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If you drive a BMW daily, keeping it looking good can be a chore. Not only do you have regular road dust and grime to contend with, but you also have to worry about rocks or sticks getting thrown up by tires or falling off trucks that can scratch your paint, even if you keep a good coat of wax on it. One solution many people are starting to adopt is wrapping their cars. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of wrapping your BMW.

Pro — All-Over Protection

BMW X2 Car Wrap 43 830x553

You can wash and wax your car once a week and still end up with scratches or swirls in the paint, no matter how good you are at taking care of your BMW. A car wrap covers your car from bumper to bumper, including folding into the door jambs and around the edges of the engine bay to provide complete protection.

Even if you get the occasional nick or scratch in the wrap because of road debris, it will still protect the paint job underneath. If your paint is in good shape when you put the wrap on, you’ve got anywhere from four to 10 years of protection to look forward to.

Con — Not a Cheap Option

While a wrap will probably be less expensive than a full respray on your BMW — especially if you’re opting for one of the harder-to-find colors — it’s still not the cheapest option out there. A full respray will set you back around $5,000. A wrap, on the other hand, will only cost you around $2,500. There is also the cost of labor to consider — even if you buy your own wrap material to get the perfect color, it will still take upwards of 100 hours to fully wrap the car, if you want them to do a good job. It’s still a good option, and if you lease your car, or it is still under warranty and you can’t paint it, you can change up the color with a fantastic new wrap. Speaking of warranties…

Pro — Doesn’t Void Your Warranty

If you’re leasing your BMW or aren’t allowed to get it a new paint job for whatever reason, getting a wrap will let you change the color of your ride without voiding your warranty or violating your lease. That’s because wraps are fully removable and won’t damage the paint underneath. If you’ve got the money, you could theoretically change up your car’s look every month without violating your lease agreement. blue digital camo bmw f10 m5 bronze adv1 wheels concave rims j 750x444


Con — Some Limits on Color Choice

If you’re choosing a respray of your car, chances are your body shop has all the colors that are currently available from the BMW dealership. If you’re going for a wrap, you might find it hard to find the perfect color — or you might find the right color, only to discover it’s only available in a matte finish, and you’ve got your heart set on that gloss.

You might find something that is perfect for your car’s new look, but you could also be limited in your color or finish choices.

Pro — Less Maintenance

How much time do you spend on your BMW every week? Chances are, you’re taking at least a few hours a week washing and waxing your car to protect your paint job. With a wrap, you’re don’t have to spend nearly that much time — just wipe it down with a wet cloth, and you’re good to go! Imagine all the time you’ll save, or all the money you’ll save if you have your car professionally detailed every week.

Wraps might not be the best choice for everyone, but they are an excellent option if you want to protect your paint job or want a new look without springing for a full respray.




50 Incredible Custom Car Wraps

At a particular point in the last few decades, someone looked at the body of their vehicle and thought, “Hmm, we can do something more here.” And ever since that fateful day in history, custom car wraps have been used to advertise, entertain, inform, and enjoy.

The wide range of wraps exhibited, both in this list and in the world, including clever wraps that use the entire shape of the car itself in accordance with the image, wraps that only use a small portion of the vehicle, but to great effect, and everything in between.

We’ve all been on the highway at one time or another and a over-the-top car wrap comes chugging along to our left, and you just can’t help but laugh. It’s so outlandish to see in real life, but so fun. Well, to those vehicles – we salute you. The next 50 images you’ll see are some of the most clever, funny, unique and outstanding custom car wraps we’ve ever seen. We hope you enjoy!


If your car drives like a stack of bricks, it might as well look like it too. Here we have a Volvo brick mobile. Wait until you see the next one. Think, even more brick!

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Look again – there’s no Dodge Challenger hemi here in this photo. There is however, a black Chevy van with a hilarious owner. This will go down as one of the coolest vans we’ve ever seen.

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With the price of lumber lately this car might as well look like pure gold. No, it’s not real wood. But it is a wood grain car wrap. If you saw this driving down the road you’d have to laugh.

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Speed Pro Imaging does everything from wall graphics to banners and car wraps. As evidenced by this photo, they even do Smart Cars too. And while we aren’t sure just why this wrap was needed, it does give Smart Cars a little badass street cred.

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For some reason, this wildly colorful custom Chevy Corvette car wrap looks equal parts hand-made and yet completely mechanistic. The cool-colored blue stripe down the middle really offsets the wash of warm coloring that encompasses most of the rest of the vehicle.

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Furry Toyota FJ Cruiser with seashells and some unnamed creature on top…some combination, huh? Kind of looks nice and peaceful if you think about it though.

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Progressive insurance has a little fun with their driver training centers. Recruits drive trucks like this one, themed out with various fun wraps on the doors. Kind of makes you want to apply after seeing how much fun they have, doesn’t it?

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The X-Ray-Mobile….pretty neat. Maybe this person is a doctor or nurse?

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This Nissan Commercial van went all out with a full custom body wrap. And as far as solid visuals go, this one delivers! Who knew there was this much space inside one of these things!

