Homecoming gifts for military

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Military Homecoming Ideas

Military Homecoming Ideas

Military homecomings are the culmination of weeks and months spent worrying about your service member followed by a sigh of relief that he or she is finally home. Indeed, it is a special occasion for military families. The moment your wife, husband, child, or friend walks up to you through the crowd is in and of itself a memorable point in time for both of you. The only thing that can sweeten the feeling of being reunited are thoughtful homecoming surprises for your service member.

As you rejoice in having your loved one back on U.S. soil, continue the welcome home experience by making your service member’s return extra special with these ideas.

Make a Sign

The classic way to welcome your service member home is with a sign! It’ll be one of the first things he or she sees as they step off the plane or ship. Welcome home signs are also a great way to show your personality or add in some humor to the occasion. Check out these sign ideas for inspiration.

Dress Up

You’ve been separated for a long time and of course you want to look and feel your best when your loved one first lays eyes on you. There’s no shortage of military homecoming-themed ideas on Pinterest – if ever there was an occasion to be patriotic, this is it. If you’re bringing children with you, be sure to coordinate your outfits for maximum effect.

Keep these tips in mind when planning what your ensemble: Wear something you feel good in, but make sure it’s comfortable as you might be waiting for hours when schedules inevitably change. So, maybe leave those stilettos you haven’t worn in years at home. Not sure if your outfit is too revealing? Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want your spouse’s commanding officer to see. And, don’t stress too much over what you’ll wear because, at the end of the day, your service member will just be happy to see you!

Decorate the Yard

Put a sign in your front yard saying “Welcome Home!” and dress up your walkway with balloons or American flags. You can even hang streamers or lights from your porch for an added effect.

Leave a Note

Write a note each day your service member is deployed about how much they mean to you or what you love about them, and drop it in a jar for them to read at their leisure when they get home.

Start a Bucket List

Ask your service member what his or her bucket list is when they return home and help them fulfill it!

Create a Gift Basket

Stock up on his or her preferences from beer and wine to candy and snacks to toiletries – they’ll be thrilled to have their favorites already on hand.

Recreate Holidays

Was your loved one away during any major holidays? Leave a special gift for him or her to open when they return home, or recapture the essence of the holiday by having a mock Christmas morning, Thanksgiving lunch, or Valentine’s Day date.

Bring the Spa Home

After a long deployment, there’s nothing like soaking in a hot bath in your own home. Plus, this can do wonders for relieving stress. Make this a luxury experience by preparing a bath kit filled with bath bombs, essential oils, luxurious soaps, and lotions.

Throw a Party

Chances are, you’re not the only person who missed your service member while they were away. Throw a welcome home party so that everyone has the opportunity to celebrate and say hello. Take it up a notch by giving the party a theme like USA (everything red, white, and blue) or something related to their branch of service. Just make sure to ask your service member in advance when they want to have people over – some want to reconnect right away while others need a few days to decompress before socializing.

Plan a Date Night

Homecomings are all about reconnecting and spending time together. Plan a special date night to rekindle the romance. Get inspired with these date night ideas.

Be Present

No matter what you decide to do to celebrate a military homecoming, be sure to put your phone down and be present in the moment. You might be tempted to immediately post pictures and update your status, but take this time to enjoy each other’s company – Facebook can wait.

About The AuthorKristen Baker-Geczyis a communications specialist, active duty military spouse, and former MWR marketing coordinator. She was also deployed to Southwest Asia as an Air Force contractor.

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When your favorite soldier comes home from a deployment or training, getting them a welcome home gift is a nice touch. It helps them realize that they was greatly missed and that you are happy that they are back. The gift ideas in this list are not only a great place to start, but they are a great place to finish all of your shopping for your favorite soldier too.

Unique Welcome Home Gifts for Soldiers

Army Flask

Buy Now

This Army flask is pretty simple, but also pretty awesome too. They will cherish it wherever they go.

Captain America Keychain

Buy Now

Your favorite soldier is like your very own Captain America, fighting for your freedom and kicking butt while doing so.

“Hooah” Cookie Cutter

Buy Now

Bake some cookies in the shape of the word “Hooah” for their homecoming! They will really enjoy demolishing them.

“You belong here… Welcome home” Sign

Buy Now

Remind them how much you appreciate it when they are home with this “You belong here… Welcome home” sign. The good news is that it will be here the next time they come home too.

“Best. Soldier. EVER!” Shirt

Buy Now

Your favorite soldier is beyond the best soldier ever!

Chocolate Army Men

Buy Now

Chocolate army men are just plain fun. They can play with them and enjoy eating them afterward.

AR15 Bottle Opener

Buy Now

Every soldier needs an AR15 bottle opener to pop open those beer bottles when they are relaxing at home or with their buddies.

Grenade Tie Bar

Buy Now

A grenade tie bar will finish their suit in style.

“The Mission” Personalized Army Prayer Journal

Buy Now

Help them keep track of their prayers, for their fellow soldiers, their family and friends, or other people. It isn’t always easy to keep them all organized, but with this journal, they will be able to do so better.

