Country square apartments

Country square apartments DEFAULT


  • On-Site Maintenance

  • Individually controlled hot-water heat and air conditioning

  • Available washer and dryer hookup

  • All apartments are smoke free

  • Instant hot water

  • Each apartment supplied with a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher

  • Extra-wide corridors

  • Formalized dining areas

  • Large bedrooms and walk-in closets

  • Generous outdoor lighting and ample windows throughout

  • Ample, well-lighted visitor and resident parking with newly-resurfaced lot

  • Immaculately kept halls and public areas

  • Efficient refuse removal

  • Complete interior and exterior maintenance and groundskeeping program

  • Secure premises

  • Conveniently located within 1/2 mile of Edinboro University, two miles from downtown Edinboro, and 6 miles from downtown Erie, PA.

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    Apartments country square

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