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Taxi Surfer Car Wrap

Okay, so two things we have to mention about this awesome commercial wrap picture. First, is this not the coolest Visa sponsored taxi you have ever seen? And second, why are those two guys in the background standing on top of a rail whilst clinging to a lamp post?

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Aligator Tailgate

This alligator tailgate wrap was found on a pick up truck in Gurnee, Illinois. But wait, is that snow we see in the background? Seems like this gator might want to consider moving back to Florida or Louisiana so it won’t need a jacket to go swimming.

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Check out this Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 with a Carmine Red & Satin Black Wrap. The artist behind this piece is Wraptor Autostyling. If you are curious, the film type used by this company is dual-layer.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Intergalactic custom car wraps are the thing of the future. Here’s another Lamborghini car wrap and this one is pretty cool. Like most Lamborghinis, this car catches your eye.

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A Lamborghini custom car wrap looking like the business end of a ground-attack aircraft (we’re looking at you, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk)…this Lamborghini is awesome! Although the U.S. Navy roundel on the door is a touch confusing, the overall custom car wrap is a thing of beauty.

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Well if this souped-up Butterfinger mo-bile isn’t the snazziest candy ad in the whole world, then I don’t know what is! This is too cool! Lifted, with completely custom wheels and paint job – this was no cheap ordeal.

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Check out this Smike (Smart Car Bike)! This is but one in a long line of Smart Car wraps that have evolved over the years. However, for comparison’s sake, the smart car and BMW bike probably get about the same gas mileage.

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What’s going on here? We wonder why someone would want to make their car look like catfish. But, hey, we are not complaining.

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Peel away vehicle wraps are always among the most interesting. It’s like you get a sneak peek of what’s inside. Evidently, all it takes is one strong cartoon gorilla with a diet of steroids and growth hormones to get the job done.

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At first glance we thought this was some kind of actual fake fur but this is just a really hilarious wrap on a Mercedes. With this on your car you’re the king of the urban jungle. The texture of this wrap is pretty amazing. Would you put this on your Mercedes?

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This is the van legends are made of. A classic Chevy van with brick wrap. If only they would wrap those tires and wheels.

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Bob Ross on the hood, painting a hood? This just may be the most creative car wrap we’ve ever seen! And of course, he’s painting the Buick that doubles as the canvas. What a creative idea.

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Here’s an incredible car wrap. It looks just like this guy is on a motorsycle!

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This looks like an actual corn cob. A very fast corn cob! We’ve never seen anything like it.

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Russian Bank Van

This Russian Bank Van has one clever vehicle wrap. And who knows, the swat team depicted on the side of the van could actually be inside! So, if you are planning on robbing this bank, you might want to choose another one instead.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

If you’ve ever gotten a Dr. Pepper from a gas station in the year 1999, this paint scheme probably looks familiar to you. Not what you’d expect out of a sports car owner, but definitely a unique design.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Why not make the tailgate on your truck into some funky, weird rendition from the classic cult film Spaceballs. This is legendary, to be honest. If you haven’t seen the film – you’re missing out.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

If you need permanent therapy after seeing this we don’t blame you. However, we also ask that you don’t blame us either. Our story is semi nude vehicle wraps are in vogue so we just had to share this one!

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

What is this, a P-40 Porsche? This Porsche has been wrapped to resemble a completely camo-ed out Curtiss P-40 Warhawk or an A-10 Warthog. The car looks almost as intense as the aircraft themselves, too.

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Nebula Car Wrap

What do you do when you want to take your Maserati Gran Turismo Sport to a new level? Theme it out with an awesome Nebula car wrap! Cool, classy, time travel-esque, this Maserati will take you to the moon and back!

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Spiderman Car Wrap

Car wraps really took off as a trend in 2016. They have since evolved to encompass mattes, chrome and texture patterns. It’s a way for car enthusiasts to show off their vehicle, attitude and imagination.

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Corvette Nose art Wrap

How awesome of an idea is this brilliant car wrap? Normally we would expect to see this on the nose of a B-29 or B-52 WWII bomber or fighter jet. Yet, this car looks just as mean as an aircraft with its WWII era signature toothy grin!

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Would you do this to your Lotus Elite Tiger super car? Themed out in a two tone yellow and white, the stripes make it look like a real Bengal tiger. Beast of the jungle, meets of the road; it’s the ultimate allegory come to life through this vehicle wrap!

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Flames Car Wrap

Skinz is know for theming out all sorts of vehicles with incredible commercial vehicle wraps. One look at this Tesla and its easy to see why they are the go to source for high end wraps. Even better, you can choose a fire theme, chrome, matte or anything else your mind can think up!

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Oh, wow. How good is this one? The red, white, and blue Jeep Wrangler is absolutely stunning. It’s an American flag but it’s so much more than that, the lifted Jeep on black rims is gnarly enough but with the American car wrap…wow. The word ‘perfect’ is not a stretch with this one.

