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Sunrise and sunset times in Oklahoma City

Check out today's and tomorrow's sunrise and sunset times in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, as well as the whole calendar for October 2021.


October 20, 2021. Current time: 12:08 pm (America/Chicago timezone)

Sun rising over the horizon

First light at 7:15:27 AM

Sunrise time: 7:39:55 AM

Sun setting behind the horizon

Sunset time: 6:49:37 PM

Last light at 7:14:05 PM


October 21, 2021

Sun rising over the horizon

First light at 7:16:18 AM

Sunrise time: 7:40:48 AM

Sun setting behind the horizon

Sunset time: 6:48:24 PM

Last light at 7:12:55 PM

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Latitude: 35.467560
  • Longitude: -97.516426
  • Time zone: America/Chicago

October 2021 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Sunrise and sunset calendar

Sunrise and sunset times, civil twilight start and end times as well as solar noon, and day length for every day of October in Oklahoma City.

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the first day of October is 11 hours, 50 minutes long. The last day of the month is 10 hours, 47 minutes, so the length of the days gets 1 hour, 3 minutes shorter in October 2021.

Fri, Oct 17:00:01 am7:24:06 am7:15:00 pm7:39:05 pm11:50:541:19:33 pm6:30 am8:08 pm6:00 am8:38 pm
Sat, Oct 27:00:48 am7:24:53 am7:13:35 pm7:37:40 pm11:48:421:19:14 pm6:31 am8:07 pm6:01 am8:36 pm
Sun, Oct 37:01:35 am7:25:41 am7:12:10 pm7:36:16 pm11:46:291:18:55 pm6:32 am8:05 pm6:02 am8:35 pm
Mon, Oct 47:02:22 am7:26:29 am7:10:45 pm7:34:52 pm11:44:161:18:37 pm6:32 am8:04 pm6:03 am8:33 pm
Tue, Oct 57:03:10 am7:27:17 am7:09:21 pm7:33:29 pm11:42:041:18:19 pm6:33 am8:02 pm6:04 am8:32 pm
Wed, Oct 67:03:57 am7:28:05 am7:07:58 pm7:32:06 pm11:39:531:18:01 pm6:34 am8:01 pm6:04 am8:31 pm
Thu, Oct 77:04:45 am7:28:54 am7:06:35 pm7:30:44 pm11:37:411:17:44 pm6:35 am8:00 pm6:05 am8:29 pm
Fri, Oct 87:05:33 am7:29:43 am7:05:12 pm7:29:22 pm11:35:291:17:27 pm6:36 am7:58 pm6:06 am8:28 pm
Sat, Oct 97:06:21 am7:30:32 am7:03:50 pm7:28:01 pm11:33:181:17:11 pm6:36 am7:57 pm6:07 am8:27 pm
Sun, Oct 107:07:09 am7:31:21 am7:02:29 pm7:26:41 pm11:31:081:16:55 pm6:37 am7:56 pm6:08 am8:25 pm
Mon, Oct 117:07:58 am7:32:11 am7:01:09 pm7:25:22 pm11:28:581:16:40 pm6:38 am7:54 pm6:08 am8:24 pm
Tue, Oct 127:08:47 am7:33:01 am6:59:49 pm7:24:03 pm11:26:481:16:25 pm6:39 am7:53 pm6:09 am8:23 pm
Wed, Oct 137:09:36 am7:33:52 am6:58:29 pm7:22:45 pm11:24:371:16:11 pm6:40 am7:52 pm6:10 am8:21 pm
Thu, Oct 147:10:25 am7:34:43 am6:57:11 pm7:21:28 pm11:22:281:15:57 pm6:40 am7:51 pm6:11 am8:20 pm
Fri, Oct 157:11:15 am7:35:34 am6:55:53 pm7:20:12 pm11:20:191:15:43 pm6:41 am7:49 pm6:12 am8:19 pm
Sat, Oct 167:12:04 am7:36:25 am6:54:36 pm7:18:57 pm11:18:111:15:31 pm6:42 am7:48 pm6:13 am8:18 pm
Sun, Oct 177:12:55 am7:37:17 am6:53:20 pm7:17:42 pm11:16:031:15:19 pm6:43 am7:47 pm6:13 am8:16 pm
Mon, Oct 187:13:45 am7:38:09 am6:52:05 pm7:16:29 pm11:13:561:15:07 pm6:44 am7:46 pm6:14 am8:15 pm
Tue, Oct 197:14:36 am7:39:02 am6:50:50 pm7:15:17 pm11:11:481:14:56 pm6:44 am7:44 pm6:15 am8:14 pm
Wed, Oct 207:15:27 am7:39:55 am6:49:37 pm7:14:05 pm11:09:421:14:46 pm6:45 am7:43 pm6:16 am8:13 pm
Thu, Oct 217:16:18 am7:40:48 am6:48:24 pm7:12:55 pm11:07:361:14:36 pm6:46 am7:42 pm6:17 am8:12 pm
Fri, Oct 227:17:09 am7:41:42 am6:47:13 pm7:11:45 pm11:05:311:14:27 pm6:47 am7:41 pm6:17 am8:11 pm
Sat, Oct 237:18:01 am7:42:36 am6:46:02 pm7:10:37 pm11:03:261:14:19 pm6:48 am7:40 pm6:18 am8:09 pm
Sun, Oct 247:18:53 am7:43:30 am6:44:52 pm7:09:30 pm11:01:221:14:11 pm6:49 am7:39 pm6:19 am8:08 pm
Mon, Oct 257:19:45 am7:44:25 am6:43:44 pm7:08:24 pm10:59:191:14:05 pm6:49 am7:38 pm6:20 am8:07 pm
Tue, Oct 267:20:38 am7:45:20 am6:42:37 pm7:07:19 pm10:57:171:13:59 pm6:50 am7:37 pm6:21 am8:06 pm
Wed, Oct 277:21:31 am7:46:16 am6:41:31 pm7:06:15 pm10:55:151:13:53 pm6:51 am7:36 pm6:22 am8:05 pm
Thu, Oct 287:22:24 am7:47:11 am6:40:26 pm7:05:13 pm10:53:151:13:49 pm6:52 am7:35 pm6:22 am8:04 pm
Fri, Oct 297:23:18 am7:48:07 am6:39:22 pm7:04:12 pm10:51:151:13:45 pm6:53 am7:34 pm6:23 am8:03 pm
Sat, Oct 307:24:11 am7:49:04 am6:38:19 pm7:03:12 pm10:49:151:13:42 pm6:54 am7:33 pm6:24 am8:02 pm
Sun, Oct 317:25:05 am7:50:01 am6:37:18 pm7:02:13 pm10:47:171:13:39 pm6:55 am7:32 pm6:25 am8:01 pm

