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BTS RUN 'Photo Story' ep 🤣 REACTION#BTS What a plot twist!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Jin tricked us all. Love you all and thanks for the support. 💜 🤗Leave more recommendations in the comment section. ^_^ Twitter:​​​​​​​ This video is made in accordance with copyright as follows: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Act , allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and

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Run BTS ep 💜 (part 3) Photo story | Jungkkok's reaction is hilarious😆part 1: part2: #btsarmy #btsrun #bts
[Eng Sub] Run BTS! Ep Full EpisodeEng Sub Run BTS Full Episode so make sure to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE 😘 and hit the bell notification for daily updates. Share this video : Thank you for watching Hope you enjoyed the video ❤️ #BTS #방탄소년단 #Be #BtsHighlights #BtsLive #bangtanboys #bantan #bts #btslifegoeson #runbts #v #taehyung #kimtaehyung #jungkook #jeonjungkook #jimin #parkjimin #suga #minyoongi #jin #kimseokjin
[Eng Sub] Run BTS! Ep Full Episode REACTIONOriginal video :
BTS jungkook explodes (run bts photo story)so many good moments here. hobi's face - jk's explosion 1 - jk's explosion 2 - jk's explosion 3 - jimin asking jk to admit his mistake - rm and suga's interstellar - run bts ep
Jungkook was betrayed by Jin (Run BTS )Jungkook angry moments at Run BTS eps Cr. to Big Hit Entertainment
BTS RUN 'Photo Story' ep 🤣 REACTION #SaveJin#BTS #saveJin OMG someone please help Jin 🤣🤣🤣! Love you all and thanks for the support. 💜 🤗Leave more recommendations in the comment section. ^_^ Twitter:​​​​​​​ This video is made in accordance with copyright as follows: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Act , allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research
run bts ep Photo Story FULL VERSION eng sub Full Ep [ S3 ()]#indu_kookie Episode "Photo Story" (Part 1) At Samsung Electronics Cafe Camptong, BTS need to find sticky notes and take pictures according to the instructions written on them to earn points.[54] They must also locate seven key cards that open lockers with more sticky notes inside—each card is worth 10 points. As a penalty, the member with the least points must act as a "Genie" to the member with the most points and grant him a
SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임 오징어게임 . We breakdown the ending of Squid Game on Netflix and talk about all the clues in the season that tell us it was Il-Nam The Old Man who was behind it all. This includes a recap of the series and the games that he played in such as Red Light, Green Light, Tug Of War, Glass Hop and The Marbles One. Full Spoilers ahead. #SquidGame #EndingExplained
Run BTS worst punishments!!!!Hey Army!!!!💜💜💜💜💜 This video is purely for entertainment purposes only 🙏🏻 ✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨ I do not own anything,only the edits are mine this video is a compilation of all clips that I have edited for entertainment purposes. Credits to the respective clip owners and vlive videos #bts #runbts #btsarmy
[ENG SUB] BTS reaction to their baby pictures | Home party BTS reaction to their baby pictures in home party I do not own the video used. No copyright infringement intended. Credits to the rightful owners. Ignore the tags #bts #babypictures #homeparty #reaction #rm #jin #suga #jhope #jimin #v #jk


All&#;s fair in love and war, but nothing&#;s fair in Run BTS!

In Episode of BTS&#;s variety show, the members finished up their photo challenge from the previous episode. Each member earned points for each photo they took that correctly followed the instructions given for it. If a photo didn&#;t make the cut, points were lost.

After adding up the points, the production staff announced BTS&#;s ranking, but the fun was just getting started. Plot twist: a spy was in their midst! Could it be Jimin, who seemed too supportive? How about the quiet Golden Maknae minding his own business&#;

&#;or RM, who passionately volunteered as tribute?

Nope! It was the shadiest traitor of them all, Jin. He successfully carried out his mission (crashing as many photos as possible)&#;

&#;and made Jungkook snap! For each photo Jin appeared in, points were lost. When Jungkook realized how many times the spy had sneaked into his photos, he shouted and attacked his picture board.

Minutes later, Jungkook exploded again, finding even more stealthy Jin photos. (Someone save his board!)

It was a never-ending betrayal.

As if that wasn&#;t enough, Jungkook sabotaged himself by admitting he had more points to subtract from the total.

In the end, he was left with seven points and the only thing he won was the title of &#;loser&#;. But that was his plan all along&#;right?