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Pixelated Custom car wraps that are colorful to attract bees looking to pollinate? Yes, please. The rotating rows of cool colors transitioning into warm colors and back again as the color flows from rear to front is a beautiful custom car wrap. Isn’t this a beauty?

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

This is what happens when you graduate from airbrushing t-shirts at a beach side stand to doing vehicle wraps. This car looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive. You could catch a lot of bugs with that tongue for sure.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!


The Shaggin’ Wagon!!

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

This Bentley has to be the most colorful car we’ve ever seen. Bentley Motors makes a great car and this wrap takes it to the next level for those wanting to catch your eye.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!


Catching a few waves is no problem with this awesome vehicle wrap. Let the windows down and enjoy the cool breeze while you catch waves on the road. Take it to the beach for a redundant, but fun, play on the entire theme!

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Want to make some extra cash while driving around town? Companies will pay you to drive as advertisement for their goods and services. This sharp Levi’s themed car advertises for the company while the driver gets paid too!

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!


Are ya ready kids? (Aye, aye, captain) I can’t hear you (Aye, aye, captain). If you are in your 20s or 30s, or you have a child….you know exactly what that song sounds like. I mean, what a crazy car wrap!

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Nothing to see here other than your run of the mill WATERMELON car. This is such a dedication to the delicious fruit, we are nothing short of impressed by this one. But we have to wonder…who would do such a thing?

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Here’s a car wrap for those on the prowl. This vintage Jaguar is wrapped with a… Jaguar? We love classic cars so the Vintage Jag is pretty cool. The wrap, it’s different.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Look at DHL being clever and relevant. Their commercial wrap is a nice play on their tag line “The Fastest Express Service.” Wa wonder how many double takes people make it a stoplight when they see this van pull up beside them!

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Woah, trippy! The purple, violet, teal and pink ensemble on the Lamborghini is sleek and pops right off the screen. How amazing would it be to see this bad boy cruising up beside you at a red light? Amazing work from whoever applied this custom car wrap.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Someone must really love Pac Man to put this wrap on a Ferrari. The car is incredible. The wrap is peculiar as my grandmother would say. Check out the detail on that strawberry on the hood. This is some professional work on a beautiful Ferrari.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Create a custom and hilarious car wrap of yourself surfing, and have it tie in seamlessly to the driver side window so it looks like the driver is in a totally different place! This is a great example to start this list off with.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

This BMW car wrap isn’t funny, but dang is it cool looking! We love it.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Who says you can’t put a rug as the exterior for your car? Not exactly sure how this holds up in the rain but it looks awesome if that’s your kind of thing.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!


Rick and Morty Car Wrap

Evidently, there is a seedy underbelly of substandard vehicle wraps as proven by this photo. We don;t know why you would do this to a perfectly good sports car. The only advice we can offer is stay away from drugs or you might turn your car into this thing.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Sometimes a black and white message is preferable to color. Such is the case with this amazing high end sports car wrap. It has a pop of orange here and there, but the black white image truly elevates this vehicle from excellent to epic!

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Mazda Car Wrap

This camouflaged Mazda CX 9 is going for its first test drive as a prototype for the 2016 line up. if you saw it then it was barely recognizable. However, car manufacturers use radical camouflage like this as a form of advertising more so than an attempt to hide the true nature of the vehicle.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Land Rover Camo Car wrap

No, this is not a military vehicle used for night ops or wet work. Land Rover themed out their Discovery Sport Edition with a camouflage wrap for its test drive. it looks military, but the pattern was meant to suggest an untuned television snow pattern.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Discover Car Wrap

Sometimes car wraps are meant to reveal features mores so than draw attention. Such is the case here with this vehicle wrap from Land Rover. It is meant to draw attention to it’s seating capacity (three rows).

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Police pulled the owner of this Volkswagen Transporter van over after a mere three days of him wrapping the vehicle in a rust them. He explained that he did it so protect the vehicle from theft and they laughed.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!


Acura Car Wrap

Even Honda gets in on the car camo wrap when testing their new vehicles. However, you have to wonder where this idea comes from? Who knows, maybe they are partial to 90s psychedelic poster art.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

No this car wrap was not an effort to combat drive snow blindness. However, it is one of the greatest marketing campaigns we have ever seen. The Nissan GTr never looks amazing in black and white while athletes perform ariel maneuvers on the slopes!

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

Jaguar Swirls car wrap Jungle cats are know for their expert sneak attacks. However, that is not the case with this Jaguar XJ. The black and white swirls make it impossible to sneak up on anything, but it still looks epic!

This BMW i8 is something else. To create the wrap, actual rust was applied to the wrap film so it would look authentic when applied. The end result is stunning and can easily be removed should he ever want his BMW i8 returned to its natural state.

Up Next: More incredibly cool custom car wraps!

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People have been personalizing and customizing their cars for, well, as long as there have been cars—and one of the newest and coolest ways is with vinyl wrapping. If you're already thinking about how your vehicle will be transformed when you shrink-wrap it in an entirely new color, then the next step is understanding what that might cost—and whether the price is worth it.

