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Recording Nest cameras with Blue Iris

RFK said:

Unless I'm missing something I have a Nest cam outdoor. I know people on here call it junk but it's one of 10 cams I bought because of it's features bases on specific needs. If it can work where you can at least view it in BI then it should be a simple process to add it in today's world of plug n play technology. Telling me it's junk and to buy something good is not the answer I was looking for. And BI was no help even though Nest is on there list. The only cams that were easy were the Trivisions, Panasonic and Hikvision cams. Still need to get my Reolinks, Annke, Netatmo, and Nest cams going. All are wired except the Nest and Netatmo Presence. Ron

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Proper advice is not dependent on what you are looking for, its dependent on what is the proper way of solving your problem.
Nest is junk and also requires a constant upload and download of the stream from the cloud to get it to work...ridiculous...
The rest of your cameras including reolinks (which have known issues with BI because they refuse to update firmware) are crap...(annke has some rebranded hikvisionmodels but other than that junk)....its as if you relied on amazon reviews and made silly purchases...
The above is meant to be direct. You can spend hours trying to get this crap to work or start can sell the nest and replace with quality cameras without taking a loss. BI support is not going to be your network admin...
Every time nest makes a programing change its pushed to your camera and can disable its operation with third party applications as it is not designed for this purpose and anyone who makes a cam public is insane.



How to capture video stream from my Google Nest Doorbell

I'd like to capture the video stream from my Google Nest Doorbell to count traffic at the street corner next to my house, with hopes to get better traffic calming in my neighborhood. Google makes the live video available on the home.nest website, so I'm attempting to use ipcam.m to capture the stream, but I don't seem to have the proper syntax...

This is an attempt to use the website address

>> camobj = ipcam('')

URL input needs to be a MJPEG HTTP or RTSP URL. See "Connect to IP Cameras" > "Tips for Finding the IP Camera URL" in the MATLAB Support Package for

IP Cameras documentation.

This is an attemp to use the "copy video address" on the video window on the website:

>> ipcam('')

URL input needs to be a MJPEG HTTP or RTSP URL. See "Connect to IP Cameras" > "Tips for Finding the IP Camera URL" in the MATLAB Support Package for

IP Cameras documentation.

Please advise on the proper use of ipcam with a Google Nest Camera, or a better method to stream from it. I could just request clips from the website, download and process them locally, but that is a lot of work for each clip, so I'm hoping for a direct connection.

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The Pros & Cons of Nest Cam (Drop Cam): Nest Cam vs. Other Mini Wi-Fi IP Cameras

The Nest Cam (previously Drop Cam) is a kind of Mini Wi-Fi IP Camera designed for indoor use only. It has a great design and solid build quality. However, it is a completely proprietary device that does NOT work with any other cloud storage (surveillance) services or any other PC-based IP camera management software.

Most other Mini IP cameras or regular IP cameras support open standards such as ONVIF, RTSP and FTP so that you can use any professional camera management software or cloud recording services. Please visit our camera support page for more detailed information. If you want a Nest Cam style mini IP camera, but still want to use our cloud recording service, please visit how to configure Mini Wi-Fi IP cameras for cloud recording.

Before you decide to buy a Nest Cam camera, please make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages.

Nest Cam Advantages

  • Impressive hardware design and specification;
  • Great video quality during both day-time and night-time;
  • Wide angle lens;
  • Two-way audio;
  • Very easy-to-setup with live view support from anywhere;
  • Integrated cloud recording service.
  • Integrated with Nest's other services and smart thermostat

Nest Cam Disadvantages

  • Expensive hardware - one-time cost
  • Expensive cloud service - recurring cost
    • Granted, it is optional, but cloud recording is too important to not have. It only works with Nest's own service with only two retention plans (10-day retention or 30-day retention).
  • Does not support local video streaming
    • Your camera must be always connected to the Internet to work!
  • No SD card or any other local storage support
  • Completely proprietary
    • It is incompatible with any other cloud recording service or IP camera management software; does not support IP camera standard protocols such as ONVIF, FTP or RTSP.
  • Wi-Fi only
    • With 1080P video streaming, Wi-Fi connection may not be reliable and the video quality may degrade.
  • Indoor only and does not support PoE.
  • High bandwidth usage
Nest Cam (Drop Cam) cameras offer great video quality at the expense of high bandwidth usage. If you have multiple Nest Cam cameras, you are likely to run into a few problems:
  • Your Wi-Fi connection will become less reliable;
  • Your might reach your Internet connection's maximum upload bandwidth;
  • Your might reach your ISP's max monthly data usage limit. Many users probably don't know their ISPs limit their max monthly data usage, e.g. AT&T's ADSL may limit the monthly data usage to be only 150GB, Comcast may limit your monthly data usage to be only 250GB.

Comparison of Nest Cam, Other Mini Wi-Fi IP Cameras and Regular IP cameras

Nest CamOther Mini Wi-Fi IP CamerasRegular IP Cameras
Camera Price $199$30-60 not including PCAny price points
Max video/image ResolutionUp to 30 fpsLive View: 1280 or 640x360 or 320x180
Image Recording: 640x360
Video recording: 1280x720, 800x600, 640x360, or 320x180
Any Resolutions
Cloud RecordingVideo RecordingCamera DependantBoth
Motion-trigger RecordingYesYesUsually Yes
Continuous RecordingYesYes for cameras that support videoUsually Yes
Frames/secondUp To 30 fpsLive view:up to 30 fps
Image recording: 1 image/min
Video recording: 1 to 30 fps
Value 3
Monthly Cloud Storage Price
7 to 10 days
10-day retention
Completely flexible pricingBased on your CameraFTP subscription parameters.
Monthly Cloud Storage Price
30 days
Value 1Completely FlexibleFlexible Service Pricing
Other Retention OptionsNo7-day, 15-day, 3-month, 6-month, 1-year
Network InterfaceWi-Fi Only Wi-Fi Only Wi-Fi and/or Wired
Night VisionYesYesMostly Yes
Browser-based Management InterfaceNoNoMostly Yes
FTP UploadYes (but cannot configure email serverYesMostly Yes
Motion Triggered Email UploadValue 1Value 2Value 3
OthersMay support PTZ, PoE, large lens, great ight-vision or super high resolution image or video
New Nest Cam Indoor (Wired) Setup, Unboxing \u0026 First Look!

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Nest Cam (Battery) review: The Googliest

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