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My Hero Academia's True Hero isn't Deku, it's Ochako

The latest chapter ofMy Hero Academia might see Ochako Uraraka making a desperate plea to Japan's citizens to accept Deku so he can survive and save the day against All For One. But how mangaka Kohei Horikoshi portrays Ochako creates the impression that she's the real hero.

When All Might bestowed upon Deku his power, he essentially set the young boy up to also become the next number-one hero. Now that All Might's main nemesis, All For One, has returned, the duty automatically falls on Deku to defeat him despite his inexperience since only All Might could stand up against the villain and Deku is the current wielder of All Might's power. Additionally, All For One currently wants to obtain Deku's One For All quirk, which forced the boy to flee U.A. High to face the villain alone so as not to put his friends and everyone around him in danger.

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Deku almost dies on this journey, but luckily his friends in class 1-A swoop in just in time and bring him back to U.A. High where they are met by a mob. The angry citizens don't want Deku at the school since they know All For One is looking for him and believe Deku being there could put them in harm's way. All of Japan's heroes try and fail to quell the mob's anger until Ochako finally achieves some leeway in chapter 324. Her efforts (and flashbacks) prove she could be Japan's true number-one hero.

Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi provides ample evidence throughout the latest chapter to prove this. Not only is she able to soften the hardened hearts of the mob as a few of them gather around Deku's slumped figure, but Kohei Horikoshi juxtaposes this image against a cell that contains the words “humanity struggles to make true progress,” which creates the impression that, for the first time in My Hero Academia, humanity has made some progress because of Ochako's help.

The chapter also includes a seemingly random image of Himiko Toga when Ochako yells, "Everyone, lend us your strength, so that we can get past this tomorrow!" This reference is undoubtedly meant to remind readers of how Himiko felt compelled to become just like Ochako and assumed her powers as a result. Even though this disgusted Ochako at the time, the fact that she could unconsciously cause a villain to want to be like her even when that villain so vehemently despises heroes and society for thoroughly rejecting her and the way in which she shows affection just underscores her ability to connect with her enemies, which is a necessary asset for heroes. This is similar to when Deku was able to convert Lady Nagant to his side, proving that he is not the only hero capable of such an amazing feat.

But maybe the most crucial factor that comes into play is Ochako's flashback that transpires during her moving speech in My Hero Academia. As a child, she loved seeing the smiles on people's faces upon the arrival of heroes so much that she would rather look at the crowd instead. This was what All Might truly represents. His goal was to make everyone smile and feel hope, especially during times when they are hopeless. Deku was the opposite of Ochako Uraraka. He, along with everyone else, was the one who smiled and stared at heroes like All Might. While it's crucial for a hero to be inspired to make people feel good and smile the same way they once did at their lowest, it's just as powerful, if not more so, when other people's happiness moves a hero so much that they are more mesmerized by that than anything else.

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My Hero Academia: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Deku & Uraraka’s Relationship

My Hero Academia has quickly become a fan favorite, with rabid fans picking apart the series and looking for any scrap of detail we can get our hands-on. To be fair, the series really is highly addictive, and the week-long wait between episodes and chapters can be quite painful for some.

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Today we’re going to dive into the relationship between Deku and Uraraka. Is there something there? How sturdy is this ship? And how likely are they to become canon? We may not have those answers, but we can make some logical guesses based on the facts at hand. So we’re going to talk about those facts down below. You’ll have to tell us what you think, after reading all about their pairing.

Updated on August 12th, 2021 by Daniel Kurland: Deku is fortunate enough to spend time with many different groups of heroes, but despite all of his development he still holds an undeniable bond with Uraraka. The closeness between these two is something that’s the subject to heavy analysis in MHA and it’s led to some enlightening revelations about the relationship that these two share.

15 She's Able To Break Through His Blackwhip Quirk

Season five of My Hero Academia devotes the first chunk of its episodes to the grueling Joint Training Competition between the students of Classes 1-A and 1-B. This is an important demonstration in terms of how much everyone has grown in strength, but the competition culminates with an uncontrollable explosion of power from Deku’s new Blackwhip Quirk.

It’s Uraraka who is able to break through to Deku, calm his mind, and help restore order. It’s unclear if anyone else would be able to break through to his subconscious like this.

14 They're Each Others Secret Santas

My Hero Academia is an anime that typically places the focus on action sequences and suspenseful clashes of powerful Quirks. However, there are still crucial moments of downtime that act as helpful reminders over how these burgeoning heroes are still just teenagers at the end of the day.