Year distribution of sunrise and sunset times in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 2021

The following graph shows sunrise and sunset times in Oklahoma City for every day of the year. There are two jumps in the graph that represent the hour change for Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Sours: https://sunrise-sunset.org/us/oklahoma-city-ok

Sunrise and sunset times, day length in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Today is Wednesday, October 20, 2021

SunriseSunsetSolar NoonDay Length
7:417:41 AM18:486:48 PM13:141:14 PM 11:07:11

See sunrise, sunset, and twilight information for the entire month in the tables below.

Sunrise and sunset calendar — Oklahoma City, USA

SunriseSunsetSolar NoonDay Length
Fri, October 1 7:257:25 AM19:137:13 PM13:191:19 PM 11:48:26
Sat, October 2 7:267:26 AM19:127:12 PM13:191:19 PM 11:46:14
Sun, October 3 7:267:26 AM19:107:10 PM13:181:18 PM 11:44:01
Mon, October 4 7:277:27 AM19:097:09 PM13:181:18 PM 11:41:49
Tue, October 5 7:287:28 AM19:087:08 PM13:181:18 PM 11:39:36
Wed, October 6 7:297:29 AM19:067:06 PM13:181:18 PM 11:37:25
Thu, October 7 7:307:30 AM19:057:05 PM13:171:17 PM 11:35:13
Fri, October 8 7:307:30 AM19:037:03 PM13:171:17 PM 11:33:01
Sat, October 9 7:317:31 AM19:027:02 PM13:171:17 PM 11:30:50
Sun, October 10 7:327:32 AM19:017:01 PM13:161:16 PM 11:28:39
Mon, October 11 7:337:33 AM18:596:59 PM13:161:16 PM 11:26:28
Tue, October 12 7:347:34 AM18:586:58 PM13:161:16 PM 11:24:18
Wed, October 13 7:357:35 AM18:576:57 PM13:161:16 PM 11:22:09
Thu, October 14 7:357:35 AM18:556:55 PM13:151:15 PM 11:19:59
Fri, October 15 7:367:36 AM18:546:54 PM13:151:15 PM 11:17:49
Sat, October 16 7:377:37 AM18:536:53 PM13:151:15 PM 11:15:41
Sun, October 17 7:387:38 AM18:526:52 PM13:151:15 PM 11:13:33
Mon, October 18 7:397:39 AM18:506:50 PM13:151:15 PM 11:11:24
Tue, October 19 7:407:40 AM18:496:49 PM13:141:14 PM 11:09:18
Wed, October 20 7:417:41 AM18:486:48 PM13:141:14 PM 11:07:11
Thu, October 21 7:427:42 AM18:476:47 PM13:141:14 PM 11:05:05
Fri, October 22 7:427:42 AM18:456:45 PM13:141:14 PM 11:02:59
Sat, October 23 7:437:43 AM18:446:44 PM13:141:14 PM 11:00:54
Sun, October 24 7:447:44 AM18:436:43 PM13:141:14 PM 10:58:51
Mon, October 25 7:457:45 AM18:426:42 PM13:141:14 PM 10:56:47
Tue, October 26 7:467:46 AM18:416:41 PM13:131:13 PM 10:54:45
Wed, October 27 7:477:47 AM18:406:40 PM13:131:13 PM 10:52:42
Thu, October 28 7:487:48 AM18:396:39 PM13:131:13 PM 10:50:41
Fri, October 29 7:497:49 AM18:386:38 PM13:131:13 PM 10:48:41
Sat, October 30 7:507:50 AM18:376:37 PM13:131:13 PM 10:46:41
Sun, October 31 7:517:51 AM18:366:36 PM13:131:13 PM 10:44:43

