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Clue: Hawk

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  • New York Times - February 02,
  • LA Times - March 15,
  • New York Times - February 22,
  • King Syndicate - Premier Sunday - April 01,
  • Universal - November 14,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - July 28,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - December 12,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - May 28,
  • King Syndicate - Eugene Sheffer - April 28,
  • New York Times - November 22,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - August 29,
  • New York Times - May 04,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - April 23,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - September 04,
  • USA Today - July 26,
  • LA Times - May 08,
  • King Syndicate - Eugene Sheffer - October 12,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - September 22,
  • LA Times - August 12,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - October 14,
  • Wall Street Journal - June 17,
  • Washington Post - April 30,
  • Netword - March 20,
  • New York Times - November 21,
  • Netword - October 29,
  • King Syndicate - Eugene Sheffer - October 14,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - September 18,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - June 11,
  • Wall Street Journal - April 16,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - November 26,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - October 02,
  • King Syndicate - Thomas Joseph - August 15,
  • LA Times Sunday - May 10,
  • King Syndicate - Eugene Sheffer - May 05,
  • Canadiana - February 16,

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Clue: Hawk

Hawk is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times. There are related clues (shown below).

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Recent usage in crossword puzzles:

  • Penny Dell - Oct. 14,
  • WSJ Daily - June 24,
  • Penny Dell - Oct. 29,
  • Penny Dell - June 11,
  • New York Times - Feb. 2,
  • Penny Dell - Jan. 4,
  • LA Times - March 15,
  • New York Times - Feb. 22,
  • WSJ Daily - Feb. 5,
  • Evening Standard - Aug. 3,
  • Evening Standard Quick - July 10,
  • WSJ Daily - June 22,
  • Penny Dell - May 27,
  • Penny Dell - April 20,
  • Premier Sunday - April 1,
  • WSJ Daily - Jan. 27,
  • Universal Crossword - Nov. 14,
  • WSJ Daily - Oct. 2,
  • WSJ Daily - Sept. 9,
  • Joseph - July 28,


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  2. Squidward house toys
  3. Blade micrometer

Hawk - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Hawk.

6 letter answer(s) to hawk


  1. sell or offer for sale from place to place

4 letter answer(s) to hawk


  1. give up for a price or reward; "She sold her principles for a successful career"
  2. exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent; "He sold his house in January"; "She sells her body to survive and support her drug habit"
  3. do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood; "She deals in gold"; "The brothers sell shoes"
  4. deliver to an enemy by treachery; "Judas sold Jesus"; "The spy betrayed his country"
  5. be sold at a certain price or in a certain way; "These books sell like hot cakes"
  6. the activity of persuading someone to buy; "it was a hard sell"
  7. be responsible for the sale of; "All her publicity sold the products"
  8. be approved of or gain acceptance; "The new idea sold well in certain circles"
  9. persuade somebody to accept something; "The French try to sell us their image as great lovers"


  1. sell or offer for sale from place to place

5 letter answer(s) to hawk


  1. seize or catch with a swooping motion
  2. move down on as if in an attack; "The raptor swooped down on its prey"; "The teacher swooped down upon the new students"
  3. a swift descent through the air
  4. move with a sweep, or in a swooping arc
  5. a very rapid raid
  6. (music) rapid sliding up or down the musical scale; "the violinist was indulgent with his swoops and slides"

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Cool. Where can I dress him. - Well, for example, tonight for a walk in the city at night. You will only dress him and nothing else. - Class.

Crossword clue hawk

Girls were just jealous of my happiness. Three months later, the happiness ended. One day he made me drunk to the point of unconsciousness and fucked me together with his friend. It seemed to him that in this way he would relieve me of complexes. I did not forgive this, there was a scandal, a complete break in relations.

Hawk Meaning

I also want to. Big Joe's voice interrupted them. A few minutes later, Shana stood bent over, leaning on the hips of the man who missed her and lifted his penis with. Her mouth, and Peter fucked her ass. Then Joe lifted the priestess into his arms and sat on his cock.

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