During Christmas festivities, Deku and Uraraka decide to exchange gifts with each other, demonstrating how well they know one another. Deku receives Mochi Chips, while Uraraka is gifted a cute All Might keychain, which she goes on to make a permanent fixture on her belt.

13 He Trusts Her With The Secret Behind His Quirk

My Hero Academia’s most recent materialpresents Deku with his greatest challenge yet and he chooses to isolate himself from his typical support systems, with the aim to keep them safe from danger.

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Deku gives personalized letters to his friends before his departure, but it’s Uraraka’s letter that’s the most substantial. Deku’s letter to her is not just full of gratitude and thanks, but he reveals to her that he’s inherited All Might’s Quirk and that he’s now the target of Shigaraki and All For One. He trusts her with a secret that very few individuals know.

12 He Can See Through The Uraraka Imitators

One of the most exciting trials in My Hero Academia is the Provisional Hero License Exam, which brings out the best in many characters and highlights how they all stack up against each other. A frightening surprise during this arc is that the villainous Himiko Toga infiltrates U.A. High under the disguise of Camie Utsushimi, but she later uses her Quirk to copy Uraraka.

Toga’s trick fools most people, but it’s only Deku who notices that this Uraraka acts out of character and that she’s an imposter. It’s something that only a true friend would be able to recognize.

11 They Help Each Other Excel At Their Work Studies

When Deku and Uraraka are around each other they’re usually one another’s biggest cheerleaders, but it’s encouraging to see that they’re able to carry over each other’s lessons even when they’re apart. Season five of My Hero Academia makes a return to U.A. High’s work study program where students return to various Hero Agencies.

Deku joins up with Endeavor’s Agency and Uraraka refines her skills under both Ryuku and Selkie. Uraraka’s water-bound detour incorporates much of what she learns through her time with Deku and she’s able to beautifully apply it to help out her team.

10 The Origins Of Their Ship Name

Every good ship out there must have a ship name. It's just a fact of life. On the very slim chance that you don't know what that is (unlikely), a ship name is what is used for any preferred ship, usually combining elements of their two names to for one (usually cute) name.

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For Deku and Uraraka, that cute ship name is IzuOcha. Here we see their first names combined together, Izuku and Ochaco to bring us something new. It's may not be the cutest name out there, but it works.

9 Uraraka's Misunderstanding Results In Midoriya's Nickname

Back in the first season, Uraraka made a bit of a mistake. She called Midoriya "Deku," having heard Bakugo use that term (as an insult) and mistakenly assuming it was actually Midoriya's name. You see, she didn't think that it was the obvious insult intended, is that it's also very similar to a Japanese phrase which basically means "You can do it!"

This little tidbit is cut down in some translations, so instead Uraraka merely thinks that Deku is a cute name, and nothing more. Personally, we like the original reason behind the name so much more (the phrase, not the insult).

8 Uraraka's Incredibly Jealous When It Comes To Deku

There has been a fair share of jealousy shown between these two lovebirds. Or, more accurately, one character has been feeling a whole lot of it. We're talking about Uraraka. On several different occasions now we've seen her react negatively when seeing Deku interact with another girl (especially should that girl appear to be close to Deku).

There are three characters in particular that have triggered these feelings of jealousy in Uraraka; Mei Hatsume, Camie Utsushimi, and Melissa Shied. Mei caused those feelings thanks to her attention towards Deku (and that one time she accidentally shoved her cleavage up in his face). Camie (well, fake-Camie) caused them for fairly obvious reasons during their testing. Meanwhile, Melissa only appears in the movie, but she did seem both fond and impressed by Deku, and that was enough for Uraraka.

7 She's Terrified That He May Perish In Battle

During season four of My Hero Academia's Shie Hassaikai arc, Sir Nighteye says something to Uraraka that terrifies her. He leads her to believe that Deku will not survive his battle – not while also completing their goal.

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Naturally, this leads Uraraka to freak out. She is not the type to want to lose anybody close to her, but least of all Deku. Her pleasure at seeing Deku alive and well is palpable, and could quite possibly end up being a turning point in their relationship.

6 Uraraka's Realization Of Her Latent Feelings Towards Deku

Speaking of Uraraka and her realizations, she's the first one to realize and acknowledge her feelings. She's well aware of the fact that she likes Deku. Though for a time she did try to deny it. She was forced to admit the truth back when she saw Deku interacting with Camie during their tests.

