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About Fitzgerald Subaru

Fitzgerald Subaru, best auto dealer with widest collection of Subaru Cars, trucks and SUVs lined up for sale in Rockville, Maryland. We offer the best price and financing service for all new or used Subaru cars, hybrids, trucks, crossovers, sedans, and vans. We have professional technicians for repair and maintenance services. We also offer finance and lease options at an affordable price. You can locate us at 11411 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852 or check out our fresh listing online .

We Dont just sell cars, we solve problems

Cash Out, Pre-owned Car In

Don’t want to pay interest or the newer model is going out of your planned budget? Here with us cash your auto deal and you only pay advertised price with no additional cost included. With this get your car running down the street with our pick and drop service.

We’ll Help You Finance Your Car

We provide you financing option for your car with longest tenure of loan and that too at lower rate of interest. Adding to that with lowest EMI, on road funding, lowest insurance plans at attractive discount, part-payment facility as per your credit score with no waiting at all.

Parts And Accessories Intact

Want your car to function properly but the parts are damaged? Come to us and we assure you get the required parts or accessories if you’re running out of it. Just fill-up the form on our website and you’re done. Simple.

No to waiting Fill the form and get the information in just one go"

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Fitzgerald Subaru Careers and Employment


Highly Reliable and Dedicated Worker in Gaithersburg, MD

Will Micromanage you to death

They will pretend they are easy going and rational. But they will hound you and ridicule you for every mistake and act like its good for you. They will follow you step by step on their little computers and if you miss a single step they put you on the spot to explain why. Management will have you introduce your customers to them as a newbie and practically push the car so hard on them they will get cold feet(Sometimes they were ready to buy before being pushed to hard). You will work long hours on any given day and usually 6 days a week. Unless you have put in a couple years and built a consistent clientelle, you will make around 30k a year. This place just sucks, dont work here.

Rather not say in Clearwater, FL


This place is a turn and burn. If you are looking for a place to make a couple of bucks for a month or 2 while looking for an actual career or legit job work for fitz! There is ZERO job security, someone is always smiling in your face while secretly trying to vote you off the island. Lots of day drinking vulgar talk, violence from the lone male supervisor.
No one cares. In summary just say no!

Car Sales in Rockville, MD

Chill Working Place

Very relaxed dealership. They however do not have a great pay plan. Also there is a lot of favoritism that goes on here. Money is also shorted if you are not on top of your stuff.

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Fitzgerald Subaru: Top Subaru Service Center in Rockville

Fitzgerald Subaru: Services

Cosmetic repairs and Vehicle customization

If your vehicle paint is chipping or you have got a few cracks in the windshield. We have professionals to repair them and gives you feel like a new vehicle. Services like clear bra installation, change of paint, graphics, and pinstripes are also available.


If your vehicle has any type of repairs like blown up of engine gasket or an axel may be broken down. We have manufacturer-certified mechanics for fixing them. We only use original manufacturer parts in case of replacing.

Air Intake Exhaust Service

It generates a proper amount of air from filter box to engine where it mixes with fuel to power engine, its service is important for performance and safety. The service includes cleaning or replacement of the air intake hose or exhaust system. Our trained technician provides a demonstration then replaces it with OEM parts.

Oil changes

Scheduling oil changes increase car engine life as the oil degrades with time and doesn't give proper lubricant to the engine. Every oil changes include up to five quarts of oil, a new oil filter, and courtesy vehicle inspection.

Tire rotation

The tires require regular rotation for their longer tread life and comfortable ride. In this tightening of lug nuts, setting tire pressure and change of tread to the front to rear wheels is done according to vehicle specifications.

Parts and accessories

We believe in giving out customer genuine OEM parts either for their home project or using it for replacing in the vehicle. We have combined everyone’s taste in accessories you can find them at our dealership. If you can’t find any part or accessories you can place an order by filling the form online.

Schedule Service

If you are busy or you don’t have time on weekdays. You can book us on weekends also and we can pick and drop off your vehicle at your place. You can schedule service by calling or fill a form online.

Roadside Assistance

You can get free 24/7 roadside assistance to your vehicle when you bring your vehicle to our dealership. It includes all the emergency services that can happen and you will have personal assistance that will help you inform your family and friends or finding you nearby hotel or ATM or any other help you need.

Multi-point inspection

This service is free with any vehicle service you will take from us. This includes detailed vehicle inspected reports and car wash on request. Schedule an appointment today to get the report of your vehicle.

Fitzgerald Subaru: Vehicle Service Specials

Vehicle protection plan and offer

The vehicle protection plan is like insurance of the car that includes all minor parts to major according to plan. We have some offers going on that include special programs for students, incentives on the new vehicle and local specials.


It’s good to purchase a warranty to avoid costly repairs. The warranty is given by the manufacturer no third party is there but there is a limit of time and mileage.

Certified collision

We have special professional teams that are certified in repairs of accidental cars and our plan includes free pickup and delivery, fast free estimates, on-site repairs, and on-site rental cars.

Subaru car service is made inexpensive by Fitzgerald Subaru

Now save your money on all maintenance and repair services. We offer a wide range of Auto services and care like engine, brake, body repair and more.

*Discounts are subject to change and can be redeemed once only. The discount can not be used in exchange.

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Fitzgerald Subaru Rockvilleresponded

Mr. Sandor, we are troubled by your review and the baseless and harmful accusations leveled against us. You called our staff “crooked or incompetent” based on something you even stated in your review that you couldn’t prove. We can prove we didn’t swap out your tires for different tires. We have video recordings of your car's movement throughout the time it was here and are happy to go over the footage with you. Moreover, your assertion that we tried to rip you off by selling you tires is ridiculous, being as that you came in and asked us to check your tires. We sell and install only parts that meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications for replacement parts, tires, brakes etc. I have no doubt you can go someplace else end buy cheap tires that don’t meet those standards. If you feel that because your car is older and has some miles on it, it is appropriate to install cheaper and possibly less safe replacement parts, you of course are welcome to do that. However, we will always recommend the parts that will maintain the safety and performance standards the car was built with. We recommended tire pressure sensors because it is obvious even in your own review that you had an issue with at least one. Your car, as does most, has 4 of these sensors inside the wheel, which are basically small battery-powered transmitters. They normally last 5 years or so and often fail all about the same time due to the battery dying, and the battery is not replaceable. So new sensors need to be installed and those sensors need to be programmed to your vehicle. This is true for any vehicle in this country with a tire pressure monitoring system. At this point, your car should most likely be on its second set of these. Had we not recommended them and one or more sensors failed in the coming weeks, I believe you would have been even more dissatisfied with the outcome. As to your other accusation about us keeping your tires you bought from us in the past, that again is an accusation we can prove is untrue. You have bought exactly one tire from us on 9/05/2017 when your car had 118,411 miles. We replaced that tire because it had a damaged sidewall and was losing air. Again, an issue you asked us to look into for you. You came to us after that, so I can only assume the tire we replaced was the issue, because you hadn’t had another concern about a tire issue until your recent visit. We didn’t “lose” your tire. As we explained at the time, since the sidewall was damaged and the tire was not holding air, it wasn’t suitable to ever be reused. If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, please feel free to contact me at (301) 881-4000. We thank you for your past business and hope you are able to find a repair center more to your liking. - John Neitzey, Service Manager

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