“Coffee break time. That means you soldier!” Coffee Mug

Buy Now

When they are at home, it is coffee break time! Make it more fun with this special coffee mug.

American Flag License Plate

Buy Now

They will love putting this American flag license plate on their car and proudly showing off their patriotism.

“Army fight” Shirt

Buy Now

They are a great soldier and a great fighter. Remind them with this awesome and inspiring shirt.

“God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers” Dog Tag Necklace

Buy Now

It’s true, God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. As a soldier for the U.S. and a soldier for God, your favorite soldier is the strongest.

.308 Bullet Pen

Buy Now

A .308 bullet pen will be the highlight of his desk at home or work while he is on leave.

“Gratitude” Clip-On Charm

Buy Now

Remind them how happy and grateful you are for their hard work, and that they came home to you, with this gratitude clip-on charm. It is great for a zipper pull, a keychain, a necklace or bracelet, and many other things.

Grenade Soap

Buy Now

Grenade soap will make washing their hands much more fun at home.

“Urgent memo: Soldier on couch duty. Disturb at own risk.” Coffee Mug

Buy Now

They are finally home, which means that they are on couch duty and should not be disturbed!

American Soldiers Large Art Canvas

Buy Now

This big, beautiful piece of art will make a great gift and look amazing on your wall at home.

U.S. Army Bullet Peg Game with Real Bullets

Buy Now

They can have fun with this game and it is also fitting for their line of work and very stylish.

“I believe in you. Be strong.” Pocket Stone

Buy Now

This pocket stone is something that they can carry with them, no matter where they go. It is so simple and so powerful at the same time: you always believe in them and want them to stay strong.

The messages these gifts give, along with the gift itself, are something that your favorite soldier can carry with them for a long time. They will love anything that you choose as their welcome home gift.

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15 Military Welcome Home Gift Ideas

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Something I don’t share too much on the blog is the fact that I am a Navy brat. Yup, it’s how I ended up being born in Hawaii. (Never gonna use that as a security question again).

Military Homecoming Gifts

Growing up, my dad always loved to tell me that he was coming back from time at sea, and had the periscope guy look on the docks to see if my mom was rocking her baby bump because he didn’t know if she would still be pregnant when he got back.

Having been born a Navy brat, and having a family that has a lot of military history, it makes me proud to help welcome home our troops after long deployments. Just thinking about military homecoming ideas makes me tear up.

(Yep, I am a sap) If you have a loved one in the military, or just like supporting our troops, you need to check out these great welcome home gift ideas.

Need a gift idea for military friends and family? Whether you are looking for a welcome home gift idea or a deployment gift idea, we have a great list of things that will sure to make the soldier in your life feel appreciated!

Below are some of our some great gift ideas for military family members:

  1. Wallet Insert:This is a sweet pre-deployment gift idea so that no matter where they are in the world your military family member will realize that you are always thinking of them!
  2. Matching Dog Tag Jewelry: When your loved one deploys, having a sentimental deployment gift they can wear even when they are in uniform will help the time they are deployed go by faster. 
  3. Welcome Home Gift Basket: There are a lot of things that your loved one was craving from home when they were on deployment. This cool welcome home gift basket idea is a fun way to put all their favorite things in a cool gift! A Troop’s Welcome Home Basket (liquor, movies, and lots of yummy goodies):

Welcome Home Military Gift


4. Fun Tool Box Gift Idea: Fill a fun wooden tool box with some of their favorite treats. Homemade coupons tell your loved one just how much you missed them. 

5. Welcome Home Beer “Cake”:If your loved one misses their favorite brew, this fun welcome home beer cake is a fun idea. The great part is it will work with anything that is in a can. You could even make it with their favorite pop!

Military Welcome Home Ideas

Once deployment is over, it’s time to welcome your solider back with open arms! These are some fun homemade welcome home gifts. Also some great welcome home ideas to show how grateful that your military loved one made it home safely. 

You can have a great welcome home from deployment celebration using these homemade and home cooked military gift ideas!

  1. Patriotic Parade Wands: Get the kids involved to make these cute patriotic wands to wave as your loved one comes home! 4th of July Crafts
  2. Homemade Patriotic Vase and Candle Burner: This is another great kids craft that the kids can make while they are waiting for daddy or mommy to come home from deployment!
  3. Tasty Red, White and Blue Cupcakes: This semi-homemade cupcake recipe is really easy to make, and would be perfect for a military homecoming party. A fun little nod to welcoming your military loved one home.

Red White Blue Cucapkes


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (perfect for Santa!)

Having military welcome home signs makes coming home that much more special. These are great ideas for airport signs to welcome the military home. Yard signs for your military family member, and more!

Personalize Welcome Home Banner: This one touched my heart because my dad’s name is David. It’s awesome because you can personalize it and put it on your military family members front yard. 


Personalized Welcome Home Military sign

Welcome Home Soldier Sign: This is a fun sign because you can put it inside your house or outside of your family members house so they can see it as soon as they get home. 

Welcome Home Military Sign

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Gift ideas for Veterans or those currently in the military

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