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15″ Passive Radiator

Our passive radiators offer a solution for small space and low tuned applications where a ported (vented) enclosure would be optimum, but where space does not allow for the use of a properly sized port opening or port length. Our radiators offer the user the ability to tune their enclosure lower than conventional ported enclosures normally allow for, in less space.

To say it simply, A passive radiator takes the place of a port when there’s not enough room for one. If available space is lacking, but you are not willing to give up output or sound quality, a passive radiator may be the perfect option.

Standard version features include:
15″ spoke aluminum cast frame – Black
15″ rubber mounting gasket
Rear mounted stud for weight adjustment
8″ progressive roll poly-cotton spider
Kevlar impregnated pulp cone body
1.5″ wide roll rubberized foam surround

 They are manufactured to the strictest standard, and guaranteed to last.
Hand built in the USA!

 T/S Parameters for 15″ Passive Radiator:
Fs = 21.5 Hz
Qms = 5.65
Sd = 830 cm^2
Vas = 340 L
Mms = 295 g
Cms = .245 mm/N
Xmax = 65mm total
Usable excursion = 3″ total
Maximum moving mass = 2600 grams

Enclosure Recommendations:
Passive radiators are recommended to be used as a replacement for a port. You should generally use about the same or slightly less enclosure volume with a PR that you would with a port. PR’s can be used to achieve a low tuning in a moderate or small sized enclosure by adding weight to the rear. The more weight that you add, the lower tuning that you’ll achieve.

The only limitation will be the upper tuning frequency. Depending on the size of the PR and the internal volume of the enclosure, there will be a maximum tuning frequency limit. For help with this, please contact us directly.


If you would like to customize this radiator with performance or cosmetic options that are not available in our online store, please submit a
Custom Subwoofer Request.


Physical Specifications for 15″ Passive Radiator:
Rated Diameter 15″ / 380 mm
Overall Diameter 15.5″ / 394 mm
Bolt Hole Circle ” / mm
Cutout Diameter 14.125″ / 358 mm
Mounting Depth 4.75″ / 121 mm
Rear Stud Clearance* 6.25″ / 159 mm
Displacement 0.12 ft.³ / 3.39 L
Shipping Weight 8 lb / 3.62 kg

*The rear stud of the PR is left long, to make it easier to add additional weight to the radiator. The rear stud will travel beyond the rear edge of the frame during normal operation. If a shallow mounting depth is needed, this stud can be trimmed shorter. Trimming the rear stud can allow for the PR to be installed at the mounting depth of the frame only, without any additional clearance needed.

Polypropylene Dome (Small)

Carbon Fiber Dome (Small)

Full Cone Cover (Small)



Products manufactured by PSI Car Audio are covered by a 1 year warranty.

  • Our warranty covers all workmanship and materials on any defective items.
  • Defective items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of PSI Car Audio.
  • Return freight costs shall be paid by the customer.
  • The warranty is NOT transferable.
  • The warranty does not cover burnt voice coils, burnt or ripped leadwire, ripped surrounds, customer abuse, improper installations, accidental damage, or any custom modifications.
  • The warranty does not cover amplifiers run under 1 ohm, damaged from low voltage, or overheating.
  • Any warranty repairs must the authorized via the Warranty Request Form.

We offer free shipping on every product to the lower 48 United States. Customers located in other areas would be charged actual shipping costs. You can calculate shipping costs by adding the item to your shopping cart and then input your full address on the shopping cart page to receive shipping quotes via available shipping services.

custom subwoofers

If our standard or high-performance options don’t suit your installation needs, feel free to send us a custom subwoofer request. This form will allow you to submit all of your install specifics to us. You can also include any special requests for colors, custom logos, or other options.

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Dayton Audio RSS390-PR 15" Aluminum Cone Passive Radiator

We are proud to offer our customers a complete line of Dayton Audio Reference Series passive radiators. These high quality, well-engineered passive radiators are carefully constructed using the same rigid anodized aluminum cone and cast frame as Dayton Audio's world renowned Reference Series subwoofers, making them visually identical and a perfect match to the very popular line of drivers.

Each passive radiator employs the unique SMS™ (Sandwiched Mass Structure) design which keeps the majority of the mass centered between the surround and spider providing greater linearity by minimizing angular torque. These passives are also tunable using the included weights with the bolt-on mass adjustment assembly, making them easily integrated into virtually any subwoofer design.

The RSS390-PR 15" passive radiator includes:

  • (1) Passive radiator
  • (7) 75 gram disk weights
  • (1) wing nut (for tuning)
  • (1) lock nut (for final assembly)

Specifications: • Fs: 18.2 Hz • Vas: 7.51 ft³ (212.8 liters) • Qms: 4.01 • Cms: 0.22 mm/N • Mms: 400g • Rms: 12.41 kg/s • Sd: 829.6 sq. cm. • Xmech: 30 mm • Dimensions: Overall diameter: 15.29", Cutout diameter: 14", Depth: 4.76".

Note: Parameters above are for the passive only with no additional mass added. Parameters with additional mass added are listed in the table below.


