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Product Specification

Color silver
Brand krokio
Base Diameter 6mm
Dimension 2mm
Length 2mm
Material metal
Number Of Wicks 200
Packaging Type box
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 1 200 Pieces

Product Description

  • Material: Steel Candle Wick Sustainers 200 Pieces
  • Color: Silver Size: 1x1x0.5 cm
  • This wick tabs are very useful and must have for homemade candles.
  • Brand new and high quality Sustainers for candle wick for candle making and candle cup making
  • You can pre-measure and cut your wicks, put and thread them through, pinch the center with a pair of plyers, Tape to the bottom of your candle jar.

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Product Image

Candle Wick Sustainers/Wick Tabs/Base 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
Candle Wick Sustainers/Wick Tabs/Base 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
Candle Wick Sustainers/Wick Tabs/Base 4mm, 6mm, 8mm

Company Details

About the Company

Year of Establishment2018

Legal Status of FirmLimited Company (Ltd./Pvt.Ltd.)

Nature of BusinessManufacturer

Number of EmployeesUpto 10 People

Annual TurnoverUpto Rs. 50 Lakh

IndiaMART Member SinceNov 2017


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Equipment you will need

Wick tabs can be purchased in small packs or by the pound. It is more cost effective if you buy them by the pound, but it depends on how many candles you make in a year. Sometimes you can get by with a smaller number. Your wick tab size should be determined by the type of candle you are making. 20 mm is the standard size. 15 mm is for tealight size, or very small candles.


Begin by placing the wick into the tab. This is easiest if you have the tab directly on a flat surface, you can then "feel" if the wick is all the way to the base of the tab.


Next, squeeze the stand-pipe of the wick tab until it is firmly pinched the wick. Be sure you don't squeeze the wick out of the tab. It needs to be compressed firmly. If you have arthritic hands, this can hurt your hands, so be careful.


Next, take and flatten the tab, as much as possible.  It is soft metal and will bend easily. The flatter, the easier it will go into the jar, but a wick sticker will help make up for any issues. That's it! You now have a brand new wick and you are ready for your next container.


For our candles, we use the HTP 1212 wicks and we can generally get 2 jars and a tin out of one wick. That is 3 containers for the price of a single wick, which takes the cost down to pennies!

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Candle wicks - Wick sustainer tabs

Unless you're planning on making only tapers and pillar candles (and in this last case, if the molds you own all have a wick hole), there is no doubt you will have to use wick sustainer tabs (wick tabs, for short) to keep your wicks in place.

For every other type of candle you make, a wick tab is required, either to secure the wick to the bottom of your containers or to bring together wick and candle. A basic but indispensable widget, wick tabs come in different sizes and styles.

Wick sustainer tabs, a very basic but essential accessory

A tiny round piece of thin metal with a hole punched into it to form a little neck, that's about all you can say to describe the modest wick tab. But what a headache when you don't have any left!

You will use them mainly to permanently secure your wicks at the bottom of a container, using either glue wax, a glue dos or your glue gun. Press it down using a wicking needle or better, like I do it myself, with a small section of brass tube through which you thread the wick: this will allow you to apply uniform pressure on all sides of the wick tab and will prevent the wick from standing askew.
If you make votive or tealight candles using wick pins in the first case or a rubber mold in the second, the wick tab allows you to attach the wick to the candle. To make sure they both stick together like they should and don't separate, a light blow with your heatgun will melt just enough wax to "glue" the wick tab in place for good.

Long neck wick sustainer tabs, a a safe and perfect choice for your container candles

There's not exactly a thousand and one different types of wick tabs to choose from. Generally, they come in two or three different sizes (.6" and .8" are the most common diameters) and with a short or long neck. To wick container candles, regardless of the wax used (paraffin, vegetable wax or candle Gel), always use a wick tab with a long neck (.25" or longer if you can): when the flame reaches the neck of the wick tab, it will go out by itself, greatly reducing the risks of seeing the candle burst into flames due to the little amount of wax left. It's even more crucial when you work with candle Gel; candle Gel burns hotter than any other wax (the temperature inside the melt pool can easily get as high as 280°F whereas paraffin only reaches 180°F) and this increases the potential for a fire hazard. Short neck wick tabs, usually about .12", should be reserved for pillar and tealight candles.

To secure the wick tab to the wick, once you've threaded the wick through the wick hole, all you have to do is gently squeeze the neck of the wick tab with long nose pliers. Make sure the wick has been primed first, it's not only necessary to ensure an optimal combustion, it also makes it much easier to thread the wick through the wick tab.

Sustainer tabs for wooden wicks

Wooden wicks require a special type of sustainer

Due to their flat shape and their width, wooden wicks need to be clipped into a special type of sustainer tab. Remember to order them together with the wicks or you could end up paying more for shipping than for the actual sustainer tabs...

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