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Browse through the carpet tiles we have available, chosen specifically for their great qualities as well as their thousands of satisfied customers around the world. You can mix the colours, styles, and ranges until you’ve found the perfect option for your project.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have more questions, we're always happy to help!


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Apart from flooring, you’ll also find a range of accessories in our store. These will help you install and care for your carpet tiles if you're looking for a DIY solution.
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We offer you a one stop option so you can quickly take care of your flooring needs, offering a range of flooring options whether you're looking for carpet tiles or an alternative solution.
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Product Specification

Color Black
Uses Bathroom, kitchen
Weight 1.25 kg
Brand Tex Flor
Carpet Size 50*50 cm

Product Description

Product Description:

We introduce a good quality of pure Carpet Tiles- Black, which is manufactured by good artists. It is not necessary to clean every day these tiles because its color is pure blackballed by granite. Black tiles can fit especially in bathroom and kitchen. These tiles are very easy to clean. Galaxy provides pure black tiles build by granite in bottom prices.


  • Good quality
  • Stylish
  • Heat proof

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Black Carpet Tile

Company Details

About the Company

Year of Establishment2013

Legal Status of FirmIndividual - Proprietor

Nature of BusinessWholesale Trader

Number of EmployeesUpto 10 People

Annual TurnoverRs. 5 - 10 Crore

IndiaMART Member SinceFeb 2014


Import Export Code (IEC)03130*****

We, Workplace India, was established in the year 2005, and are one of the prominent importers, traders, distributors & suppliers of a wide range of supreme quality Carpets Tiles. We offer a wide product range inclusive of PP Carpet Tiles, Nylon Carpet Tiles & Printed Carpets from Belgium & Axminster carpets for hotels.
These products offered by us are manufactured in compliance with the industry set norms and regulations and are CRI certified. Due to their distinctive design, flawless finish, unique appearance and sturdy construction, these products are of highest quality and are very much in demand. These are offered by us at affordable prices, the products are highly appreciated among our customers. These products can be customized as per the specifications detailed by the customers. Due to our well-equipped warehouse, we are able to offer these products in bulk quantities.

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Carpet Tile Overview

Carpet tiles are an easy DIY flooring that can be installed in record time. Just simply peel and stick, glue, tape, or lock your tiles down and you’re ready to go.

Carpet squares are not exactly new in commercial spaces, but now they’re finding their way into residential areas as well. Why is this? Let’s go over all things carpet tile and find out why you should consider carpet tile for your next flooring project.

Carpet Tile Pros and Cons

What are the advantages of carpet squares?
  • Easy to install: They are extremely DIY-friendly. So easy, it can be done in a matter of hours! Since they often have backing and (depending on the tile) adhesive included, there are no extra tools needed for installation.
  • Custom looks: Because carpet tiles come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, you can get as creative as you want when it comes to carpeting your home. They are very popular for creating custom area rugs.
  • Easy to replace: Accidents happen, like your dog knocking over a glass of juice. Instead of living with the stain, or having to replace the entire carpet, simply remove the damaged carpet square and replace it with a brand new one.
  • Waste less: Broadloom carpet is sold in rolls that must be cut down to fit your space. With carpet tiles, you can get just the right amount to fit your room and not have extra carpet hanging out in your garage for all eternity.
  • Price: On a tight budget? Don’t worry. You can cover your floor cheaply with carpet tiles, without having to sacrifice quality.
What are the drawbacks of carpet squares?
  • Comfort: Carpet squares typically aren’t as thick or plush as broadloom carpet rolls, so they aren’t as soft underfoot. However, there are a few options for plush carpet tiles, and you can also purchase carpet padding to go underneath the tiles to address this.

Carpet Tile Material

Carpets are made from a few different kinds of fiber. Depending on where you intend to install your carpet, and how durable it needs to be, one fiber material may be more suitable than others.

  • Nylon: Nylon remains the most popular fiber of choice. It is highly durable, static-free, and great for indoor carpets. Nylon is usually treated with a stain-blocking technology that helps it stay beautiful, longer.
  • Polyester: Polyester is mostly made from recycled materials, and it’s gaining in popularity. This fiber is slightly less expensive than nylon, and almost just as durable. With the widest range of color choices, and extreme stain-resistance and fade-resistance, polyester will ensure a great-looking carpet for years to come.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene is a stain- and fade-resistant fiber because the color runs through the fiber rather than outside the fiber. This carpet fiber is soft and durable, but one downside is that it attracts and absorbs oil, which can leave it looking dingy.

