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So my remote died and I really don't want to have to go buy another one since I'm moving in 2 weeks and won't need the TV anymore but apparently...there are no buttons to be found on this Television so I can't use it. I was able to download a Roku app and use my phone as the remote for awhile but when the television powered itself and I had to turn it back on it went straight to the  "Let's Get Started!" page, which I obviously can't navigate because...There. Are. No. Buttons. On. The. TV.


Is there any solution to this incredibly ridiculous situation or should I just throw the thing away? 

   Insignia TVs are now being designed without local control buttons, that is, controls on the TV itself. My Insignia 32D220NA18 32" set  has no buttons either, except a power/input button just below the screen. The Roku app will allow you to use a smartphone or tablet to control your TV, but if you want a true remote you will have to use a universal remote control unit, such as an Insignia remote or a third-party controller. Universal remotes are available at discount stores for very reasonable prices, and at the Insignia Partstore.


   I hope this helps.



insignia tv no buttons

Insignia is the value solution that you can choose if you are looking for something that is not only affordable, but has the best quality and streaming service as well. That is why, Insignia TVs are being sold quite largely and people love to have these TVs as the best bang for their bucks.

Yet, the latest models from the Insignia TVs are designed without any buttons and that can be quite a hassle for you if you are out of batteries on your TV remote. The problem can be resolved as well, and here are a few things that you need to know about the different TV models.

Insignia TV No Buttons

Buttons at the Back

Insignia TVs present you with a minimalistic look with smaller bezels and more screen. That doesn’t only make your screen look better but has a great edge in saving space for you as well. A few things that you need to know about the TVs are that there are different models with different positioning of these TV buttons that you can access to operate your TV without a remote.

At times, you might be able to find these buttons at the back of your TV. They are not available at any sides or at the bottom, but the buttons are actually located at the back.

It can be quite tricky for you to locate those buttons as it will not only make you take care of the screen as well, but also accessing the back of your wall-mounted TV is not an easy task at all. That is why, you should only try to access these buttons in case of emergency and avoid using them otherwise.

Under the flip Cover

At times these buttons are also hidden beneath the flip covers and they can cause you to have a hard time locating these buttons. You need to inspect all the sides and bottom of your TV carefully and that will help you optimally in locating these buttons.

Once you find the buttons, you can simply make sure to carefully flip the cover and the buttons underneath will be at your disposal to use the TV manually without a remote. Yet, you should know that these buttons are there for those times when you are unable to access a remote and you should not be using them continuously for longer periods.

No Buttons at all

There are also come TVs with the latest models that don’t have these buttons at all. Insignia TVs are coming with no buttons so you will be facing such problems that you are unable to operate them manually at all. For such TVs, you can simply find the power button under the Insignia Logo and press that button to turn it on.

Be mindful that you can only use that button to power on the TV and Power off. If your model of the TV doesn’t have that power button either, there is no choice but to get a remote to turn it on and operate your TV.

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Locate the "Power" button on the front of the TV. Press and hold the "Power" button on the front of the TV. Hold down the button for longer than five seconds, then release.

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Correspondingly, how do you reset an Insignia TV?

First method:

  1. Begin by holding down the Power key for a short while in order to switch off the device.
  2. Afterwards, go the Menu and find and select Settings.
  3. In the next step choose Backup & Reset and tap Factory data reset.
  4. Then choose Reset device and select Erase everything to confirm the whole operation.

Secondly, how do I manually turn on my Insignia TV? Plug your Insignia television's power adapter into an electrical outlet and press the "Power" button on the top of the TV to power it on. Locate the TV's remote and press the "Menu" button to access the device's main menu.

Likewise, how do I reset my Insignia TV without remote?

The channel button and volume buttons will control the movement of the cursor. Using those, scroll down to the setup menu. The first option in there is Plug and Play. Choose it and that will reset the TV and allow you to run through the inital setup again.

Where is the reset button?

Reset button. Alternatively referred to as the reset switch, the reset button is a button on a computer or peripheral that allows it to be rebooted. Usually, the button is located on the front of the device.

Insignia Fire TV: Only Power Button Works? How to Pair / Re-Pair Remote (3 Fixes)
how to turn on insignia tv without remote

Shopping for television has now become a little more complex than before. This is because companies have now started to provide users with tons of features. These are all implemented in different lineups which makes people choose between certain products. Considering this, it can take users a lot of time to find which television will be the best option for them.

You can either go for a device that has a higher resolution, on the other hand, there will be a product that has much more features but worse quality. Additionally, there are tons of companies that you can go for. One of the best ones around nowadays is Insignia TV.

If you have recently bought it then you might get some problems on the device like ‘How to turn on Insignia TV without a remote. We will be using this article to provide you with some steps that should be able to help you out.

How To Turn On Insignia TV Without Original Remote?

  1. Use Buttons

If you have lost your remote or it has stopped working then you might wonder how you can switch on your TV. You should note that the Insignia TV comes with a few buttons on its back to control the device. You can easily access them by tilting your television a little and then checking what each of them does.

However, if you have installed the device on your wall then it can get a little tricky to push these. Usually, you can easily press them by sliding in your hand from the bottom left. Although, you will have to test around these buttons by clicking on them and checking what they do. This can take a little time but you should easily be able to switch on your device and change the settings on it.

  1. Purchase A New Remote

The company has recently started to manufacture televisions that do not have buttons on them. If your device is also one of them then your only option will be to go for a new remote. You can easily purchase a new one by contacting Insignia TV.

They have a huge lineup of these devices and you might even be able to get an upgrade. Although, make sure that you mention the model of your television to them. This will help in getting a product that will be compatible with your current device.

  1. Use A Universal Remote

If you do not want to get a remote from Insignia then one other alternative can be for a universal remote instead. These work with almost every television and require no setup. The best thing about these remotes is that you can purchase them from any electronic store nearby you.

Aside from this, even some mobile phones have started to come with sensors that allow you to control your television. You can check this online and download an application from the app store on your device. It will then let you control your television. This includes starting it up as well as browsing through its interface.

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Insignia Fire TV: Factory Reset without Remote

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