Twilight calendar — Oklahoma City, USA

Fri, October 1 7:007:00 AM19:397:39 PM6:306:30 AM20:088:08 PM6:006:00 AM20:388:38 PM
Sat, October 2 7:007:00 AM19:377:37 PM6:316:31 AM20:078:07 PM6:016:01 AM20:368:36 PM
Sun, October 3 7:017:01 AM19:367:36 PM6:326:32 AM20:058:05 PM6:026:02 AM20:358:35 PM
Mon, October 4 7:027:02 AM19:347:34 PM6:326:32 AM20:048:04 PM6:036:03 AM20:338:33 PM
Tue, October 5 7:037:03 AM19:337:33 PM6:336:33 AM20:028:02 PM6:046:04 AM20:328:32 PM
Wed, October 6 7:037:03 AM19:327:32 PM6:346:34 AM20:018:01 PM6:046:04 AM20:318:31 PM
Thu, October 7 7:047:04 AM19:307:30 PM6:356:35 AM20:008:00 PM6:056:05 AM20:298:29 PM
Fri, October 8 7:057:05 AM19:297:29 PM6:366:36 AM19:587:58 PM6:066:06 AM20:288:28 PM
Sat, October 9 7:067:06 AM19:287:28 PM6:366:36 AM19:577:57 PM6:076:07 AM20:278:27 PM
Sun, October 10 7:077:07 AM19:267:26 PM6:376:37 AM19:567:56 PM6:086:08 AM20:258:25 PM
Mon, October 11 7:077:07 AM19:257:25 PM6:386:38 AM19:547:54 PM6:086:08 AM20:248:24 PM
Tue, October 12 7:087:08 AM19:247:24 PM6:396:39 AM19:537:53 PM6:096:09 AM20:238:23 PM
Wed, October 13 7:097:09 AM19:227:22 PM6:406:40 AM19:527:52 PM6:106:10 AM20:218:21 PM
Thu, October 14 7:107:10 AM19:217:21 PM6:406:40 AM19:517:51 PM6:116:11 AM20:208:20 PM
Fri, October 15 7:117:11 AM19:207:20 PM6:416:41 AM19:497:49 PM6:126:12 AM20:198:19 PM
Sat, October 16 7:127:12 AM19:187:18 PM6:426:42 AM19:487:48 PM6:136:13 AM20:188:18 PM
Sun, October 17 7:127:12 AM19:177:17 PM6:436:43 AM19:477:47 PM6:136:13 AM20:168:16 PM
Mon, October 18 7:137:13 AM19:167:16 PM6:446:44 AM19:467:46 PM6:146:14 AM20:158:15 PM
Tue, October 19 7:147:14 AM19:157:15 PM6:446:44 AM19:447:44 PM6:156:15 AM20:148:14 PM
Wed, October 20 7:157:15 AM19:147:14 PM6:456:45 AM19:437:43 PM6:166:16 AM20:138:13 PM
Thu, October 21 7:167:16 AM19:127:12 PM6:466:46 AM19:427:42 PM6:176:17 AM20:128:12 PM
Fri, October 22 7:177:17 AM19:117:11 PM6:476:47 AM19:417:41 PM6:176:17 AM20:118:11 PM
Sat, October 23 7:187:18 AM19:107:10 PM6:486:48 AM19:407:40 PM6:186:18 AM20:098:09 PM
Sun, October 24 7:187:18 AM19:097:09 PM6:496:49 AM19:397:39 PM6:196:19 AM20:088:08 PM
Mon, October 25 7:197:19 AM19:087:08 PM6:496:49 AM19:387:38 PM6:206:20 AM20:078:07 PM
Tue, October 26 7:207:20 AM19:077:07 PM6:506:50 AM19:377:37 PM6:216:21 AM20:068:06 PM
Wed, October 27 7:217:21 AM19:067:06 PM6:516:51 AM19:367:36 PM6:226:22 AM20:058:05 PM
Thu, October 28 7:227:22 AM19:057:05 PM6:526:52 AM19:357:35 PM6:226:22 AM20:048:04 PM
Fri, October 29 7:237:23 AM19:047:04 PM6:536:53 AM19:347:34 PM6:236:23 AM20:038:03 PM
Sat, October 30 7:247:24 AM19:037:03 PM6:546:54 AM19:337:33 PM6:246:24 AM20:028:02 PM
Sun, October 31 7:257:25 AM19:027:02 PM6:556:55 AM19:327:32 PM6:256:25 AM20:018:01 PM