Read all about Jin&#;s betrayal here:

BTS Brought Back &#;Blue Village&#; Betrayals And Nobody Was Ready For It

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[SUB] Run BTS! EP.29 빌보드 HOT100 공약 서로 코디해주기 달방 달려라방탄

Run BTS Ep Jungkook gets ultimate betrayal courtesy of Jin; RM's 'spy' schtick leaves everyone in splits

*SPOILERS*Run BTS Ep kickstarts where the previous episode left us as the BTS members showed their final photographs clicked as part of the Photo Story theme. RM turned into quite a strict teacher as he started pointing out why certain snaps of Suga failed to convey the directions instructed which led to Yoongi and others finding flaws in their bandmates' snaps as well.

Jimin, at on point, quipped at his Bangtan leader to get out when Namjoon tried to nitpick the latter's 'do re mi' formation with V and Jungkook. On the other hand, when it came to Jin, the members felt bad about how he was dejected from the last episode and approved almost all of his pics making the eldest member of BTS elated. Moreover, Jin and Taehyung even recreated their surprise cute faces much to the delight of the members. Kookie proved to be a loyal friend when he was the only one who raised his hand in support of one of TaeTae's photos with the latter quipping at Run BTS staff that Jimin was not the CEO as they asked ChimChim to approve or reject V's photo. While one would assume ChimChim won because of his five bonus cards, it was TaeTae who actually won the game with 44 points. Or did he? More on that in a while! Moreover, at the lowest was Namjoon with 18 points.

In a shocking turn of events, it was revealed to BTS that during their mission there was a spy. The spy's mission was to place himself in his bandmates' photos and if any part of the spy's body was found in the photographs, it would lead to minus points. All eyes were pointed on either Jin and Jimin (Yoongi, Namjoon and Hobi pretended to fight ChimChim with closed fists) but it was RM, who had everyone in the cafe laughing out loud by claiming he was the spy. Suga couldn't control his laughter over Joonie's schtick and even confessed, "It's the first time that all the directors laugh all together." The votes by the members chose Jimin as the spy and Baby Mochi stood up inclining to be the spy with BTS, except for RM (Namjoon knelt dramatically on the ground as Yoongi pointed at him and laughed), rejoicing. However, in another twist, it was revealed that Jin was the actual spy.

Thanks to Run BTS editors, the moment was made even more hilarious as J-Hope and Jungkook's shocked expressions had added filters in them. Moreover, Namjoon ran to hug his Jin hyung and tiny danced in excitement. Any funny moment was Kookie's temper tantrums over realising that most of his photos had Jin in them. Taking his photo collage, The Golden Maknae started hitting it against the chair as the rest of the members couldn't stop laughing. At one point, Jimin was even on the floor.

Upon introspection, we got to see Suga saying V's face itself is an art while Jin proved to be the ultimate poker-faced genius with his photobombing skills. Using the Blue Village betrayal as well as gaining sympathy from the members and then to be unveiled as the spy, only Jin could do that! Moreover, a laugh out loud moment came when they were going through one of Jungkook's photos thinking that it was V who was photobombing the picture as he wore a similar coloured outfit like Jin. However, Jin pointed out that Kookie's selfie was actually with Taehyung, who was right next to him, and hence it was him only who photobombed them, which left the members in splits yet again. Towards the end, RM and Jimin were tied at 13 points, Jungkook had 14 but earlier, Kookie had confessed that he found another photo with Jin included which wasn't taken into consideration. ChimChim and Namjoon jumped with excitement telling their maknae to reveal the truth which he eventually did and ended up being the loser with 7 points with Taehyung still being the winner with 33 points. The fact that Kookie got seven had the members gushing how Jungkook really loves BTS.

"I almost cried because it was so funny [RM saying he's the spy] I never imagine there would be something as funny after the foot volleyball episode. Here it is," Yoongi quipped. As a penalty, Jungkook needs to be V's genie and make his one wish come true. "Why did I do that? [J-hope asks Jungkook how he feels] I'm happy. Everyone. You shouldn't be in too much of a hurry. I've experienced this. Act before saying. You need to calm yourself down even if you feel rushing And you need to wait until you hear the last word for Korean. Please bear this in your mind. 7 of us, BTS. We will keep running. Run BTS," Jungkook shared as his ending ment. Other moments we absolutely loved was Yoongi's Keyser Soze reference from The Usual Suspects, RM's Interstellar reference and Jin looking like a million bucks with his gorgeous smile when his spy mission was being explained to him.

Check out some of your favourite moments from Run BTS Ep below:

Run BTS Ep is definitely in our Top 5 Run BTS episodes of all time and many members of BTS ARMY will agree with us! Moreover, it gave the iconic Run BTS Ep 80 betrayal a tough run for its money!

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Which was your favourite moment from Run BTS Ep ? Share your picks with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.


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BTS Run Episode 119 English Subtitle Full Episode

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