Technically speaking, Uraraka has yet to do anything since realizing her feelings toward Deku. She certainly hasn't told him how she feels or done anything to try and court him. But she still gets credit for being the first one to put her feelings into words (even if those words were just in her head).

5 Uraraka Still Prioritizes Herself Over Her Deku Concerns

While Uraraka is well aware of her feelings towards Deku, she has made a decision about them. That decision is that she needs to prioritize herself in this matter. That means she needs to focus on becoming a hero, and thus not let her feelings, or Deku, distract her.

This is a decision that is easier made than kept, as we've seen time and time again. Uraraka keeps finding herself in situations in which Deku distracts her, either by being his adorable self or by throwing himself headfirst into danger (as always).

4 Her Concerns Over Deku Become More Considerable

All things considered, Uraraka had been doing an okay job of keeping her feelings in check. Yes, that is a relative thing, considering how many people have figured out her feelings. But since Deku hasn't put two and two together, we're going to cut her some slack.

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There is a point  in the anime where Deku has some trouble with his quirk. This whole series of events forces Uraraka to step up once again, protecting Deku as her feelings come flooding to the surface. She's there as both emotional and physical support.

3 There's An Implicit Level Of Support Between Them

Deku and Uraraka are not in a canon relationship, not yet, at any rate. Yet for many intents and purposes, they may as well be. They're endlessly supportive and protective of one another, as we've seen so many times.

Deku will do anything to keep Uraraka safe and has been aiming to do so since the moment he first met her. Meanwhile, Uraraka will support him through all of his struggles, especially when his quirk is giving him trouble. She'll also back him against his bullies (looking at you, Bakugo). Talk about true relationship goals.

2 They're Both The Subject Of Mina Ashido's Playful Teasing

Every class has to have that one busybody who seems to know everybody's business and who has a crush on who. For class 1-A, that busybody is Mina Ashido. Trust us, it did not take her long to figure out that Uraraka had a crush on Deku. And while she hasn't been as blatant about the reverse, there's no doubt that she suspects Deku reciprocates those feelings.

On several occasions now we've seen Mina teasing Uraraka about this fact. And there have been a time or two (in the manga) that she's also taken the opportunity to tease the two of them together. If they hadn't been so busy being embarrassed, they might have noticed how the other person was reacting and learned something important.

1 Deku's Obliviousness Towards Girls & His Development In The Area

The last item on our list is the elephant in the room. Deku is basically an otaku, he's a massive fan of All Might, and up until U.A. High it sounds like he never really got to talk to girls. His reaction to talking to Uraraka on the phone all but confirms this.

What we're trying to say is that it's extremely unlikely that Deku has realized that Uraraka likes him. In fact, he probably wouldn't notice or suspect any girl liking him. He hasn't outright stated any crushes on his part, but he does react strongly to Uraraka's presence. Though perhaps he'd do that regardless of who it was? Only time will tell.

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Status of Relationship

Best Friends/Classmates; Feelings on Ochako's side

Also Known As

DekuRaka, UraDeku, UraMido, DekuOcha, OchaDeku, DekUravity, DekUraraka, MidoChako, DekuChako, Izuko, BunnyAstronaut, CuteRoundEyes, MatchaStrawberry, Watermelon, GravitySmash, GreenStar, KiwiMochi, LimeGreen Pomegranate, MatchaBlossom, Floating Buddies, Space Bunnies, UraDoriya, IzuChako

IzuOcha is the het ship between Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Entrance Exam Arc

Izuku and Ochako first met before the actual exam took place. Izuku, caught up in his head hadn't wasn't looking where he stepped and tripped. Before he could fall, Ochako floated him upright, wishing him good luck before making her way to their destination. After she leaves, Izuku blushes madly and (internally) yells, "I TALKED TO A GIRL!!" although his pre-exam jitters didn't exactly allow him to speak!

As their instructors give the rules of the exam, Izuku notices Ochako standing and recognizes her as the "nice girl who saved him earlier" and walks to thank her. However, Tenya stops him before he can, as she's too busy preparing to talk. Later, as the exam reaches its end, Izuku, having not managed to earn one point, notices Ochako stuck under a pile of rubble and realizes that she's stuck. He sees a robot heading towards them and rushes to push her out of harm's way rather than attack the robot for points. He ends up launched into the sky, but Ochako quirks him to safety before he can fall. After these events, Izuku receives his acceptance letter from U.A. Amongst it is a clip recorded of Ochako, who'd stayed after to request some of her points be given to him for saving her. As his rescue had granted him entrance, this wasn't necessary but brought tears to Izuku's eyes.

