.

So, setting a clear presentation objective is the critical first step in creating your presentation.

Your action step

Determine the last person for your presentation. Create a thumbnail profile – like the age, work experience, job responsibilities, awareness levels etc. If possible, get a picture of the last person and stick it in front of you.

This person represents your audience. Check if your presentation would appeal to this person.

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PowerPoint Template Goals Objectives Slide

Business Objectives PowerPoint Slide

Download our PowerPoint Template Goals Objectives Slide to design a brilliant presentation to present your business goals and objectives. Using this template, you can beautifully visualize your business objectives, and it is the best way to deliver your goals in front of a large audience. In addition, it can help you make a compelling presentation with minimum effort and a short time. This template will suit all presentations to deliver the objectives, such as business presentations, motivational programs, meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. 

About the template:

The PowerPoint Template Goals Objectives Slide has a professional-looking design with darts and a board. It also has three 3D circles with text boxes to present your goals. The transparent white background of this template helps to enhance the look and feel of the multi-color graphics and text. Using this template, you can present your goals, objectives, strategic plans, ideas, milestones, etc. The neatly organized graphics will give a professional look to your presentation.

The PowerPoint Template Goals Objectives Slide is fully editable. It allows you to add more graphics, images, and text boxes if you need to describe your objectives clearly. You can also enhance your presentation's functionality by adding effects, such as animations, transitions, sounds, videos, etc. It is a beautiful presentation tool to deliver your objectives confidently and impress your audience. In addition, it will help your business to gain a good brand image from your viewers. 

Features of this slide:

1. 100 % customizable slides and easy to download.

2. Slides available in different nodes & colors.

3. The slide contained 16:9 and 4:3 format.

4. Easy to change the slide colors quickly.

5. Well-crafted template with instant download facility.

6. A creative slide with perfect visuals to present your business goals and objectives.

Sours: https://www.slideegg.com/
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How to Write Content Objectives in PowerPoint

By G.S. Jackson

Presentations can benefit from the productive use of PowerPoint slides.

You will inevitably have to give some sort of visual presentation as part of your company's business, whether in sales meetings with clients or objectives meetings with employees. Using PowerPoint presentations gives you a way to visually organize your points for viewers so that they know what to focus on in your talk, while ensuring that you make your objectives for presenting this content clear. By clearly stating your objectives at the beginning of your presentation, you give your audience the opportunity to understand what your goals are, what to expect from the presentation and how to interpret the content that you present.

Lay out your objectives in advance. Break down your larger topic into smaller, logical parts. Break them down again, if you can. Try to find the combination of discussion points that best represents your larger goal, and organize them in such a way that a listener can follow them. The point of a presentation is to convince an audience of your ideas, and the best way to do that is to lead them to a conclusion through persuasive organization of ideas.

Consider the best tactic to convince your audience of your ideas. If you are comparing two items, lay out your discussion so that it has two major sections, with smaller points highlighting advantages and disadvantages of each choice. If suggesting a solution to a problem, make that problem clear at the beginning, and walk through each step of your solution.

Create an opening slide that touches on all of your ideas in bullet point format. It is acceptable, and actually quite beneficial, to lay out exactly what you will say in the presentation. This gives the listener a sense of what they are in store for, and also helps you set the stage for what you are trying to convey. An opening set of slides may be as long as two slides, but if you cannot fit the gist of your presentation within two or fewer slides, consider narrowing the focus of your presentation, or giving multiple presentations over a period of time.

State your objectives clearly, and briefly discuss their importance. For example, if one of your objectives is to convince your audience that a particular course of action must be taken, clearly state this conclusion with a short explanation of how you have come to it.

For example, "In this presentation, I intend to show that my strategy addresses concerns about profit loss by illustrating areas where improvements can be made in our marketing department and production techniques" represents a clear, goal-oriented opening. It details the objectives while alluding to what sort of content the viewers can expect -- areas of deficiency in marketing and production.

Avoid front-loading data or facts. Let the objectives speak for themselves. Content objectives should frame your presentation and the data in such a way that they help an audience "see" what you see in the data, and convince them of your argument.