Carpet Tile Backing

Okay, now that fiber has been covered, let’s learn about carpet backing. You can choose from many different backings, but they all have the same function: keeping the carpet tile and floor together.

We offer these backings:
  • PVC: PVC is a kind of durable plastic that is made to last. It’s also pretty cheap to manufacture, which should make the carpet more affordable.
  • Plastic (PVC-Free): PVC-free plastic is recyclable, which means your carpet tile is more eco-friendly.
  • Polyurethane cushion: More cushioning! With this backing, the carpet pad is attached to the tile to create plush carpet tiles.
  • Bitumen: This used to be one of the most common carpet backing materials, but it has mostly been replaced by PVC.
  • Rubber: This backing combines the durability of rubber with the softness of carpeting. The rubber backing provides some anti-fatigue properties and is great for high-traffic areas.
  • Foam: Foam-backed tiles offer the comfort of foam flooring with the extra durability of carpet on the surface.
  • Polypropylene: This tough plastic backing provides durability and impact resistance. In some cases, the backing is part of an interlocking peg and loop system.

How to Install Carpet Tiles

There are three main installation methods that don’t involve glue, and the best option for you will depend on the traffic level, and how much effort you want to put in.

Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles
Self-adhesive carpet tiles, a.k.a. peel and stick tiles are the easiest to install. The adhesive is already applied to each tile and all you have to do is pull back the plastic sheet to expose it.

Simply place the peel and stick carpet square on the floor, and press down to adhere it to the floor. That’s all there is to it!

Some adhesives leave a residue on the subfloor but some do not. However, there’s an easy way to test! Place your hand on the adhesive; if your hand is sticky after, it will leave a residue that is easily cleaned up if needed.

Shop Peel and Stick Carpet

Interlocking Carpet Tiles
Interlocking tiles look one of two ways: like a giant puzzle piece, or with plastic attachments on the sides that click into one another.

For the tiles with interlocking edges, lay them out and join the edges together as if you’re putting together a puzzle. These are so easy to put together, a child could do it! Tiles sometimes come with a finished edge, or you can cut them to create a clean edge.

If the tile has a plastic backing, just click them together using the locking mechanisms on the side.

Shop Interlocking Carpet

Glue-Free Carpet Tiles
These tiles don’t have interlocking edges or pre-applied adhesive. Usually, they would be glued down, but this doesn’t have to be the case. To install carpet tiles without glue, use double-sided carpet tape around the edges of each tile. If you secure tiles using the tape method, you can make a custom-made area rug.

With the taping method, you can finish a room quickly without the glue. However, if you really want them to permanently stick, you can still use glue or pressure-sensitive adhesive to keep the tiles in place.

Shop Glue-Free Carpet


Residential Carpet Tiles
A residential carpet is all about comfort and style. When you’re at home, you want plush carpet tiles, something soft underfoot that will also provide some insulation so you’re not walking on a cold, hard floor. For these reasons, residential carpet squares often have soft tufted fibers and a high pile, so it’s thick and fluffy.

Shop All Carpet Tiles

Commercial Carpet Tiles
In a commercial space, carpet tiles need to be heavy-duty, easy to maintain, and affordable. That’s the kind of product business owners want. Since there’s likely to be a lot of foot traffic, a low pile or loop pile carpet like Beber would be best, because it will resist crushing and matting. Commercial carpet squares are typically glued down to ensure the most stability.

Shop Commercial Carpet Tiles

Outdoor Carpet Tiles
Outdoor carpet is mold- and mildew-resistant, and even water-resistant. It’s built to battle the elements. Most carpet for the outdoors is going to be a low pile or Berber carpet, to handle wear and tear and dirt.

You’ll also want to make sure the fiber is UV stable, meaning it won’t fade in the sun. Most Nylon fibers fade in direct sunlight, so you wouldn’t want that outdoors.

Shop Outdoor Carpet Tile

Wayfair Carpet Tile Installation

Full Range of Carpet Tiles 2021


Carpet tiles are ideal for stairs, but stair nosings must be used. These hold the upright tiles on the stair risers in position, so they can’t fall forwards and cause you to trip,
and the nosings cloak the raw tile edges. For domestic users who don’t want to use nosings, you could install a tile on the tread only, with a UPVC ramped trim to hide the edge of the tile. The risers can be painted; this will provide the comfort of a tile on the treads, without the need for nosings.


It’s unlikely that replacing a section of damaged carpet with tiles would work; the carpet may be stretched onto gripper so it would distort if a piece is cut out.
If the carpet is glued down, distortion won’t be an issue, but any repair would be highly visible. 
Far better to start again from scratch, but using carpet tiles for their extra versatility and longer life span, a benefit derived from the ease with which worn or damaged areas can be replaced.