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Upon entering the classroom, Ochako recognizes Izuku and waves to him. He zones out as she rants about her excitement to be attending U.A and thinks to himself that she looks good in her school uniform.

During the quirk apprehension test, Ochako throws the ball with a recorded distance of infinity. Izuku becomes awed and begins to mutter to himself. At the end of the day, Ochako walks home with Izuku alongside Tenya as well. She questions if “Deku” is his name, but after learning it’s an insult by Katsuki, she apologizes for addressing him as such. However, she states that it “sounds like the Japanese word for “You can do it!” and that it sounds cute. Izuku turns pink and flustered before telling her, “DEKU IT IS!”

Battle Trial Arc

When everyone’s costumes are revealed, Ochako walks up to Izuku and fawns over the “bunny ears” on his hood, squealing that they’re cute. When Izuku looks at her, he flushes and begins to stutter, as her costume is skin-tight and emphasizes her figure. Later, the two are paired up for the battle exercise against the team of Tenya and Katsuki. They become excited because “what are the odds!” and Ochako vows that they’ll win. Izuku smiles at her determination.

During their encounter with Katsuki, who’d ditched Tenya for the sole purpose of fighting Izuku, Izuku yells that he’s not the “same old Deku”. He says that his “Deku” means “You can do it!”, and it’s now the name of a hero. Ochako recognizes these words as what she’d previously told him on their first walk home together. They win the fight in the end, thanks to Izuku’s newfound motivation. Unfortunately, Izuku came out seriously injured from this fight and needed to be healed by Recovery Girl. After he enters the classroom the next day, Ochako runs to check on him with a flurry of questions, visibly relieved to see he’s okay.

The two have become close best friends and classmates and have developed deep admiration and respect for each other. They also appear to have feelings for one another, with Ochako being very apparent about her feelings while Izuku is a little more subtle.

They are both very similar in nature. They are both kind, polite, strong-willed, warm-hearted, and can be easily overwhelmed. As such, the two get along very well and have developed a high amount of respect for each other. Ochako admires Izuku’s determination to help others and sees it as a true quality to be a hero. She has taken great inspiration from Izuku and wishes to become more like him. During her match with Katsuki, she uses him as a key drive for her to become a hero. This resulted in her trying to play a key role in getting him admitted into the school by giving up some of her own points she scored in the exam to Izuku so he would pass. Such is her admiration; she even voted for him to be class president. Later, during the Hero Licence Exam, she is awestruck by Deku’s performance in saving a mock civilian. Izuku admires how much hard work she puts in herself to become stronger and overcome the difficult challenges she faces. After being defeated by Katsuki in the tournament, he stood up for her to his long-time bully and explained that Ochako giving him a difficult time in their match was of her own ability and not because he had helped her. He also praised her for her clever idea in the Cavalry Battle, but only to himself.

They are often concerned for one another and will try to protect each other. Shortly after they first met, Izuku, with zero experience using his new found powers, chose to save her when she was stuck to the ground and about to be trampled by a giant robot during the entrance exam. Ochako then saved a falling and severely injured Izuku using her powers. Izuku also wished to aid her in her upcoming fight against Katsuki, as he fully understands his strength and weaknesses, and wants to repay her back for helping him through his struggles, but Ochako politely declines his help as she wishes to win on her own merit, something Izuku admires. Following her defeat to Katsuki, he goes to check on her to see how she is doing and is pleasantly surprised that she is taking the loss well. However, he soon after overhears her breaking down in tears on the phone to her parents because she lost and Izuku, himself, tears up at the anguish she is feeling. After her encounter with Himiko, Izuku finds her and the two exchange concerns for each other’s well-being before he asks her to join him as they escort Katsuki. Ochako was notably horrified when Sir Nighteye told her that Overhaul would try to kill Deku and was frustrated she could not help him. When he loses control of his Black Whip quirk, Ochako leaps towards Deku and hugs him to try and calm him down. She then tells Hitoshi Shinso to brainwash him so he can regain control. After she wakes him up they share a brief close moment before they are forced to continue with their joint training session.