During civil twilight the geometric center of the sun is between 0 and 6 degrees below the horizon. Objects are clearly distinguished without artificial light.

During nautical twilight the center of the sun is between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon. Sailors can navigate, using a visible horizon as reference.

During astronomical twilight the center of the sun is between 12 and 18 degrees below the horizon. Between the end of astronomical twilight in the evening and the beginning of astronomical twilight in the morning, the sky is dark enough for all astronomical observations.

Oklahoma City, USA

Country: USA
State: Oklahoma
Oklahoma City’s coordinates: 35°28′03″ N, 97°30′59″ W
Population: 579,999
Find out the current time in Oklahoma City
Find out the time difference between Oklahoma City and other world cities
Find out namaz times in Oklahoma City
Wikipedia article: Oklahoma City

Sours: https://dateandtime.info/citysunrisesunset.php?id=4544349
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07:41 – 18:47
11 hours, 7 minutes

Current Time: 20 Oct 2021, 12:08:03
Sun Direction: ↑ 158° South
Sun Altitude: 41.3°
Sun Distance: 148.941 million km
Next Solstice: 21 Dec 2021 09:59 (Winter)
Sunrise Today: 07:41↑ 102° East
Sunset Today: 18:47↑ 257° West
Location of OklahomaLocation

2021 Sun Graph for Oklahoma




Astronomical Twilight:

October 2021 — Sun in Oklahoma

Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec

Sours: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/@4544379
11-14-17 Sweetwater, Oklahoma Sunset Timelapse


07:41 – 18:47
11 hours, 7 minutes

Current Time: 20 Oct 2021, 12:08:03
Sun Direction: ↑ 158° South
Sun Altitude: 41.3°
Sun Distance: 148.941 million km
Next Solstice: 21 Dec 2021 09:59 (Winter)
Sunrise Today: 07:41↑ 102° East
Sunset Today: 18:47↑ 257° West
Location of Oklahoma CityLocation

2021 Sun Graph for Oklahoma City




Astronomical Twilight:

October 2021 — Sun in Oklahoma City

Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec

Sours: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/usa/oklahoma-city

Sunrise times oklahoma

Oklahoma, USA Locations

Oklahoma, USA Locations

The locations drop-down includes: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Elk City, Ardmore, Enid, Guymon, Lawton, Muskogee and more.

The locations drop-down includes: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Elk City, Ardmore, Enid, Guymon, Lawton, Muskogee and more.

Select Your City, Town or POI

Locations In List Format

All Oklahoma locations are available on a single page.

Your Latitude, Longitude

You can use the custom page to create a calendar for your own location if you know the latitude, longitude, and time zone of that location.

If your city or town is not listed, contact us and we will add it.


  1. On the calendar, latitude and longitude will be shown with the notation “not for navigational purposes.” See the Accuracy statement for the reason why.

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11-14-17 Sweetwater, Oklahoma Sunset Timelapse

Sunrise and sunset times in Oklahoma City

Welcome! On our site you can always get up to date and detailed information about sunset time in Oklahoma City. The exact time of sunrise and sunset will be useful not only for people who like to gaze at the starlight sky, but also photographers, who can catch the most picturesque frame at the junction of day and night. Sometimes you just want to sit and watch the sunrise. It’s beautiful and easy to catch. This site can help you to do it. We do the most accurate calculations and provide the most relevant information.

To get the data for anywhere you need to choose your city from the list. If you can not find the city you are looking for, please, mark it on the map or enter the coordinates. 20october2021 (wednesday), sunrise time in Oklahoma City: 07:42:26 , sunset time: 06:49:55 . Length of the day is 11:07:28. Maximum elevation above horizon is +43° 55′ 57″. The sun reaches its zenith at 01:16:10

Sours: https://sunsetsunrisetime.com/sun/oklahoma_city

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