That's where we can help. Vinyl wraps have some distinct advantages over repainting your vehicle, and also a couple of disadvantages worth considering. Here's what you need to know about wrapping your car—including how much it costs.

Colors and Options

A car wrap consists of several huge vinyl decals that are applied to every panel of your car—the hood, doors, fenders, roof, decklid, and bumper covers. A wrap covers every square inch of the body. None of your vehicle's original color will show anywhere on the outside. In that sense, a wrap acts just like a paint job.

If applied correctly and maintained properly, a wrap won't damage or alter your car's paint and can even protect it. It can also be customized. Like paint, there are various colors and glossy and matte finishes. There are also chrome and metallic color options. But because wraps are designed using a computer program, you can also choose from a seemingly infinite number of graphics and designs to give your car a distinct style. Want your ride to look like it's made out of carbon fiber? No problem.

Getty Images

Not only do wraps offer a wider array of possibilities than paint, they can be quickly and easily removed—you essentially just peel them off—and they allow you to apply graphics or unique paint colors and combinations that might otherwise be hard to create. For companies that want to place advertisements or a business logo on the car, a wrap is an easy way to do that, and it's removable when you want to replace the vehicle. A wrap is especially smart if you're leasing a car, as leases often have restrictions and high charges for any alterations to the stock condition you received the car in.

Wraps can be applied to a strategic part of the car, like the hood or doors, or to the whole exterior. Clear wraps are virtually invisible, and many owners apply them to the front ends of their cars to protect them from stone chips. We had a clear protective film on the nose of our Porsche Boxster S long-term vehicle, and it was inconspicuous.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

Vehicle Condition

The condition of your car will affect the performance and success of the wrap. Scratches, dents, and dings will stick out, just as they would if you tried to paint over them without repairing them first. Corrosion or chipped paint may hinder the vinyl decals from properly sticking. Some shops will not apply a wrap or will not warranty or guarantee their work if your car's paint is peeling or suffers from visible oxidation. Applied to a poor surface, a wrap often won't last as long as it would otherwise. If your car's paint is in optimum condition, figure that a vinyl wrap will keep looking its best for about four to five years, depending on the climate and exposure to the elements. It also becomes harder to remove after that length of time.

Application Process

Getty Images

Before your car can be wrapped, the paint surface has to be as clean and smooth as possible. The process can take several days and generally begins with a thorough wash and detailing and might even include a power washing. This will help the vinyl decals adhere better.

Once the car is clean, a shop may remove the bumper covers, headlights, and taillights in order to wrap the vinyl covering around edges and into the car's crevasses. The wrap can also be applied without removing those panels, but it may result in a better application if the shop takes the extra time to remove those components in order to work around the difficult areas.

Getty Images

While applying the material, a shop may use a heat gun to work the vinyl. More advanced wraps and graphics may require several layers. The final steps are checking for air bubbles and imperfections and smoothing out the wrap.

Wrap Price Ranges

Prices vary drastically, based on the size of your car, the complexity of the wrap, and how much labor is required. For example, it's hard to remove the front and rear bumper covers on certain cars. Especially curvaceous bodies or sharply creased panels may require more work than smooth, flat ones. As a general rule, a two-door sports coupe will be cheaper to cover than a similar-size four-door sedan.

Texas-based Austin Extreme Graphics says car wraps can start as low as $2000 for a small two-door, such as a Fiat 500. A larger coupe, like a Chevy Camaro or a Ford Mustang, and smaller SUVS, trucks, and vans start at around $3500. Treatments such as a carbon-fiber-look vinyl add more, and expect to pay extra for chrome treatments, which start at about $6000 and go up from there. The most exotic wrap jobs can go as high as $10,000 or more, depending on the difficulty, the materials, and the size of the vehicle. Wrapping inside the doorjambs, for instance, can take an additional two days or more, which adds substantial time and, thus, cost.

Care Requirements

Getty Images

Where you live can affect how much care you need to take of a wrapped vehicle. High temperatures and baking sun can break down the wrap over time. Ideally, a wrapped car is parked under the cover of a garage or at least is protected from the elements with a car cover. Cold-weather states present challenges as well. Salt used on roads in snowy areas is hard on vinyl. If a wrap has been applied professionally and you don't live in a harsh environment, it can last four or five years.

Changing or removing a wrap is generally an easy process. It can cost $500 but can be significantly more if the wrap has fused to the paint surface, in which case it won't easily peel off.

If applied correctly, a vehicle wrap can act as a big, protective cover and help maintain your car's paint condition. With a variety of colors, treatments, and graphics on offer, you can find seemingly endless design options that can give your ride a unique look.

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This Good Stuff Will Get Your Wheels Clean

Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full


Meguiar's DUB Wheel Cleaner


CarPro Iron X Wheel Cleaner


Takavu Wheel Detailing Brush


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Big Boss at BMW UK has his new BMW M850i wrapped in Chrome Red

Vinyl Wrapping Services

Ready for a total transformation? You need a vinyl wrap car - choose from matte or satin, your best color, and let us change up your look dramatically. Wrapped cars are just plain awesome.