It becomes hinted early on that Izuku possibly has a crush on Ochako. He sometimes can become flustered in her presence, especially when she talks to him. Just talking to her on the phone causes him to become overwhelmed and heartened at the experience. Furthermore, seeing her in a skin tight outfit caused him to blush excitedly. On numerous occasions, if she stands too close to him he will blush while becoming nervous and flustered. Izuku was also willing to let her call him “Deku”, even though it is not his real name, and was immensely touched when she changed the meaning of this nickname, which was originally a derogatory name given to him by Katsuki, to something positive. Explaining that, to her, it means he will never give up (in the English Dub, she said it could make a great hero name, and she thinks it sounds kind of cute). That motivation Ochako gave to Izuku about his nickname, inspired him to choose it as his hero name. Izuku’s closeness to Ochako allowed him to have deep mutual respect and full confidence in her. Like at the Sports Fest after Ochako's fight against Katsuki, he confidently defended Ochako from Katsuki when he wrongfully thought she fought him hard because she had help from Izuku. And when Himiko was impersonating Ochako, he sees right through Himiko’s attempt to impersonate her with her quirk, and deduced she was not the real Ochako. And how he completely trusts her a lot that he knows he can count on her for any situation they dealt with. And after Deku showed off his improvement of Blackwhip at the Ground Alpha, he and Ochako thank each other for making one another stronger, and shared a touching moment while blushing at each other, showcasing that their relationship might possibly develop on another level, eventually.

It seems that one of Deku and Ochako's classmates, Minoru Mineta, a pervert, had picked up on how very close they are to each other as he can be seen being devastated when the two shared a close touching moment, while some others, especially Mina, felt overjoyed for them.

Ochako, herself, is very fond of Izuku and has developed sincere feelings for him. More so than anyone else, she tends to ask where he is if he isn't around and thinks about him frequently. She can become flustered in his presence and even jealous when other girls take an interest in him, especially with Mei Hatsume, who has had close physical interactions with Izuku that have left her irritated. When he praises Mei, instead of her, during the Cavalry Battle, she becomes jealous, not aware that Izuku actually was impressed with her performance. She also becomes upset when she overhears that Deku had apparently seen Camie naked and finds her feelings difficult to understand, not knowing why she feels so bad about it. Ochako also found herself feeling jealous of how much time Deku had spent with Melissa Shield. Later, she becomes embarrassed but blushingly happy when he complimented her in her dress. After Yuga had questioned her about her feelings regarding Izuku, she became more self-aware of them. Although, this realization caused her to run away from Izuku when she was alone with him at the mall. Even so, she tried to find him again while struggling to accept that she wanted to spend all day shopping with him. Her feelings for Deku almost got the better of her during the Hero Licence Exam, as she struggled to deal with them and had to snap herself back into focus to keep them under control, but fully accepts to herself that she does have feelings for him.

Numerous people have picked up on Ochako’s feelings for Izuku, an example being Gunhead’s schoolgirl-like teasing forwards Ochako after catching her on the phone with Izuku. Another is from early in the series, when Yuga gave the first mention- and confirmation of Ochako’s feelings. Himiko, a villain Ochako pinned down, quickly could tell that she was crushing on someone and she desires to be like that person. When they encountered each other again she tells Ochako that Deku trusts her a lot. Mina, one of their classmates, is a big supporter of Ochako’s feelings for Izuku and teases her whenever the opportunity arises. She blurts out to the other girls that Ochako is in love which causes her to become embarrassed and accidentally makes herself float upside down. As she blushes over the reality that she is in love, she looks out the window, saw Izuku training and blushes while watching him. Mina also teased Ochako later on about how tightly she hugged Deku when he lost control of his Black Whip quirk and caused her to blush. Once more, Mina teased Ochako over her All Might keychain that was gifted to her by Izuku at Christmas. This time, however, after becoming slightly nervous, Ochako happily blushes at her comments, while she puts the keychain away. And when Deku and Ochako shared a touching moment thanking each other for making one another stronger, after the Joint Training Program, Mina becomes overjoyed for them.

Two Heroes

Ochako was extremely jealous of Melissa Shield spending time with him, until she got to know Melissa and got over her jealousy. At the Expo Preview, Ochako showed up in a formal dress, and Izuku was crushing on her. She felt flustered and ecstatic when Izuku flattered her in her dress. She believed that Deku would beat Katsuki at the Villain Attack attraction and was one of the few that agreed with Izuku's plan to save everyone. She is shown along with Class 1-A cheering for Izuku during the final battle against Wolfram.