Carpet tiles are easy to install. It’s best to start in the centre of the room, lay out a cross in carpet tiles then adjust its position so that you avoid uneven or very narrow gaps around the perimeter.
Don’t start against a wall, because if the wall runs out, so will your carpet tiles. Once you are happy with the position of your starting cross, fill in the four quadrants and finally do the perimeter cuts. 
Adhesive will stop the tiles from slipping or moving, but will allow easy replacement of necessary


We have a handy carpet tile fitting guide to help you lay your tiles once they’ve been delivered and if you want to have a quick look click on the link, but here are a few ‘at a glance’ top tips to help!

  1. Make sure the area is clean, dry and level.
  2. Make sure you have enough carpet tiles to finish the job.
  3. Mark the middle of the room with a ‘chalk line’ cross and start loose-laying your tiles from the centre of that cross towards the door, rather than starting to lay your tiles from the doorway inwards.
  4. Adjust the centre-point as necessary to avoid cut tiles being in the doorway.
  5. Lay the tiles from the adjusted centre point along the lines of the cross and then fill in the four quadrants.
  6. Use spray adhesive on every third row to keep the tiles in place and only ever spray the back of the tile or the floor, definitely never both. If you put adhesive on both, the tile will be impossible to lift up again if you need to make small corrections during laying or change it in the future.
  7. Cutting the edge tiles and getting them to fit nicely is the trickiest bit. Have a look at our fitting guide for how to measure and fit the tiles around the edge properly.
  8. And finally, if you want any carpet tile fitting advice or help, or a quote, please let us know. We’re here and always happy to help.



Normally, we welcome all visitors but because of the Covid situation at the moment, we aren’t able to let anyone walk round.

We are still open every weekday though but ask that all visitors wait in our entrance lobby where we’ll happily show samples of the actual tiles.
It is a working warehouse, so we would appreciate a phone call first but we’re always happy to welcome you.


Yes you can. A lot of our customers ‘tick the box’ on the online order form to say that they’d rather collect their tiles and avoid paying the delivery charge.

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll be in touch to find out when you’d like to pick up your tiles and we’ll make sure they’re all ready for you.


This is a question that’s on everyone’s mind at the moment isn’t it!

We’ve been working hard all through the crisis to supply the carpet tiles people have ordered and have all the precautions in place to keep our visitors and staff safe.

We have a gated entrance lobby and ask that you wait there for us. There’s an automatic bell on the door so we’ll know you’re waiting.

We ask all our visitors to wear a face-covering or face-shield, sanitise their hands with our ‘kind to hands’ gel and allow us take their temperature.

And of course, we ask that everyone is vigilant about social distancing and be happy that a warm smile replaces a handshake nicely.


We’re here for you!

We like it when customers ring or email for advice, so be confident that if you need an answer or any other help to choose the best carpet tile, we’re just a call or a click away.


Carpet tiles can cost very little because you won’t need underlay or gripper and you can easily fit them yourself, so you don’t have to pay a fitter.

The cheapest carpet tiles cost less than £1 for a 50cm x 50cm tile (less than £4 sq m) but can cost a lot more if you want a luxury tile, maybe up to £3 a tile.
​Our best advice is to choose the right tile. It’s a false saving to choose a tile just because it’s the cheapest if it looks ditched in a couple of months.

Carpet tiles are made with either a nylon fibre or a polypropylene fibre. A nylon tile is harder wearing than a polypropylene tile but will cost more. So think about how busy your room is going to be and whether you need to pay more.
A top tip is that darker colours look good longer!

And you can buy really cheap, but top quality tiles, if you pick one from a clearance or recycled range. There are lots available so it won’t be difficult to find exactly what you want.


Carpet tiles should be laid directly onto a solid subfloor. Where a flat, dense carpet is fitted that does not compress it may be possible to lay the carpet tiles straight on top. However, if the tiles are not on a firm base then the corners will pop up when pressure is applied to the middle causing a trip hazard.


The answer to this depends on the perspective of the question. Carpet tiles are water resistant, not waterproof, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth without shrinking or distortion. Soaking them is likely to distort the tiles and cause staining.


Carpet cheap tiles black

Black Carpet Tiles

Why choose Carpet Tiles?Why choose Remland Carpets?