BMW M4 with vinyl wrap, decals, and printed design.

A Vinyl Wrap Car is Color Without Total Commitment

Get a wild and completely custom new look while preserving your factory paint at the same time. A vinyl wrap doesn't carry the fat price tag of a new paint job and it doesn't require goopy sprays like dip. You get all of the color PLUS the hot chromatic or matte look that only wraps can bring.

Vinyl wrap on a Mustang in red, Matte Chrome finish.

We also have several different carbon fiber style films, which also look fantastic for accent panels and vehicle stripes.

Matte Vinyl Wrap Car Services

Matte White Vinyl Wrap Car Camaro
Avery Supreme vehicle wrap colors at our Scottsdale shop

Anybody can pick out a nice factory shade, but the real headturners are wrapped. It's labor intensive but so worth it, and the best way we've found to get that smooth & sleek matte finish.

We have all sorts of vinyl colors available from flat matte to more dimensional metallic colors. We use quality 3M and Avery films for our vinyl wraps, which carry a lifespan of about 4-5 years in the desert on a garage kept vehicle. Gloss available on request.

With the right wrap on the right shape, your car's unique contours and curves are subdued for just a touch of stealth. Hue-shifting vinyls are also available to create an irresistible two or more color look. Choose from all sorts of vinyls and get an entirely custom look - not just another factory choice.

We transform regular cars into signature vehicles weekly at our Old Town shop. Expert craftsmanship using quality materials.

Get More Info: Call Jonathan at 602-621-9695

Marketing in motion: fleet of work trucks with vehicle graphics by Fast Lane.

Printed Vehicle Wraps For Marketing Your Fleet

For our savvy business owners that know every trip their fleet takes is an advertising opportunity, we offer our "Billboard On Wheels" full color designed, printed, and laminated wrap. No creative inspiration? No problem - we have a creative mastermind in our shop who can suit your fleet up to impress customers and competition.

What does your business have - vans, trucks, passenger cars? The bigger they are, the more talking they can do as we see it. Don't waste that space! Every day you are getting hundreds if not thousands of potential impressions. If you sell to the public then why not drive traffic to your phones or website. Or you use vans and trucks for delivery, you can brand your vehicles for further recognition and credibility.

Our full color vinyl wrap solutions for business is an A-to-Z Done For You service. Come in with your plain jane car, truck, SUV, or van and we will transform it into a moving lead generator.

More information on 3M printed media films.

Get More Info: Call Jonathan at 602-621-9695


Wraps cool bmw

BMW Car Wrapping

BMW Wrapping

Find the best BMW Vinyl Wrapping examples

BMW E92 M3, Gloss Vehicle vinyl Wrap Black

Car wrapping doesn’t come any better than out of the SS Customs shop. This beast of an M3 looks unbelievable, with some great photography to boot. If you are in California and you are in need of vinyl wrapping, you know where to go.

Work by SS Customs

BMW X6 Matte Car Wrapping Black

The X6 is a monster at the best of times, with a matte black car wrap, it becomes something quite scary. There are some great highlights spreading over the vast body panels too, it just has the right look to it.

Work by Pro Vinyl

Pink BMW 7 Series, Matte Metallic Vinyl Car Wraps

A low sun shot never fails in automotive photography does it. But we are looking at this unique vinyl wrap, which is matte metallic in pink. You do not see this sort of thing everyday. Look at the soft highlights showing off the subtle curves of this 7 series. Car wrapping done right by Phenomenal Vinyl, the name says it all.

Work by Phenomenal Vinyl

Black BMW 6 Series Satin Car Wrap

Satin is really becoming a favourite of ours whilst going through these vinyl types. The light just spreads that bit smoother than the matte car wrap finishes and can even show of some sharper highlights at times. The 6 series is a rather nice machine and it just suits it.

Work by Wrapping Cars

BMW 7 Series Pearl Vehicle Wrapping

Pearl is so unique, the way it has the subtle metallic look to it while also providing a satin type finish which softens out those reflections. This vehicle wrap is a bit of a treat on a 7 series it has to be said. Top stuff from ReStyleIt.

Work by ReStyleit

Black BMW 3 Series Carbon Fibre Car Wrap

We have grabbed these photos to really show the effect of a carbon car wrap and you can instantly see why this was worth doing. Where can you see this type of finish on a car outside of super cars? Just amazing, the light has a stunning effect in the first image, it is adding texture to your bodywork with a car wrap. From a bit further back, you can see the overall finish looks similar to a matte or satin finish, but its the detail that sets this apart as one of the most exciting car wrapping materials around.

Work by Wrap Kings

Gold BMW X6 Chrome Car Wrapping

Gold chrome, this looks like it belongs to an Arabian prince who cruises around the desert cities. For all we know it does. As a car wrap, it has an awesome finish, with chrome also notoriously difficult to wrap with. Vinyl wrapping done right by Wrapping Cars.