Heroes Rising

During the final battle with Nine. Ochako tried to make him float, but Nine used one of the stolen quirks, "Hydra," on her to brutally injure her and send her into the air. While she was sent into the air, Deku jumped into the air and saved her. When she was in Deku's arms, Deku called her name in a worrying matter, and then she said to him, "I'm ok, Deku," then passed out unconscious in his arms. Afterward, Deku landed and gently placed her on the ground, then had an enraged look on his face. And yelled to Nine, "You'll Pay For That!". And blasts his Delaware Smash Air Force at him for hurting Ochako, showcasing how much he really cares about her.

Paranormal Liberation War

During the Paranormal Liberation War, when Deku broke off from the group and decided to go off on his own alongside Katsuki, Ochako watched him go off while feeling concerned about him. After the battle during the Paranormal Liberation War, when Izuku fell into a coma, Kyoka asked if Izuku was alright. Ochako responded that she's worried as she stood in front of the door of his hospital room. After All Might left the room, Ochako was the first person to go into Izuku’s hospital room to check on him. Then back at Heights Alliance, in April, Ochako and her classmates received personalized letters from Izuku. Her letter said how Izuku thanks her for everything, confessing the truth behind his Quirk that he received from All Might, how All For One and Tomura are after him, and that he must leave because of it. After she read her letter, she reacts in uneasiness that Izuku has left U.A. High.

Battle between Deku and Class 1-A

A few days after Izuku left U.A., Class 1-A deduced that Izuku is working with Endeavor and his team. Tenya asks Katsuki, Shoto, and Fumikage if they can confirm their suspicions by contacting their respective mentors, but all three of them report that they refuse to respond, believing they are hiding something from them. Eijiro proposes they find a way to contact them, and Ochako, with a determined look on her face, suggests that since Endeavor is a U.A. alumni, they force the issue to find Izuku themselves. Then Ochako and the rest of Class 1-A arrive on the scene to bring Deku back to U.A. and Deku asks why they are all here, and Ochako says that they're worried about him. Deku insists that he is okay and that they shouldn’t worry about him and leave, but they refuse. Deku stated that if he is to smile and if everyone can live in peace, he needs to keep moving forward. Therefore, he demands she and everyone to get out of his way. Katsuki retorts that he should make them, calling him an “All Might wannabe”. Tenya adds that they know they won’t be able to change Deku’s mind normally, which means they might have to fight Deku. So Tenya tells Ochako and everyone else to stand strong, and Ochako agrees as they prepare to fight Deku. In the middle of Deku’s fight against Class 1-A, he prepares to make a getaway, combining Blackwhip, One For All at 45%, and Fa Jin, but Ochako comes from the sky, telling him that his situation is different from when Katsuki was captured by the League of Villains, indicating that she’s willing to go after Deku, even though she doesn’t want to hurt his pride of wanting to protect everyone from All For One and Tomura. Before Ochako could finish her sentence, Deku felt emotionally hesitant about what she was going to say to him; he dodged her approach and blasted into the sky.

As he blasts into the sky, Ochako calls to her classmates as they combine Mina’s Acidman and Shoto’s Flashfreeze Heatwave to launch Katsuki off Shoto’s ice ramp-up to Deku, pushing further with Ochako’s Zero Gravity. In her head, Ochako knows that she and everyone have so much to say to Deku, but they know they won’t reach him, while also saying that she and Class 1-A don’t want to be protected by Deku or want to reject who he is or what he’s doing, she and Class 1-A just want to be with him, especially Ochako.

After the battle between Deku and Class 1-A, Deku realizes he is back at school as he is carried around by Shoji while Sero reveals that the barrier is active. Deku still believes he still can’t go back, and his beliefs seem to be enforced by a group of protestors within the school demanding he not be let in. The civilians say they know he is the rumored boy Tomura is after and after they were convinced U.A. would provide them sanctuary, allowing what they consider a “ticking time-bomb” is a horrible idea. They say he should go somewhere else and Deku even considers leaving, but Ochako grabs his hand to stop him and tells him not to worry about it, as she is right now more determined not to let him go, and now it’s her turn to protect him.

Ochako’s Light of Hope Speech

The people, however, are still unconvinced, believing they are being forced to pay the price for the heroes' mistakes, with the hatred and anxiety of everyone starting to swell up Deku's Danger Sense. With no one seemingly listening to reason, Ochako jumps up onto the U.A. building with a microphone and addresses to the people that Izuku Midoriya (the first time she said his full name) has a special power and that he already left the school originally to prevent anyone from feeling troubled, he has only returned because she and the rest of her class brought him back. She admits his power is what the villain desires because they know it is the only thing that can stop them, but he has gone through so much on the outside. She begs for everyone to take a closer look at him, for he wishes to fix everything despite knowing he could be attacked at any minute.