Why do You Need Black Carpet Tiles?
Empower yourself by starting your interior decorating with the perfect floor. And floors must always serve a variety of purposes
Here’s why black flooring is your solution.
They’re Practical
Black carpets don’t show marks easily. This is the perfect way to let your rooms look exceptional for a long time.
And when you invest in black carpet tiles you find at Remland you’re guaranteed quality products. Many ranges are stain resistant which makes cleaning easy.
And don’t forget about the insulating feature of most carpets. Your space can feel warm and welcoming simply by picking carpets.
They’re Excellent for Interior Decorating
Matched with practical features you’ll find black carpet tiles give momentum to your interior decorating. Almost any style, pattern or décor fits with black. So if you want to prevent a space looking too busy a plain black floor is your answer.
Of course there is a range of patterned black carpets too. If you want your floor to be a focal point in your room these carpets will help you achieve that.
Industrial or Commercial Purposes
Are you planning on decorating commercial spaces? Then you’re in the right place.
Black carpet tiles of the high quality you find at Remland will look exceptional for a long time. Many products are made for heavy duty use in high traffic areas.
Keeping Black in Top Condition
So you’re concerned your black carpet tiles will deteriorate over time? Your carpet won’t show scuff marks easily but lint and other particles will show.
All you need to do is vacuum clean regularly and use a rubber glove. Lint sticks to rubber so it will be easy to keep your rooms looking as good as new.

Match Practical Flooring with Practical Shopping at Remland
Are you ready to install your black carpet tiles?
Remland wants to help you with the entire process. That’s why we offer you everything you need:
  • All types of flooring including vinyl and laminates
  • Accessories for installation and maintenance
  • Delivery of all products
  • Free delivery for orders over our qualifiying spend level

Brands at Remland
Do you know which carpet you want to install yet?
We can send you samples of products to help you decide!
Here are some of the brands we love:

  • Burmatex has the Tivoli range. You’ll find striped carpet tiles to give your rooms character and you’ll love the 10 year manufacturers guarantee.


  • Flotex’s Penang range offers you guarantees of up to 20 years and some carpets are even approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

Can you see how black carpet tiles can give you all the solutions you need? Remland will deliver fast so you can start your room’s transformation. Start ordering your flooring today!

* Free delivery is available on specific products or if your order totals over £95. Certain delivery areas (such as Scottish Highland, Islands and off shore areas) will incur a fixed delivery charge - you can check by entering your postcode on the shopping basket page. Sours:
Small tip on carpet tiles

Peel & Stick Carpet Tiles, Jet Black

Free Shipping

Must order in groups of 12. Minimum order: 12.

Jet Black self-adhesive carpet tile. The fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to beautifully cover your floor.

checkerboard pattern carpet tiles

Peel & Stick Carpet Tiles-Lowest Prices, Solid Black Color

Don’t let our low price fool you, we really DO sell wholesale. (Dealers, please call for additional bulk-order discounts.)

Quickly upgrade your room with the classic colors of this economically smart carpeting. Mix and match colors to form patterns or stick with solids to create a unique look.

Tiles are ribbed in texture to give it a rich look and feel.

Cheap Sticky Back Carpet for Home, Office, Basement, Man Cave

Carpet tiles are ideal for your home, office, basement or garage. Each tile is 12″ x 12″, 12 tiles per box. Installation is easy. Just peel and stick the carpet tiles to a flat and dry surface. Vacuum regularly and spot clean as needed. Get ready to show off your beautiful new room to all your family and friends.

No special tools or floor preparation needed. Hides imperfections in your wood or cement floor. Just sweep clean, damp mop and you’re ready to install.

12×12 Jet Black Self Adhesive Carpet Floor Tile, 12 Tiles/12 sq ft:

  • Easy Do-it-Yourself Installation: Just Peel ‘N’ Stick
  • Size: 12″ x 12″
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • 144 sq ft: 144 tiles per case (12 boxes each containing 12 tiles)
  • Material: 100 percent Durable Heavy Duty Polyester
  • Stain and Fade Resistant; Mold, Mildew and Moisture Resistant
  • Antistatic, Ribbed structure
  • 450 g/m
  • Vacuum regularly and spot clean as needed

When you order the Quantity of 12, you are ordering 12 boxes= 144 square feet.

Mix Jet Black with Smoke Grey, Burgundy, or Tan to make a great looking pattern.

Need to Order 100 Boxes or More? Call for a Quote: 1-800-343-0780

SKU: CT-JETCategory: Peel & Stick Carpet TilesTags: carpet tiles, cheap carpet tiles, peel & stick, self-stick flooring

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions13 × 12 × 3 in

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