For example, "Sales in areas with new marketing departments have dropped 3% in the last three quarters due to factors A, B and C, while production rates are also highly inefficient due to mismanagement of warehouse resources owing to X, Y and Z. Therefore, I am going to demonstrate how these factors have led to..." While this seems an informative way to lay out your objectives, for a spoken presentation it is better to keep it brief.

Use a slide for each objective discussed in the opening of the presentation. If a particular objective takes a little longer to discuss, two or more slides should work. Just be careful not to overload slides with extraneous information. Your slides simply outline your speech, or give backing material. Your speech should do the heavy lifting in getting your point across.


Writer Bio

G.S. Jackson specializes in topics related to literature, computers and technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and computer science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Sours: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/write-content-objectives-powerpoint-50082.html
Project Management Powerpoint Template \u0026 Slide Design Tutorial for List or Options

How to Make an Awesome Objectives Slide in PowerPoint

?Step 1: Make the Dart and Dart Board

In this step, we're going to be playing with different PowerPoint shapes to make a cool dartboard infographic for your presentation objectives.

The Dartboard

First off, bring in six circles into your PowerPoint slide (it doesn't matter where, or how big they are; we'll fix all that up later).

Resize each circle making one circle larger than the last one. To do this, click on one of your six circles, then go to Format. In the Size box, make your first circle with a height and width of 1cm (0.39 inches)

Using PPT's size feature in the Format Tab to change a shape's size

Go ahead and set another circle's height and width to 2cm (0.78 in inches). Follow this pattern and do this with every circle (3cm (1.17 inches), 4cm (1.56 inches), etc.).

Six different circles with different heights and widths that will make up the dartboard infographic

Now stack your circles in a way that shows it goes from smallest to biggest. To do this, you have to play around with PowerPoint's Arrange and Alignment Features. If you need guidance on this, just refer to the video.

Stacked PPT circles to make up a dartboard infographic without any colors

Go ahead and fill in your circles with different colors sequentially so you get a dartboard infographic.

Stackes circles in PPT with different colors to make a dartboard infographic

The Dart

You'll need to bring in three shapes into your PowerPoint slide: one rectangle with rounded corners, and two parallelograms.

Position them to look like a dart, just like the picture below.

A dart made up of a curved rectangle and two parallelograms in PPT

Bring It All Together

Rotate your dart and stick it in the middle of your dartboard. You should end up with something like the image below.

Dartboard and dart put together in PPT to reflect objectives

Hurray! The hard part's done! You now have a dartboard infographic that goes well with your presentation objectives.

Step 2: Set up Your Objectives Slide

We're going to use a rectangle to set up the layout of the slide. Draw one out so that the width takes over the entire slide, but just be sure to keep the height short.

Now, place the dartboard on the left side of the slide, and keep your rectangle behind it.

After that, bring in a title for your objectives slide. Keep it short, sweet and noticeable.

A work in progress slide for presentation objectives

Step 3: Bring in Your First Objective

To do this step, you're going to need some icons that represent what your first objective is about. If you're unfamiliar with how to do this, then check out Slide Cow's PowerPoint icon guide that will teach you three ways to bring in any icon you want into your slide.

Once you've brought in the icon you want, place it in the rectangle you made in the second step.

Underneath your icon, add a headingand some text that best explains your objective in a presentation setting. For best practice, I suggest following the SMART principle.

It's important to align everything to the left here because it focuses on the strategy of the slide. That is, we want the audience to read everything from left-to-right, so that everything's sequential.

A work in process objective slide with only one objective

Step 4: Replicate and Modify

Group up the elements that make up your first objective (the icon, heading, and text) and duplicate it. Keep duplicating until you have enough elements to capture your message in full. For example, if you have three objectives, then duplicate your first objective twice.

You're all set to modify each duplicated group to describe your other objectives. Keep it short and simple. Also, make sure everything is appropriately aligned and positioned.

How-to-Make-an Awesome-Objectives-Slide on-PowerPoint


Easy Peasy!

Designing PowerPoint objectives can be tricky, but hard work pays off! With a slide like this, you're sure to set your presentation on the right track from the get-go. Promise!

If you have any issues, just leave a comment below and I'll get back to you.

Sours: https://www.slidecow.com/powerpoint-tutorials/make-awesome-objectives-slide/

Objective examples powerpoint slide

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