Sure enough, the people start calming down, with one of the civilians recognizing him for having helped her earlier. Ochako declares that special powers are one thing, but there is no such thing as a special person. The people start seeing how exhausted Deku is. One of the unconvinced civilians asks if the people themselves should be covered in filth too, but Ochako replies saying that only the Heroes will be, which is why she wants them to give him time to rest to wash it away Deku watches her in awe as he starts tearing up, with Tenya telling him that she is fighting for Deku and everyone's right to smile again. Then Deku shouted out Ochako's name while he continues tearing up, indicating he’s feeling touched by her words of convincing the civilians to let him stay in U.A. to rest. Ochako apologizes that she and the heroes can't reassure everyone's safety because they are as scared as everyone else, which makes them all the same in a sense. She screams for them to lend Deku their strength so they can have a shot at smiling in the future. Nevertheless, Ochako continues her speech begging everyone to let Deku stay and rest, citing him as just a high school kid like herself and the others who are still learning as they go, as she realizes that when the heroes are hurting, it is up to everyone else to protect them. When the same protesting civilian tries to speak back, Ochako screams that U.A. High is Deku's hero academy at the top of her lungs. Ochako concludes her speech. All her words causes Deku to finally break down in exhaustion and relief, collapsing to his knees and crying hysterically, while thinking back to the very first day he met Ochako at the Entrance Exam, indicating he remembers how Ochako's been there for him since day one. In his mind, he says that this is the story of how he became the greatest hero and how he, Ochako, and everyone became the greatest heroes. After that, the boys of Class 1-A took Deku to the bath and got him cleaned up. And then he noticed Ochako wasn't around and asked Mina where she is, and she answered that she went to sleep after she did her speech. In the past, Ochako's usually the one who asks about Deku’s whereabouts, and now Deku is the one asking about Ochako's whereabouts, indicating how much Deku and Ochako's relationship is developing.


Yuga“Were you perhaps, thinking what would Izuku do...?”
Yuga“Do you love him?”
— Yuga asking Ochako if she loves Izuku.
“Dang it, Aoyama! He's wrong anyway! I think...”
— Ochako thinking about her feelings for Izuku.
Izuku“I-I think you're overestimating me, Uraraka...”
Ochako“That's fine! Who cares?”
— Izuku and Ochako.
“You did react pretty fast huh, Uraraka? Jumped right on him. Latched on to him pretty hard too, didn't you.”
— Mina teasing Ochako about Izuku.
Ochako“See, I already got stronger cuz of that. Which mean we helped lift each other up.”
— Izuku and Ochako.
Ochako“Are you okay!? I hope I didn't hurt you with that slap!”
Izuku“Uraraka-san...Please stay away, it's dangerous!!”
— Izuku and Ochako being worried about each other.
“When I saw him struggling, with the odds stacked against him... it got me thinking... Who protects the heroes when they need protecting?”
— Ochako thinking about Izuku.


The BNHA fandom is notorious for its ships, with many pairings for each and every character. As a result, IzuOcha frequently clashes with other popular pairings involving either Izuku or Ochako. However, bisexual headcanons are popular for both characters, which helps to even this out a little.

BNHA has never had a particularly strong emphasis on romance; therefore, it is noteworthy that the supposed crush that both Deku and Ochako share for each other is technically the first confirmation of romantic feelings between any of the characters within the franchise. At the moment, this ship remains the only pairing within the show of this kind, which is especially emphasized against the background of another het (and a few slash/femslash) ships that has a large number of ship teases, such as TodoMomo and perhaps, KiriBaku and KamiJirou.

On AO3, IzuOcha is the third most written ship for Izuku (after BakuDeku and TodoDeku) and the most written ship for Ochako. It is the eighth most written ship within the My Hero Academia tag.