BMW 1 Series, Brushed Car Wrap Blue

Saved the best to last? Well the 1 series is not thought of as the pinnacle, but this little beauty is giving the bad boy machines above a run for their money. What is going on with this car wrap? Well this is a brushed finish, like brushed steel. You can’t paint your car this way, this is vinyl wrapping to the extreme and it’s fantastic. Too much for some, yes and maybe it is a bit much, but it is pushing the boundaries and just look at the reflections and highlights. Great stuff.

Work by Wrap Workz

BMW Car Wrapping

Love your BMW, find the perfect wrap for your BMW model

BMW has been busy surprising us with new great models or updated versions every few years. Regardless of the model or the year you bought your BMW, be sure that we will offer the best possible option for your BMW model. Get a price estimation of the ideal wrap that you want to get for your BMW and you will be surprised. We will always recommend the best professionals based on your budget and preferences. Try it for free now!

BMW 3 Series 

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo 

BMW 4 Series 

BMW 5 Series 

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo 

BMW 6 Series 

BMW 7 Series 

BMW 8 Series 

BMW Alpina 



BMW Isetta 

BMW M Roadster 















BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer 


BMW M6 Gran Coupe 

BMW 4 Series Gran Turismo 

BMW M Coupe 


BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo 




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Latest price for Vinyl Wrapping on a BMW 1 SERIES – Full Wrap from £3000.00 to £4320.00

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 – 18:09

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Latest price for Vinyl Wrapping on a BMW 3 SERIES – Full Wrap from £2916.67 to £4200.00

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 – 14:21

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Latest price for Vinyl Wrapping on a BMW X3 – Roof Wrap from £414.38 to £596.70

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 – 09:06

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Latest price for Window Tinting on a BMW 3 SERIES – All Rear from £133.33 to £192.00

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 – 10:37

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Latest price for Window Tinting on a BMW 1 SERIES – All Rear from £133.33 to £192.00

Monday, April 1, 2019 – 11:18

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Latest price for Window Tinting on a BMW 3 SERIES – All Rear from £96.00 to £138.24

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 – 02:36

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Latest price for Paint Protection Film on a BMW X5Full Wrap from £1625.67 to £2340.96

Monday, November 6, 2017 – 22:50

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Latest price for Paint Protection Film on a BMW 3 SERIESFull Wrap from £2073.6 to £2985.98

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 – 06:29

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Latest price for Paint Protection Film on a BMW M3Full Wrap from £2520 to £3628.8

Monday, November 13, 2017 – 02:20

Psychedelic GALAXY Wrap BMW M4...OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

With the invention of car wraps, automobile enthusiasts can go way above and beyond unusual paint colors and designs for their cars. There is an endless array of cool car wrap colors and designs to choose from. Get some inspiration below by checking out 17 of the best car wraps around today.

What is a vehicle wrap, anyway? A car wrap used to be popular only with vehicles used for branding and advertisement purposes. In this process, a vehicle is wrapped with a thin, sticky vinyl. Once the vinyl has been placed all around the vehicle, it is trimmed away from panel gaps, windows, door jambs, and trim details. After the pieces are trimmed off, any air trapped in the wrapping is eliminated with a soft squeegee. A heat gun is used to help the wrap stick to the vehicle.

Wraps are now used by many people to replace paint jobs. Getting your vehicle wrapped is much more cost effective than a new paint job. Wraps are also less time consuming and messy than traditional paint jobs.

Wraps are getting so sophisticated that now it can actually be difficult to tell the difference between a detailed paint job and a wrapped car. Check out these beautiful examples of cool car wraps to see if you can tell that no paint has been added to these vehicles.

1. Lotus Elise Tiger

Lotus Elise Tiger with a cool vinyl wrap

The Lotus Elise Tiger stands out with its yellow and white two-tone color, as well as the black stripes wrapped in a way to make this look like a real tiger instead of a car. The Lotus Elise is a two-seater roadster that was thought up in 1994 but not released until September 1996. The first series of Lotus Elises were able to get up to speeds of 150 miles per hour, but the Elise really is known more for its agile handling and quick response.

2. FHM Mini Cooper

FHM Mini Cooper

The artist did a great job of using the FHM Mini Cooper as a blank slate to use to create this head-turning image. The mural on the hood and interior have matching details to bring this design together on the vehicle. This one is definitely a conversation starter of a piece.

3. FedEx Carrying the Competition

FedEx UPS Wrap

Nothing says friendly competition like outdoing the other guys in the form of a wrap. The FedEx carrying UPS wrap is a great example of this. At first glance, it really does look like the massive truck is carrying two of the smaller UPS trucks. This stunning 3D design does a great job of making a statement from one company to the other.

4. BMW M3 GT2 Art Car

BMW Art Car - car wraps

The BMW M3 GT2 Art Car was the creation of artist Jeff Coons in 2010. This car was the seventeenth car in a series that was called BMW Art Cars. The design is very busy and colorful, but the colorful lines flow with the lines along the car.