Tip: As a general rule, the passive radiator(s) should have at least double the displacement of air (Vd) as the active woofer(s)/subwoofer(s) in the system.
To calculate Vd: Sd x Xmax = Vd

Product Details

BrandDayton Audio
Part Number295-504
Unit of MeasureEach

Product Specifications

Nominal Diameter15"
Moving Mass Of Diaphragm (Mmd)400

Thiele-Small Parameters

Resonant Frequency (Fs)18.2Hz
Mechanical Q (Qms)4.07
Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)7.51ft³
Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms)0.22mm/N
Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)30mm
Surface Area of Cone (Sd)829.6cm²

Materials of Construction

Cone MaterialAluminum
Surround MaterialRubber
Basket / Frame MaterialCast Aluminum

Mounting Information

Overall Outside Diameter15.29"
Baffle Cutout Diameter14"
# Mounting Holes8
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EarthquakeSound SLAPS-15 Tunable Passive Radiators



Earthquake SLAPS are Tunable Passive Radiators that provide additional bass, without additional amplifier power or enclosure volume. Designed to perfectly complement all good quality long-throw woofers on the market. SLAPS add up to +6dB of bass compared to regular sealed and ported enclosures. The benefit of them being user tunable is they can be integrated into virtually any sub/ cabinet combination.


SLAPS is a patented type of passive device that significantly increases subwoofer efficiency and ability for ultra low frequency reproduction. SLAPS is short for  Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System. As the name indicates,  SLAPS is built symmetrically which distinguishes it from traditional passive devices. SLAPS integrates identical components in its suspension design, this results in identical stoke regardless of forwards or backwards motion. The high efficiency and performance is a result of the pneumatic coupling between SLAPS and an active driver.

SLAPS overcomes the limitations known from the conventional sealed and ported enclosures that tends to limit excursion. The unique design allows the active driver compression free excursion resulting in deep, dynamic and powerful bass response.

SLAPS design differs from other passive devices by having double edge suspension and no center spider. SLAPS is designed from the ground up to be operated and controlled pneumatically. Traditional passive devices are often just a normal active driver where the primary motor system (voice coil and magnet) has been been removed. Conventional devices are designed to be powered electrically, in which the force emanates from the drivers conical  center. A passive device is operated pneumatically by air pressure from the active driver. For pneumatic operation  a traditional unit does not perform identically in positive and negative pressure environments. (imploding edge suspension and positive over ring).

SLAPS have a dual structure of identical opposites, ie. that there is an introvert and an extrovert edge suspension and no spider. This gives identical properties in both the negative and positive pressure domain. SLAPS thus behaves  pistonically and accurately, they do not have the "hesitation" traditional passive devices seems  to have when you observe them in operation.


SLAPS opens up for new subwoofer designs, where even very small enclosures can be tuned to low frequencies . The low weight allows great flexibility in terms of weight attachment. SLAPS can be custom tuned for optimum performance in a wide range of enclosure sizes and active device configurations.


Damping is very important in a passive device because it does not have a magnet motor system to control it. It is essential that the passive device constantly is "leaning" up against the pneumatic environment in the cabinet. If the device's compliance is too weak the result ss over-shoot and over-ring. This means, for example a transient in the music causes a rapid pressure ratio change in the cabinet and control  over the device can be lost - making it move more than it should. The same thing can happen to a normal woofer. unit if the suspension + motor system is not built correctly.


The design of the edge suspension itself is important. If not correctly designed it  may  implode ie. be sucked backwards if the pressure in the enclosure is too strong. A full implosion is rare, but in most  typical slave/passive/drone  designs some "dimples" in edge suspension can be visible already at medium load. A normal passive device only has a one way edge suspension so the dimples will only occur when negative pressure is present - = asymmetrical artifacts = distortion.

SLAPS dual structure based on the principle of  - identical opposites - eliminate the circumstances that would allow asymmetric nonlinearities  because the device is subjected to identical loads. You could argue that it does not fundamentally resolve  dimples at high loads, as they will still occur, but they are offset as they now occur similar under both positive and negative pressure.


SLAPS enables the transfer of high amplifier power into low frequency output. Since the device does not have to fight against increasing pneumatic pressure in a closed cabinet or over-excurt  close to a port tuning frequency. SLAP has no annoying port noise and enables deep bass from a compact volume. SLAPS promotes the dynamics of a small system in which a closed enclosure design has difficulties. In a closed cabinet design the pneumatic loading of the woofer increases  as a function of its travel, this causes compression. SLAPS technology possesses none of these limitations.
SLAPS allows tuning below 10hz  making any worries about tuning frequency superfluous.

Sold and priced per piece. 



  • Key System Benefits
  • Coupled with almost all woofers, SLAPS increases output without added amplifier power or enclosure volume
  • Suitable for high output needs where space is limited 
  • User-tunable adjustments can be set to match a range of vehicle requirements and musical preferences.

Key Installation Benefits:

  • Installs just like a subwoofer
  • Slim-mount design is only 3-inches deep
  • No increase over existing sealed subwoofer enclosure sizes
  • Easy tuning for quick adjustments


  • Model: SLAPS-15
  • EAN: 1-121368-975980
  • Flat pistonic membrane
  • SWE (Super Wide Edge) edge suspension with height: 44 mm
  • Required free space on each side of the device: 90 mm
  • Mounting Depth: 44 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 420 mm
  • CutoutHole: 388 mm
  • Countersinking depth: 6 mm 


TS Parameters:

  • Fs: 13 Hz (Free Air Resonance)
  • Cms: 0,000199996 Meter / Newton (Mechanical Compliance)
  • Mms: 0,7165 kg (Total moving mass it includes the air load)
  • Qmd: 7 (Mechanical losses, 7 is typical for passive radiator)
  • Sd: 0,0764 (Piston areas measured from peak of surround to peak of surround)

Subwoofer Designwith SLAPS Passive Radiatiors (ENG)

Calculation Program for SLAPS-15 (MS Excel Required)


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