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  • In an interview, Izuku’s voice actor, Daiki Yamashita stated that his favorite female character in the show was Ochaco.
  • Ochaco's crush was the first confirmation of romance in the series.
  • Ochaco shares her birthday with Hinata of the shonen Naruto, who, like Ochaco towards Izuku, carried feelings for Naruto and used him as her motivation to become strong. An important detail to note: Horikoshi has stated himself to take inspiration from Naruto (the series).
  • At a panel, Ochaco’s English VA recited a sweet, thought-out confession to Izuku (as Ochaco).
  • Horikoshi has stated that he designed Izuku and Ochaco with each other in mind.
  • The official Crunchyroll YouTube channel posted the clip of Ochaco’s crush reveal, titled “Love?!” The clip has gained over 10 million views since its release in 2018.
  • In one official game, certain characters provide power boosts to others ranging from 1-3 (1 being the lowest, three being the highest). The strength of the boost appears to depend on the strength of the canon bonds between characters. Ochaco provides the max boost for Izuku and vice versa. It’s interesting to note that this occurs with several other popular pairings, such as TodoMomo, KiriBaku, and KamiJirou, to name a few.
  • While not outright stated, Izuku’s potential attraction to Ochaco is hinted by his flustered behavior around her, such as the way he stutters and blushes, sometimes turning a full-bodied pink!
  • Ochaco carries around the All Might keychain Izuku gave her as a gift, seemingly as a good luck charm, as she even has it with her on missions. She is highly protective of it, as shown in her fight with Himiko in chapter 288.
  • The two have discernible facial features; Ochaco’s ever-pink cheeks and Izuku’s symmetrical freckles.
  • The ship name “Green Tea” comes from the kanji in their names, Midori, or “緑”, meaning green, and Ocha, or “お茶”, meaning tea. Midori-Ocha, Green Tea!
  • The headpiece from Ochaco’s costume upgrade resembles the rabbit-like appearance of Izuku’s hood.
  • Both Izuku and Ochaco are crushed on by Himiko.
  • A color illustration by Horikoshi (for an exhibit) was unveiled early by Twitter user Atsushi on 2/16/21. The blatant romantic themes of the piece caused a mass stir upon BNHA shippers and the #IzuOcha tag to trend widely.
  • There is a compilation on YouTube of all of the official DRAMA CD's with Ochako and Izuku.[1]
  • There is an animation on YouTube of a canonical DRAMA CD of Ochako asking Izuku to come walk home together with her, upon hearing that Izuku got excited as he imagined walking back home with Ochako. Only to be dissapointed when Ochako invited Tsu as well.[2] Fans found this endearing since this was the first time a romantic hint came from Izuku, instead of Ochako.
  • Ochako's English voice actor Luci Christian once acted out a "scene" during a panel where Ochako confesses her feelings for Izuku.[3]
  • In one of the BNHA blooper reels Ochako says to Izuku after he saves her "Thanks, I really messed up there huh?" in which Justin Briner (as Izuku) responds with "Yeah, you did. Fortunately there was a man around to save ya'"[4]
  • In one of the official arts for Izuku and Ochako, they're dressed in the same traditional Japanese dresses that a husband and wife would wear on their wedding day.[5]


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❝Rewrite The Stars❞ BNHA Animatic IzuOcha

❝Rewrite The Stars❞ BNHA Animatic IzuOcha

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❝Would You Be So Kind?❞ BNHA Animatic IzuOcha

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❝I Won't Say I'm In Love❞ -- BNHA Animatic -- IzuOcha

❝I Won't Say I'm In Love❞ -- BNHA Animatic -- IzuOcha

❝Close To You❞ -- BNHA Animatic -- IzuOcha

❝Close To You❞ -- BNHA Animatic -- IzuOcha

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Only us - IzuOcha-BNHA animatic

-AMV-• Deku -AND- Uraraka •-Senorita-

-AMV-• Deku -AND- Uraraka •-Senorita-

Deku & Ochako - On My Mind

Deku & Ochako - On My Mind

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Uraraka blushing because of Deku moments Deku x Uraraka

Then pull your finger out of my butt for now, I'll give you something else. She got out of bed and went to the wardrobe, from where she took out a plastic bag with handles and. Dumped its contents onto the bed.

And deku uraraka ochako

The whipping was instantly forgotten, and Vaseline, feeling the growing pulsating currents of tremendous energy, was carried away by them and began to swing her. Hips herself, substituting herself under the most sensitive position in which she most acutely felt the approaching orgasm.

She was so carried away by the process, her eyes, covered with pleasure, quivered with black, wet eyelashes, her lips, parted from. Tension, flushed.

Uraraka and Deku having a crush on each other for 11 minutes (Dub/Sub)

I began to visit her when my husband was not at home, and if he did come with me, he did not suspect anything that was wrong, my brother just came. To my sister. We slept together for two more years. Then, after graduating from university, I was taken to the army for a year, I did not have a military department.

I served two hours from my city.

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We are waiting for you, she told me. I went to the bathroom. After taking a shower and rinsing my ass, I left the bathroom.

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