This E92 BMW M3 was first seen by the public in Paris at The Pompidou Centre on June 2, 2010. There have been other art cars created by several artists over the years. This BMW also participated in the 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. If art and car fusions are you thing, these amazing pieces of car art might appeal to you.

5. The Cartoon Tesla

Tesla Cel Shading Cartoon Wrap

A special automotive wrap was made to transform this Tesla P90D into a cartoony version of the vehicle. This was a collaboration between the founder of Rooster Teeth, Burnie Burns, and Graphics Guys, a company based in Texas. It might take a second glance to realize this car is the real deal and not just a cartoon. The designers used a technique called cel shading to create one of the most unique cool car wraps we’ve seen.

6. Lamborghini Aventador Prototype

Spy Shot Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador Prototype is another car with an eye-catching design wrapped around the vehicle. Truth be told, however, that this wrap style is not unique to Lamborghini, as many of you already know. No, this wrap style is used by automakers all over the world and is often seen in spy shot photography ahead of a vehicle’s official release date. The wrap is designed to confuse the eye and break up the lines and curves of the body of a car so that it can be tested in public before the official release without giving too much away without the pomp and circumstance. Still, it’s a pretty wicked getup.

7. Cement Truck Coverup

Aspargus Cement Truck

This one of a kind wrap really makes you take a second look to make sure its fake. The asparagus wrap looks real as the 3D image wraps around the cement truck in just the right places. These trucks have been seen in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Anyone up for some asparagus with their next meal?

8. Epsom Bugatti

Epsom Wrapped Bugatti

Another eye-catcher is the Epsom Bugatti. The wrap was completed on an Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 Printer. This intricately detailed wrap was on display on the Bugatti at the 2010 Special Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) show.

The $1.7 million Bugatti was the most expensive vehicle to be wrapped to date. Skinzwraps and Avery collaborated to produce this wrap, which took seven days to finish the design, have the wrap printed and placed on the car. By the end of the show, the car was back to its original condition.

9. Spaghetti BMW

Spaghetti BMW i3

The Spaghetti BMW is a more unusual type of wrap for an automobile. This 2017 creation is the result of a collaboration between the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattelan, a satirical Italian artist. This art partnership was called TOILETPAPER. This unique looking spaghetti wrap decorates a BMW i3 and was bought by a Swiss collector for a whopping €100,000. Money from the sale of this car went toward the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

10. Copenhagen Zoo “Snake” Bus

Snake Bus Wrap

The Copenhagen Zoo “Snake” Bus is a stunning wrap design that is still talked about today, although it was created back in 2009. The constrictor snake wrapped around the bus in 3D looks like it is squeezing the bus and its poor passengers to death. This wrap was made by Y&R, Denmark, just for the Copenhagen Zoo.

11. Matte Black Godfather Design

Godfather Vehicle Wrap

A familiar face is the Godfather in a nicely wrapped black matte, with smoke swirling all around. This automobile and wrap were on display at the International Sign Association show in Orlando, Florida. Fellers wrapped the car in this stunning black matte design. The company was doing wrap demonstrations at the show, which included this car.

12. National Geographic Bus Wrap

National Geographic Shark bus wrap

National Geographic had one of their buses wrapped with a shark on the side of the bus. The shark’s mouth opens and closes with the side doors of the bus, as if the shark is eating the passengers as they get on and off the bus. The wrap was definitely a great way to get attention with some beautiful advertisement.

13. McCoo Volkswagen

The McCoo Volkswagen Art Wrap

The McCoo Volkswagen is another artist creation with the help of vinyl wrapping. The Scottish artist Steven Brown and a local Volkswagen dealer got together to make a colorful creation. The well-known McCoo brand was brought to life with the help of Steven Brown. A Volkswagen Polo was picked for the colorful wrap job. The automobile was given away in a competition, but the local Volkswagen dealership decided to get its own McCoo car after the first Polo brought them so much attention. The beautiful art style and unique colors makes this one of the most artistic cool vinyl wrap efforts around.

14. Sephora Minis

Sephora Mini

Sephora, the beauty company, has come up with beautifully colorful wraps to make their ads stand out from the rest. These highly graphic wraps look stunning wrapped around a Mini Cooper, making a great ad for those looking to buy some of Sephora’s makeup.

15. The Tonka Truck

Tonka Hilux Wrap

A Toyota designer in Australia created this life-size Tonka wrap, complete with the familiar black lettering on a yellow-gold background, with black and gold details on the rest of the truck and wheels. This HiLux Tonka Concept resembles the toy Tonka trucks popular with children and is definitely one of the toughest-looking cool car wraps around. The nostalgic wrap can help the bigger kids pretend to be in a life-size version of their favorite wheeled toys.

16. Canadian Work of Art

Canadian Mercedes - Pollock Style Wrap

Jeroen Vermeulen, a Canadian artist, decided to display one of his abstract art pieces on his S450 Mercedes. He figured this was a much less expensive way to show his artwork to the public. Lilian Tan, a fashion photographer, took shots of the original work of art. These photographs were then applied to wrapping materials then wrapped around the car. Instead of displaying his work in a gallery, Jeroen can now use his car to show off his pieces of art.

17. Mysterious Jaguar

Jaguar hidden by vehicle wrap

The XE SV Project 8 is a new Jaguar that was introduced in May of 2017. The design used on this new Jaguar was to keep this brand new automobile’s details a mystery, despite its initial introduction. The Telegraph even noted that this design was used so as not to reveal too much about the design of this new car. The wrap does a good job of distracting the viewer from the vehicle, adding to the mystery of this Jaguar.

As you can see, these 17 best car wraps are just a sampling of what is out there. Artists, millionaires, car enthusiasts and the like can get inspired to have a custom cool car wrap done on their vehicle of choice. Maybe this list has inspired you to do some research on cool designs for you to have your own automobile wrapped with. From brand logos to custom-made designs, the possibilities are endless for cool car wraps in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning vehicle wraps. Hopefully, these will also answer some of your own questions about car wraps you may have.

Is it cheaper to get a car wrapped or painted?

A custom paint job on a car can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, based on what color you want. Based on materials and how difficult the wrap job will be, a vehicle wrap only costs $500 to around $5,000. Custom vinyl vehicle wraps use high quality, cutting edge printing techniques that can give your car a new lease of life. You can choose anything from solid color finishes (such as matte, metallic, high gloss black colors, for example), full wrap animal print patterns, to anything you can think of. Carbon fiber vinyl film is one of the most popular treatments, and when properly applied, it looks like the real deal.

How much does it cost to get your car wrapped?

An average wrap job can cost somewhere around $2,500. A color change replacement wrap can cost $3,600, while a chrome wrap starts at $6,000. More complex car wrap designs like carbon fiber film, or special vehicle wrap design patterns can cost more.

Can you wash a wrapped car?

It is recommended to hand wash a car that is wrapped. Use a high-quality brand wash to keep your car’s wrap in top condition. Whatever you do, avoid wash tunnels and even the highest-quality full-service washes in favor of a hand wash.

How long does a wrap on a car last?

A custom vinyl wrap that has been taken care of can last 7 years. Color change films usually last 5 to 7 years, while a digitally printed wrap can last 5 years. Quality cast vinyl car wraps can last a lot longer than you’d think.

Do car wraps damage the paint?

A good car vinyl wrap film should not damage the paint job on your vehicle. The wrap vinyl should actually preserve the paint underneath if the wrap is taken care of properly.

How long does it take for a car to be wrapped?

Wrap installation will vary based on the type of car and how complex the wrap is. A vehicle with many curves will take longer to wrap than one with fewer curves. With help from a professional, the job can take 2 to 3 days to finish. This includes a 12-hour resting window for the film.

Can you wax a car with a wrap design?

A protective wax finish may protect the paint from exposure but could also damage the vinyl. So, stay away from wax if you are planning on getting your car wrapped.

Can you wrap a car with bad paint?

A bad paint job can result in “orange peel”, which can show up, even with a wrap over the car. It’s best to get the paint professionally repaired and cured before applying a wrap to the car.

Are vehicle wraps removable?

Vehicle wraps are removable. Removing a vinyl wrap can be very easy, as long as the wrap is made of high-quality vinyl. A heat source, such as a heat gun will be needed. Make sure someone with a lot of patience and some experience does the job to remove the wrap so they do not damage the paint underneath.

How much does it cost to wrap a food truck?

Prices can vary, just like with any other vehicle. The price is based on the designers doing the job, the quality of the installers, and the structure and size of the truck. To wrap a food truck is generally around $2,500 to $5,000.

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It's nuts that wrap cost $4,500. The original idea of a wrap is being less expensive compared to painting and it's reversible. Wrap is a "temporary" solution, no matter how the wrap manufacturers market it. A good wrap like 3M 1080p will last about 5yrs, max.

A full wrap job at a good shop shouldn't cost more than $3,000, materials included.

I wrapped my buddy's E46 track car. It was my first time wrapping, especially handling metallic wrap (I don't recommend metallic wrap if it's your first time, it requires a lot of patience). The 3M materials cost less than $750, tools included. We spent 20-hours, which includes removing panels off the car and wrap it to 70% completion. I had to leave town the next day, so a local shop finished the job for $400. The result is amazing (compared to the before photo, lol).

Material to a shop is less than $600 (high estimate). It takes about 30-hours to wrap. Labor at a rate of $25/hr is $750. A fair price for a wrap should be $1,350 and there are shop in KC that would do a great job for that price. I would imagine LA and other bigger cities have more competition = lower price. If anyone quotes you more than $2,500 for 3M 1080p wrap, just do it yourself. It's easier than it looks. It requires a heat gun, cutting tools, a helper, and lots of patience.

Those who would pay $5k, why didn't you just get Individual Paint option?

Stop paying M tax people.

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